Just like people, dogs are at risk for Heart Disease too.  In fact, it is estimated that nearly 8 million dogs suffer from heart disease. That translates into 10% of all dogs living in the U.S.  Heart disease can seriously impact your dog's quality of life, and his longevity. Knowing how to keep a dog's heart healthy is vital for your dog's health and longevity. 

It would be simple if there was just one thing that caused a dog or cat to get heart disease, we could just address that one thing and be done with it. But there is no one single cause for heart disease in dogs. Several factors can contribute to it, and senior dogs are considered to be at greater risk for heart disease.

I had the opportunity to speak about Pet Heart Health with Dr. Claire Walther, DMV and Petcare Medical Lead at Zoetis animal health company. After practicing at both Banfield and in an independent general Veterinary practice, Dr. Walther's passion for educating pet parents and other Veterinarians led her to join Zoetis.

How to Keep Your Dog's Heart Healthy

Dr. Walther shared her expertise about heart disease in dogs, and how to keep a dog's heart healthy.  Most of what we'll be discussing applies to both a dog's heart health and cat heart health as well. So c'mon pet parents, let's dive in!


Wondering if a Siberian Husky is the right dog for you?  What is it that makes a Husky so irresistible?  For starters, it's hard not to fall in love with a Husky's Striking looks. Their wolf-like facial features, thick double coated fur, and beautiful eyes; blue, amber, and bi- colored, are stunning! Hardly a week goes by without at least one stranger saying "What a beautiful dog!" when they see me with my Siberian Husky, Icy.  

Then there's the impressive athleticism of Siberian Husky dogs, their friendly loving personality, and of course their impressive role in the historical Serum Run of 1925. Teams of sled dogs saved an Alaskan town from a Diphtheria epidemic by transporting life saving anti toxin through punishing blizzard conditions and rough terrain! 

With all that going for them, who wouldn't admire and desire a Siberian Husky dog? But is a Husky right for you and your lifestyle? Sadly, Huskies are often bought or adopted and then abandoned once they are no longer puppies. Their owners soon realize they aren't able to handle the once adorable and easy to manage Husky puppy they brought home.  

Siberian Husky Dogs, Huskies, Husky, Siberian Huskies
My Husky Icy on a hike. Siberian Huskies are a super high energy breed!

A Siberian Husky is not the right breed of dog for everyone. To determine whether a Husky is right for you, let's delve into their key traits. Once you have the facts you can make an informed decision about whether or not you are able to give a Husky the care and attention they need to thrive.


 February is Pet Dental Health Month!

Lack of dental health in dogs and cats can lead to dental disease, which can cause more serious health issues. Toxins from periodontal disease get absorbed into the pet's blood stream which can cause infection in the body. This can potentially damage kidney, lever, heart, and brain tissue.

It's estimated that over 80% of dogs will show signs of periodontal disease by age three! I think we can safely say that paying attention to a dog's teeth should be part of our overall dog health care routine.

The large majority of dog owners don't brush their dog's teeth at all. That doesn't surprise me, in fact I'm one of those dog parents who don't brush their dog's teeth. Oh, it's not for lack of effort, believe me I've tried many times! But honestly it was always a struggle, especially with my Siberian Husky, Icy. She hated it! My efforts at trying to develop a habit of brushing their teeth every day was an Epic Fail.  But you know what? It's OK, because I found a great line of brushless pet dental health products. That's right, I said BRUSHLESS!

Providing dental care for my dogs is easy with the Oratene line of Brushless Pet Oral Care products, by Zymox. With Oratene, my dogs really can have healthy gums, clean teeth, and fresh breath, without brushing! Oratene products are free of antibiotics and other harsh ingredients. These are the best products for dog dental health I've found, and I've tried several brands. 


Here's how Oratene works to promote Dog Dental Health

The Oratene product line features Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care for pets. That means it uses the power of enzymes to help keep your dog or cats' teeth clean, breath fresh, and gums healthy. These Veterinarian approved products make dog dental care so easy, I have pretty much ditched the dog toothbrush for good!