WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Dogs Wearing Glasses

I had the opportunity to write a post on a dog biscuit by Purina's ALPO this week.  I had a fun idea for an Info board with Phoebe wearing glasses, so I spent a day training her to wear glasses and took some photos.

I thought Phoebe looked so stinking cute in her red glasses I had to share this photo with you!   How cute does she look with glasses on?!  BOL!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see the full post by clicking HERE.


Get Your Dog's Tail Wagging With Wholesome Alpo Dog Biscuits #AlpoDogBiscuit

I was afforded this opportunity because I am part of the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network.  The Alpo dog biscuits were provided by Nestle Purina. Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  The opinions in this post are my own.

Mom asked me to help her tell you about ALPO's brand new WHOLESOME DOG BISCUITS, so I made this Info board all by myself!  Do you like it?

Phoebe and I want to tell you about ALPO Wholesome biscuits, the delicious NEW wholesome dog biscuits from Purina's ALPO line of pet food and treats

Here's what I like about ALPO Wholesome Dog Biscuits:
Here's what Phoebe and Icy love about them:
Lots of good stuff is packed into these dog biscuits!

Not all dogs are as active and energetic as my girl Icy.  She's a typical Husky, a strong, athletic dog who loves to hit the trail.  She RUNS, JUMPS, and never seems to get tired!  We do a lot of hiking with her, sometimes over rough terrain. I really like the fact that ALPO Wholesome biscuits contain healthy vitamins, as well as calcium to help support her strong hard working bones. 

I gave Icy a well deserved ALPO Wholesome Dog Biscuit after hiking all the way up to the top of the mountain!

I'm always training my dogs to re-enforce critical obedience commands such as their Emergency Recall, Wait, and Leave It! commands.  I also like to do simple tricks with them to keep them mentally stimulated and have some fun bonding time together.  I use treats, their favorite form of reward while training.  I look for treats that consistently motivate them and that contain healthy ingredients.  ALPO Wholesome Dog Biscuits do just that!

Very good Down/Stay Phoebe!  You deserve an ALPO Wholesome Biscuit for that!

The Purina company and their line of ALPO pet food products have been around for decades, I trust all of Purina's products.  I like that their pet food and treats are made right here in the U.S.  They source grain from Georgia, wheat and corn from the Midwest, and their meat facilities are U.S.D.A. certified.  

The thing I like most about Purina is that they donate millions of dollars to pet welfare organizations across the country!  It's important to me that the products I buy come from companies who give back to the community.

ALPO Wholesome Biscuits

ALPO makes their Wholesome Dog Biscuits for dogs of all sizes.  At 56 lbs. Icy is a larger dog, but at 11 lbs. Phoebe is much smaller.  ALPO Wholesome Biscuits come in Small, Medium, and Large sized biscuits.

Alpo Wholesome Biscuits come in 3 sizes; Small, Medium, and Large.  You can easily pick them up while you're grocery shopping!

The new ALPO Wholesome Biscuits are available on grocery store shelves now.  You can pick them up while you're grocery shopping, so you don't need to make that extra trip to the pet store.  And, they're very affordable. I like that a lot!

Phoebe isn't that picky about her treats, but Icy is extremely picky about both food and treats.  I was happy to see that both my dogs loved ALPO Wholesome Dog Biscuits!

Have your dogs tried ALPO's new Wholesome Dog Biscuits yet?

A Fabulous Must Read for Dog Lovers!

I love a great read, don't you?  I want to tell you about a fabulous book called The Returns, written by the very talented M.K. Clinton.  The story begins with FBI Agent #7, Bentley "Hound Dog" Clanton just as he and his team are about to take down a notorious crime ring.  But something goes wrong.  Terribly wrong. Bentley is shot and killed!  When Bentley reaches the pearly gates of heaven however, he learns that a "mix-up" has occurred.  He wasn't supposed to die just then!  The heavenly Returns Department is then charged with finding him a replacement body so he can return to earth and fulfill his life's destiny.  The body they assign him however, isn't quite what he expected.

Icy and Phoebe are enthralled by the adventures of Bentley, his canine companions, and their guardian angel, Faith!

Are You One of Those Crazy Pet Moms With a Camera?

Around this time of year, I become obsessed with photographing my dogs amongst holiday d├ęcor.  If there's a display anywhere dogs are allowed, I am compelled to stop and photograph them.  Do you do the same thing?

Sitting with a reluctant Phoebe on my lap at this adorable holiday display in a shopping center

Doggie Daycamp Can Save Your Sanity

Feel guilty when you have to leave your dog alone while you're burning the midnight oil at work?  What about when you're invited out for cocktails after work, do you decline because you have to race home to let the dog out?  Your friends want to take an impromptu trip for a day of skiing or hiking but you can't impose on family to watch your dog all day.....again.   Doggie Day Camp is a great solution to these conundrums.  Bonus point; doggie day camp can be hugely beneficial for your dog too!

Huskies are extremely high energy.  Day camp once a week or so helps Icy burn lots of excess energy when we can't get out to exercise her enough
Here are some of the biggest benefits of doggie day camp, for both you and your dog.

FUN At The Holiday Pet Festival!

Do you love pet themed events?  We do!  The annual Holiday Pet Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona is something we look forward to every year.  It's totally pet friendly and everyone there is a pet lover!  We load our dogs and their gear into the car and head for a fun outing at the Holiday Pet Festival!   

The beautifully decorated Animal Angel Trees
They always have a cute doggie fashion show featuring adoptable dogs wearing the latest in doggie couture.  Your dog could have his picture taken with Santa or get his nails trimmed.  There was a Best Dog Trick contest, a Best Holiday Pet Attire Contest,  and a Lure Course demonstration.  Lots of interesting things going on and tons of dogs, including many breed specific rescue groups with adorable dogs available for adoption.  It took everything I had not to go home with another dog!

Of course, there was also lots of SHOPPING!  I couldn't help myself, I had to visit every merchant's booth and shop 'til my poor husband dropped!   I picked up a few Christmas gifts, which was great.  Less time spent at the mall!

One of the most interesting things I purchased was a necklace for my niece from a jewelry designer called Origami Owl custom jewelry

Help Homeless Animals & Get Noticed At Work

During the holiday season people are in the spirit of giving!  Companies, especially large corporations, are also in the spirit of giving back to their communities   It boosts their public image as well as morale for employees.  Most people want to do business with, and work for, a company that cares!

Getting some puppy kisses at a shelter volunteer event I led for a company I worked at
You can leverage your employer's desire to boost their image and employee morale to help both your favorite animal shelter or rescue and your career!   Giving back to the community is part of most companies' goals.  If you have a way to help the company achieve that goal, it has value to them.  Given that so many companies downsize at the drop of a hat, any added value you can create for your employer can be beneficial for your career. 

3 little shelter pups hoping to be adopted!
Organizing colleagues to participate in a charity event that benefits an organization you are passionate about can get you noticed at work.  It gives you an opportunity to showcase your Leadership, Communications, and Organizational skills.  Companies need good leaders who know how to communicate and can get things done! 

What Pet Expert Or Celebrity Would Be At Your Holiday Table?

This time of year, people often ask "What famous person, still living or deceased, would you want at your holiday table and why?"  I've been thinking about what Pet Expert or Pet Celebrity I would want to have at my holiday table.  I have the gift (curse?) of gab, so one person isn't enough for me.  I would invite 2 of my favorite pet gurus, Cesar Milan and Dr. Marty Becker.   Why did I pick Cesar and Dr. Becker?  They are each extremely accomplished in their field and have a special area of knowledge and expertise about pets that I'd love to pummel them with questions chat with them about.  Who would be at your holiday table?

If I had a nickel for every un-neutered male Chihuahua that came into the shelter. I'd be rich!

Cesar Milan:  Cesar started his career as a dog groomer, where he was often asked to handle the most difficult dogs.  As he became more knowledgeable and experienced in dog behavior he became known as The Dog Whisperer.  The thing I want to discuss with Cesar is how we can get our society to a state where Spaying and Neutering our dogs is second nature for everyone.  He grew up in Mexico, where they have an even bigger spay/neuter problem than we do in the U.S.  I'd like to know what he thinks should be done to achieve this and how we can get there.  I want to know his thoughts on why so many people still avoid spay/neuter and how we can reach all segments of our communities to create change. I'd ask what he thinks he can do personally as a celebrity to help support that effort.  I'd love to see him draft a strategy on a dessert napkin!

One of far too many dogs that arrive at the shelter un-neuter, without updated tags, and not micro-chipped!  Grrr!

Dr. Marty Becker:  I found one of Dr. Becker's books, The Healing Power of Pets; Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy for $5 in a used book store.  I was so inspired by the heartwarming stories in his book!  Dr. Becker is also co-author of Chicken Soup For the Pet Lover’s Soul.  He's been a contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America TV show and the Dr. Oz show.  I'd love to discuss the power of the Human-Animal bond with Dr. Becker.  I'd ask him where the latest research on the Human-Animal bond is going and how we can harness even more of the power of the Human-Animal bond to help people.

Therapy Dogs are just one aspect of the power of the Human-Animal bond

If one of these two couldn't make it, I would invite another of my favorite pet guru's, Victoria Stilwell, author and star of the Animal Planet show It's Me Or The Dog.  Victoria and Cesar don't exactly see eye to eye on dog methodology.  If I had the honor of sharing a meal with these two incredible dog experts, I'd cross my fingers and hope they didn't end up throwing sweet potato pie at each other! I would have lots and lots of napkins on hand just in case - LOL!
Which pet guru would you love to have at your holiday table?  Please leave us a comment and tell us who your guest pet guru would be!

CYBER MONDAY MADNESS! Pet Inspired Jewelry

I'm a bit of a Fashionista, so in the spirit of CYBER MONDAY I want to share some unique pet inspired jewelry designed by my friend Jenna, of Love Is Being Owned By A Husky, and her mom. I Love to shop, but one thing I really like to do is show off my love of animals through my jewelry, so I was happy to discover Jenna's jewelry line, Pawz N' Clawz.

Jenna and her Mom design beautiful, unique pet inspired jewelry like this bracelet I bought from them.  It was created using the Japanese braiding technique, Kumihimo.

I love this bracelet, it's such good quality and looks great with so many colors!