Check Out This Dog's Dance Moves

Start your weekend off with this toe tapping video of a dog whose dance moves rival that of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing! 

This beautiful Collie named Levi, performed in the Heelwork to Music competition at the 2014 Crufts dog show in March.  Levi and his two handlers, Richard and Mary, performed a Scottish Highland Dance.  This dog’s fancy footwork would put Fred Astaire to shame!

Post a comment and let us know what you think about this dog's dancin' feet.

Highlights From The Blog Paws 2014 Bloggers Conference

I attended my first pet bloggers conference, a BlogPaws conference in 2014 in Las Vegas. I want to share a couple of my favorite highlights from that first conference.  I learned so much from the workshops and from other bloggers.  I met some wonderful people and discovered lots of great new blogs and products. 

One of my favorite highlights from the conference was Susan Getgood’s  workshop, Monetization:  Revenue, Reputation, and Recognition; Defining your Path to Professional Blogging Success.  Susan is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BlogHer, so she knows a thing or two about online marketing!

Susan with one of the four legged workshop attendees

I had read Susan’s book Professional Blogging for Dummies, a great resource for bloggers interested in monetizing their blog, or optimizing their current monetization strategy.  I had the book with me at the conference and Susan was kind enough to sign it for me!  Some of the things she discussed were:

DEVELOP YOUR PROPOSITION; Define the unique thing you have to offer your readers.    Mine is having insight into dog behavior, issues, safety and health because I have years of experience as an animal welfare volunteer.  I also have two dogs I travel extensively with, and Icy and I are a registered therapy dog team.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE; Who reads your blog and where they hang out online. 

DEFINE YOUR NICHE OR CATEGORY; What specific area the products, information, or services you provide fit into.

IDENTIFY YOUR “AWESOME”; What you are an expert in, and what makes you an expert.  She asked us to complete this sentence:  I am an expert in _________ because of ________.    Tout your awesome on your blog!

One of the things I found overwhelming was thinking I had to be on every social media network; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,  LinkedIn.  During her workshop I asked Susan if she felt we needed to be on all these networks in order to be successful.   She advised us to select social media networks to participate in based on what they do well and on which networks our audience hangs out on.  That was a relief to me.  It's not so overwhelming knowing I don’t have to be on every single network to create an effective online presence and be a successful blogger. 

Another of my favorite presentations was given by Steven Feldman and Dr. Kate Hodgson of HABRI, The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative foundation.   I’m a huge believer in the power of the human animal bond.  I’ve seen incredible responses from some of the people Icy and I have visited in the course of our therapy dog volunteer work.
Steven talked about the positive chemicals that are released in humans when they touch an animal.  He also talked about pets being a "prescription for health" and that doctors are including pets in patients' treatments.

Some interesting facts Dr. Hodgson shared with us were:

Pets can be a catalyst for their owners to stop smoking; they don't want second hand smoke to harm their pet.  This fact really surprised me!  Does it surprise you? 

Pets can be motivators for healthy lifestyle choices by increasing exercise.

Pets can provide therapeutic intervention to treat illness.

Pets can counter the risk factors of major diseases; inactivity, tobacco or alcohol use, hypertension and high blood pressure.

Check out HABRI's web site to learn more about the science behind the human animal bond.

There were many other great workshops and keynote presentations, these are just two of my favorites.   I look forward to attending BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville.  BlogPaws 2014 definitely exceeded my expectations! 


It’s that time of year, the weekend that kicks off the most fun season of all, Summer!  School is OUT and the beach is IN!  In the midst of the parades, barbeques, picnics and other fun stuff that goes with it, on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day, Americans take a timeout to remember the sacrifices made by brave men and women who lost their lives in military service.  We fly our flags at half mast, visit cemeteries of the fallen, and gather at memorials dedicated to our veterans.

Where's the BBQ?  I'm Ready!!

But people don’t always remember that many Canines gave their lives in military service as well.  Since this is a dog blog and we are all animal lovers, I would like to take a moment to also recognize these amazing four legged military heroes.  Military dogs have saved the lives of many soldiers throughout our nation’s history.  They served as scouts, couriers, and trackers, they alerted soldiers to ambushes, enemy approach in the middle of the night, snipers in the distance and other dangers.   These dogs were Hell on Paws, true heroes faithfully serving alongside military servicemen and women.  During WWI and WWII many families donated their dogs into military service

I better get at least 2 hot dogs this year!  Last year I only got 1

One of my favorite military dogs is Sinbad, a mixed breed dog who enlisted in the US Coast Guard.  Sinbad was originally intended as a gift for someone back home, but he became an official canine sailor in the US Coast Guard instead , serving 11 years of sea duty during World War II.  Sinbad “signed” up with the Coast Guard using his paw print on his enlistment papers.  He was even awarded several medals during his years of service.   Yo Ho Ho!  It’s a Sailor’s life for me!! 

For a list of other famous war dogs, the Cracked list in 5 of the Most Badass Soldiers Ever (Happened To Be Dogs).
There are a number of memorials across the U.S. that have been dedicated to canines who served in the military.  This memorial day weekend, why not inspire your dog by visiting one of these memorials together. You can find a list of U.S. war dog memorials at the Viet Nam Dog Handler’s Association web site.  One memorial missing from this list however, is the new Guardians of America’s Freedom memorial which was unveiled at Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas in 2013  This is the first U.S. national monument dedicated to dogs who served in the military. 

The First National U.S. Monument Dedicated to War Dogs.
Photo Source: Reuters

If you want to curl up on the sofa with your own hero dog this weekend and watch a movie that honors American military war dogs, here are a few suggestions.
CHIPS THE WAR DOG is based on the true story of a German Shepherd, Collie, Husky mixed dog who served during WWII.  Chips was the most decorated military dog of WWII and is one of the most famous war dogs.  Isis loves this movie because Chips was a Husky mix!
FINDING RIN TIN TIN is the true story of the WWI war dog hero turned Hollywood movie star.  Rin Tin Tin was probably America’s most beloved and respected hero dog and Hollywood dog!
ALWAYS FAITHFUL chronicles the story of five marines and their military dogs through their deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan.  My Dad was a WWII marine and veteran, so this one is near and dear to my heart.
WAR DOGS:  AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN HEROES tells the amazing stories of military dogs who served during Viet Nam.
If you prefer a good read, check out John Burnham’s books Dog Tags of Courage and A Soldiers Best Friend.  Burnham was a Vietnam war dog handler and career soldier. 
Learn more about U.S. war dogs at the U.S. War Dogs Association

THANK YOU to all who served and sacrificed for our freedom

However you decide to spend this Memorial Day weekend, have fun and stay safe!
What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?  Post a comment and tell us what you and your dog have planned for your Memorial Day weekend.

This Hero Cat Saved A Boy From A Vicious Dog Attack

If you haven't seen this unbelievable viral video yet, this amazing cat saved a little boy from a vicious attack by a next door neighbor's dog.  You've got to see this video, the cat is really something!

The boy was riding his bike in the driveway of their home when the neighbor's dog escaped their yard and attacked him, biting his leg.  The attack was completely unprovoked.  The boy's cat Tara reacted swiftly, slamming her body into the dog and literally chasing him away.  The video was obtained from the family's home security cameras around the perimeter of their house.


If folks out there are thinking about adopting a cat, this video will send them right to the nearest shelter! 

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that Spring and Summer are puppy and kitten season, so watch the video then go out and adopt the kitty cat you've been wanting.  ( :

My beloved Maggie, sleeping on my husband's stomach.  We lost her at just shy of 19 years old.

100 Places To See With Your Dog: ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO

We take our dogs, Icy and Phoebe, pretty much everywhere. Whether it’s hitting every Starbucks in town or visiting interesting places across the country.   Roswell, New Mexico definitely qualifies as one of those interesting places. 

We decided to visit the town most associated with UFO’s and alien sitings. Yes, I do mean little green men …. or should I say little green women?.... let’s just say little green beings and leave it at that. The famous 1947 Roswell UFO Incident has been the subject of a rumored government cover-up for decades. Speculation about the validity of the Roswell UFO crash still flies like a Husky’s fur during shedding season!

If you are a fan of Katherine Heigl you may have seen the popular TV show she starred in…. no not Grey’s Anatomy, the other one. I mean the Roswell TV series that aired in the early 2000’s. It was about a group of teenagers; 4 alien and 3 of the human variety. I loved that show and it made me want to visit the alien capital of the U.S., Roswell, New Mexico. Since we lived right next door, in Arizona, we did.  As usual, we decided to take dogs along for the ride.

My husband with Icy and Phoebe as we rolled into New Mexico.

Roswell is a funky, quirky little town. In case you’re wondering, we didn’t experience any close encounters of the third kind. We did, however, go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The museum is dog friendly! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time for $5 a head - human adult head that is, dogs get in free. It’s a very cool place with original documentation of the supposed crash, government response to it, and eye witness accounts. The alien exhibits are super creative.  The museum is a fun, hokey little place to visit with or without your dog! 

Icy and Phoebe taking in one of the Alien exhibits.  Phoebe's not so sure about this; what are they doing to that poor alien on the table?!

Mommy has lost her mind - Get me outta this crazy place!! 

This flying saucer & alien exhibit moves and makes weird electronic alien noises & "smoke".  It freaked out the dogs a little.  I have a video of it but couldn't successfully upload it, but I have a link to the museum below which has video of it.  It's pretty wild!


Phoebe playing with the stuffed alien toy they gave her at the gift shop.  Icy got one too but in typical Husky fashion, she ripped it to shreds long before we returned home!

The mountains that surround Roswell are gorgeous, maybe that’s why the aliens decided to land there – Ha Ha!  Once you’ve had enough alien stuff, there are several places to take your dog for a long walk or a hike.  Check out Bottomless Lakes State Park or Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge.
What places do you plan to travel to with your dog?  What is your favorite dog friendly travel destination?  Tell us by posting a comment.
Learn about the 1947 UFO incident and the Roswell UFO Museum = OK, so this is weird. I posted a link to the Roswell UFO Museum report on the "alien coverup" incident and somehow it's now DEFUNCT!!  Hmmm.... 

See my Road Trip With The Dogs Post for tips on stress free travel with your dogs!

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 This is a Blog Hop hosted by our friends at Blogpaws!  Thanks for being such great hosts of the Blogpaws 2014 Conference last weekend -  we all had a Grrrreat time!!


Fostering saves lives.  We hear that statement a lot, but what does it really mean and what does it take to foster a dog and save his life?  How do you know if you have what it takes to be a good foster parent? 



Most shelters are over-crowded.   There is only so much kennel space, staff, and funding to care for the never ending influx of animals that arrive at shelters day after day.  Over 3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters each year.  That is a devastating statistic. There are more homeless dogs and cats than there are available homes to adopt them.  Fostering plays a key role in saving the lives of these animals.

My sweet foster dog Dusty, continually passed over for adoption simply because he had cherry eye.  I had it corrected myself & he stayed with me for 2 weeks.  He was adopted days after returning to the shelter!

Mother's Day Gifts for Dog Loving Moms

I'd like to share some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts for Moms who love dogs.  Happy Mother’s Day to Dog Moms everywhere!!

I’m a total bookworm, books are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive.   Here’s a list of books I think make great gifts for dog lovers.  Below that is a short list of some other gifts I think are a good choice for dog loving moms.
  • It’s Me or the Dog, How to Have the Perfect Pet, by Victoria Stilwell, host of the It’s Me or The Dog TV show on Animal Planet.  This is a good book for first time dog owners or dog owners that need some help with the basics.  It covers a lot of the basics on obedience training, behavior issues, and leadership.   She has another book out called Train Your Dog Positively.  I haven’t read this one yet, but I’m sure it’s great. You can find her books on Amazon and on her web site,
  • Pretty much any of Cesar Millan’s books.  Cesar has a number of books that deal with how to raise a dog, dealing with behavior problems, and how to be the pack leader in the home. All are available on Amazon and his web site
  • The Only Dog Tricks Book You’ll Ever need, by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz.  I taught Isis to play dead using the steps in this book.  She won a Cutest Trick contest at the pet store with it!  She also learned how to spin and give me a high five with her paw.
  • Angel on a Leash; Therapy Dogs and the Lives They Touch, by David Frei.  This is truly one of my favorite books, it inspired me to pursue becoming a therapy dog team with Isis.  You may know David Frei as one of the hosts of the Westminster Kennel Club show.  
  • The Healing Power of Pets; Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy, by Dr. Marty Becker.  Dr. Becker is also the co-author of Chicken Soup For the Pet Lover’s Soul.  He was the veterinary contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America TV show for many years, and is a contributor to the Dr. Oz show and Medical Advisory Panel.   Check out his web site for a list of his other books at:
  • Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover’s Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Carol Klein.  I absolutely loved this book, it’s so heartwarming.  I bought it for several friends.
  • The AAA Pet Book, written by AAA of course.  This book is a must have for us when we travel on long car trips with our dogs.  It’s full of so much information, not only lodging listings for the U.S. and Canada but lots of good travel tips and information.  You can get it either at a AAA store or on Amazon.
Other gifts I’d give a dog loving mom:
  • Cesar Millan’s The Dog Whisperer  videos.  These DVD’s contain episodes from his NatGeo Wild TV show The Dog Whisperer.  They are available on Amazon and his web site
  • Doggie jewelry shows the world you’re a dog lover.  Target has some cute pieces on their web site, under dog paw jewelry.  I like the sterling silver black diamond accent paw print necklace.  I also like the paw print stud earrings and some other items available online.
  • If you want to go really chic and spend up on a gift, Tiffany & Co. makes some unique dog jewelry.  They make a sterling silver Scotty dog tag charm you can wear on a necklace or bracelet.  It’s $125.  They also make an 18K gold diamond Scotty pendant.  I don’t own a Scotty but I love them and have always wanted a jet black Scottish Terrier.  This charm is on my wish list!    They have a whole line of items for dogs and dog lovers on their web site,
I do not receive any compensation, product, or consideration for any of my product recommendations or reviews.  If I ever do, I will certainly disclose it.





For those of us who grew up watching Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy doing his Gumby bit.

This is my very first wordless Wednesday - did I do good?



More and more, my husband and I find that we don’t want to leave our dogs home when we go on vacation, especially if our travel is domestic. Over the years we’ve taken many vacations with our dogs across the U.S. but dog friendly Sedona, Arizona is by far our favorite dog friendly travel destination. Sedona is pure magic!

My dog Icy perched on a rock, hiking in Sedona Arizona

Our love of travel with our dogs started when we didn’t want to put Icy, our 50lb Husky, in the belly of an airplane plane. Instead, we decided to drive from Arizona to New York to see family one Christmas. Since it’s more than 2,500 miles I wanted to make a fun adventure out of it. We chose to spend 8 days traveling and stopping at some fun dog friendly travel destinations.  

That trip was such a fun, interesting adventure we decided to continue our trend of travel with dogs. We've developed quite a bit of expertise on how to travel with dogs successfully, and Icy has become a true connoisseur of dog friendly hotels!

Icy and Phoebe, piled in the backseat, ready for a Road Trip!

One of my absolute favorite places to visit with our dogs, is Sedona, Arizona.  Sedona is one of the most dog friendly places in the U.S., and one of the most breathtaking.  People head to the Grand Canyon in droves, but they often pass right by Sedona, which is only about 2 hours South of Grand Canyon.  But oh what they're missing!

The Red Rock Region, as Sedona is called, is spectacular.  The rock formations and deep red desert colors set Sedona apart from most other unique geographical areas. Sedona is nature’s beauty at it’s finest. 


Hiking In Sedona With Dogs

We love hiking in Sedona with the dogs. Our favorite hike in Sedona is the West Fork trail in Oak Creek Canyon.  It's just a few miles round trip, every inch of it displaying gorgeous scenery. You hike across Oak Creek at several points along the trail, but it's not difficult and it's shallow all the way through.  

We also love the Boynton Pass hiking trail. There are miles and miles of hiking trails that allow dogs throughout Sedona.  

Honestly, every part of Sedona is stunning and there's a photo op every where you turn.  Many of the old western movies were filmed there because of the dramatic backdrops.

Icy taking a dip to cool off during a hike in Oak Creek Canyon.  She won't go  near a pool, but we can't get her out of the creek!

Like most of Arizona, Sedona is super dog friendly.  You can take your dog just about anywhere.  Nearly every hiking trail, park and recreation area in Arizona is dog friendly, you’d be hard pressed to find one that isn’t.  

Bring the beauty of the Southwest and the magic of Sedona to your home. Right now, I'm offering a Printable Wall Art bundle of 4 digital art prints depicting the beauty of Sedona that you can print out and enjoy in your home or office. Visit my Etsy store to get these four digital prints for only $2.00!

Dog Friendly Hotels in Sedona, Arizona

There are lots of dog friendly hotels and Inn's in Sedona. Two of our favorites are The Lodge At Sedona, a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast. We love the beauty of the property, the quaint rooms and atmosphere, and the wonderful Chef!  Another favorite of ours is the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock.  

We also enjoyed staying at the beautiful, authentic Southwestern El Portal Sedona Hotel. If you want to step up the luxury, look into the Enchantment Resort. It was a bit too pricey for us, but we did have a delicious lunch on the patio. The mountain views from their patio were exquisite.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Sedona, Arizona

Several restaurants in Sedona are dog friendly on their outdoor patios.  One of our favorites is the Creekside American Bistro (previously Ken's Creek Side).  They even have a dog menu with items like doggie beef stew, which our dogs devoured!

Wildflower is a casual dog friendly restaurant in Sedona. It's largely self serve, you can pick up your food and bring it outside to an outdoor table. They are up on the hillside, and the views from the outdoor area are gorgeous!  

There's a Starbucks up there as well. We enjoyed late afternoon coffees after a day of hiking with the dogs. We just relaxed and enjoyed the mountain view! Check out the photo below of John and our dogs taking it all in.

Icy enjoying eggs at breakfast, made just for her by the chef at The Lodge at Sedona, a B&B we frequent in Sedona.  They're serious dog lovers!

My husband John and Icy a the end of the West Fork trail in Sedona

Icy, Phoebe, and John enjoying a Starbucks after a long day on the Sedona trails.  This is our favorite way to end a day in Sedona.  Fun Fact: John and I met at a Starbucks!

What travel destinations have you ventured to with your dog?  What was your dog’s favorite travel destination?  Tell us in the comments, we Love hearing from you!

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See my post Road Trip With The Dogs for tips on traveling with dogs.