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We always provide honest product reviews that are based on our own experiences.  I hope you find these reviews helpful! 

I'm an avid pet food label reader. I make it my business to know what's in my pets' food and where it comes from. There are only a couple of pet food companies I really trust, and Natural Balance is definitely one of my favorites.  In fact, I served as a Brand Ambassador for them in 2016-2017. Their commitment to Quality and Safety is so impressive. They even have Veterinary Technicians available to help you choose the best formula for your pet.  They also offer a Buy With Confidence Guarantee!

When you can't brush your dog's teeth, Zymox Oratene brushless oral care for pets can help!
Pet Dental Health impacts overall health.  Dental disease in dogs & cats can lead to damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart.  Many of us just can't brush our pets' teeth so Oratene's Brushless pet oral care products really help.  This post shows you how Oratene water additive and brushless toothpaste gel for pets can help. 

Life is a journey to be enjoyed and experienced.  I don't know where my life's journey will take me, but I'm ready to go down any road as long as my dogs are with me!  The folks at TRUE CHEWS feel the same way. They asked me to share my life's journey with my dog Phoebe in a blog post and in a video. Their all natural dog treats are both sourced and made in the USA!

Many dogs experience anxiety.  Anxiety in dogs can be caused by Fireworks, Thunder, Car Rides, and Being Left Alone.  Therabis Calm and Quiet dog treat supplements can help ease fear and anxiety in dogs.  Formulated with naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant, they can reduce stress levels and help dogs stay calm in stressful situations.

Dog dental health isn't just about clean teeth or the unpleasant smell that goes along with bad breath.  Pet oral health is an important part of a dog's overall health.  Oratene products provide brushless pet oral care.

PAWCULTURE is a digital publication that informs, inspires, and entertains devoted pet parents with helpful advice, useful tips, and superior storytelling.  It inspired me to share some of my Pet Travel Ninja advice on my blog.

One of the things that strikes fear in any pet parent's heart is finding fleas or ticks on their pet!  BRAVECTO is a flea and tick medication for dogs made by Merck Pharmaceuticals, one of the  most trusted pharmaceutical companies in the world.  It's a tasty chew that provides up to 12 weeks of continued flea and tick control!  I was happy for the opportunity to tell my readers about this easy, convenient way to provide extended protection against fleas and ticks. 

I wrote several blog posts about BRAVECTO  covering important aspects about Flea and Tick control.  These include understanding the Flea Lifecycle and how easily a flea infestation can occur in your home, and what Questions To Ask Your Veterinarian about finding the right flea and tick medication for your dog.

Planning a big holiday dinner and wishing you could share it with your dog?  Many table foods are bad for pets, so Vitabone created a dog treat you can give them that literally smells like turkey and stuffing!  It's their Artisan Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry flavored dog biscuit.  My dogs love these!  My post also contains a partial list of foods that are hazardous to pets.

With pets in the home, household odors can be a problem.  Between litter boxes, pet bedding, toys, and pets lounging on the rugs and furniture, odors can quickly get out of control.  Fresh Wave is an all natural line of odor removing products that can help eliminate all types of odors in the home.

Disaster can strike at a moments notice and animal shelters can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of pets they take in during a disaster.  The Hill's Disaster Relief Network, an extension of the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love® program responds quickly with delivery of pet food to communities impacted by disaster to ensure shelters have enough food to care for the many animals impacted. 

I love PetSmart's grooming salon services! I've been taking both my dogs to PetSmart to be groomed for years.  Their groomers are dedicated, passionate, and expertly trained.   Read about Phoebe's amazing "spa day"  and PetSmart's expert grooming services!

Positive reinforcement training is the best way to train dogs.  Using delicious during training sessions is important to keep your dog motivated to learn.  I first discovered Vita Bone dog treats, and met the Vita Bone guy!, at a BlogPaws conference in 2015.   Read why my dogs love Vita Bone Biscuits and Vita Bone Chewys!

Purina Pro Plan created BRIGHT MIND,  a new dog food specifically for dogs 7 years old or more.  Phoebe is a senior dog and not quite as sharp as her younger self, so I wanted to try it.  It contains enhanced botanical oils, shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older.  It also contains ingredients to help support join health and mobility.  Phoebe loves the taste!

I love discovering all natural pet products so I was delighted to discover BVH Pet Care's all natural Premium Dog Shampoo and conditioner.  It's cruelty-free, soap-free, chemical-free and pH balanced for dogs so it won't cause skin irritation.  It left Phoebe's fur so soft and shiny!

I also had the opportunity to try BVH Pet Care's all natural Premium Dog Ear Cleaner.  It contains no harsh chemicals or antibiotics, so it didn't burn or sting my dog's ears at all.  Cleaning your dog's ears is the best way to prevent ear infections!

I was asked to help spread the word about a new dog food from natural pet food company, Natural BalanceWild Pursuit dog food provides an ancestral diet that closely resembles what dogs would have eaten in the wild.  It contains pieces of real freeze dried raw food.  This food definitely brought out my dogs' wild side!

After awhile pet owner's can become Noseblind to pet odors in their home.  I was asked to help Febreze spread the word about practicing good Petiquette to ensure homes are always guest ready!

I had the opportunity to try the new, all natural, Canine PowerStew dog food from Only Natural Pet.  I like that this new food is made with all natural ingredients, and my dogs love the taste!

I reviewed Purina's ALPO Wholesome Dog BiscuitsThese biscuits have lots of healthy ingredients in them and both my dogs loved them!

 In support of National Pet Dental Health Month in February, I teamed up with PetSmart and Pedigree to help spread the word about the importance of pet dental health, and reviewed Pedigree's DENTASTIX dental treatsMy dogs love DENTASTIX!

Overweight pets can develop serious health issues.  Hill’s Pet Nutrition created a new weight loss food for pets, Science Diet Perfect Weight. Although my dogs are at their ideal weight, I was asked to help Hill's create awareness about their new food.  If your dog needs to lose a few pounds, check out my posts on Science Diet Perfect Weight dog food. 

Find my initial awareness post here and my second post about creating a routine for pet weight loss and a healthier lifestyle here.  My third post talks about the importance of consistency, here

My final Hill's Perfect Weight blog post focuses on actual pet weight loss success stories of pets who took the Hill's 10 Week Turnaround and lost weight, beginning their journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!  Click here to read about these success stories!

If you don't know the talented author M.K. Clinton, you should!  I reviewed her wonderful book, The Returns.  The Returns is the first book in M.K.'s The Returns series.  I loved both The Returns and the sequel, The Returns; Showstoppers!  I bet you will too!  The way M.K. develops the lovable canine characters and their endearing personalities and adventures is so entertaining and exciting!  As my review of The Returns will show you, M.K. Clinton is a truly talented writer!

I won a $50 gift certificate on one of my favorite blogs, Carol Bryant's Fidoseofreality.  It was for PetHub, a company that makes dog tags that are both stylish and have information to help a lost dog get back home safely.  I loved all the stylish PetHub Dog Tags.

I discovered two convenient products that have made life with my dogs a little easier.  Check out my review of those two products here.

I found these adorable and really inexpensive stick on's at the craft store.  I get a kick out of showing my love of pets by wearing these fun decals on my fingernails or toenails! 

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