I finally got one! A 4Knines DOG CAR SEAT COVER!  It's been a couple of years now and this car seat cover for dogs has made our lives so much easier, and cleaner.  Pet friendly travel with dogs is always on our radar, so between muddy paws, debris sticking to their fur, and sand from the beach, the back seat of our SUV takes quite a beating!

What I Love About My 4Knines Car Seat Cover For Dogs

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Phoebe thinks our new 4Knines car seat cover is super comfy!

πŸ•The 4Knines car back seat cover fits my SUV like a glove!  I can tell it's really comfy too, because the dogs settled into it immediately as soon as they jumped onto the car cover for the first time.  The material is durable but it has comfortable cushioned quilting.

πŸ•I got the back seat cover that accommodates split rear seats.  I love that I can pull down the back seats or the rear car seat console just by unzipping the car seat cover in between the back seats!  That helps us so much.  With my ratty blanket seat cover, we always had to remove the blanket in order to pull down the rear seats. Now we just unzip and pull down the rear seat or console.  We're always hauling stuff in our SUV's cargo.  We usually need to put one or both rear seats down to accommodate large items, so this is a huge convenience.  We can still access seat belts through the seat cover too.

4Knines car seat covers are versatile, easy to clean, and fit like a glove!

πŸ• 4Knines car seat covers are super easy to clean.  Even if water or dog food spill on the cover, it's fast easy cleanup.  And the seat cover is machine washable!

I used to use an old blanket draped over the back seat, but it never stayed in place and it was constantly filthy.  Vacuuming up pet hair that stuck to the blanket was such a pain.  The blanket invariably got sucked into the vacuum, especially the fringed edges - so frustrating!  When the 4Knines seat cover gets dirty we can easily wipe or vacuum up the mess, hose it down, or throw it in the washing machine.


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4Knines makes many different car seat covers for all types of vehicles; Cars, SUVs, and Trucks.  They have Rear seat covers, Front seat covers, Hammock style covers, and Cargo liners.  They come in black, tan, grey, and a really cool black/grey camo pattern.

Whether you have dogs that slobber and track muddy dirty paws into the car, or kids that puke up on the seats, a 4Knines car seat cover is a real car seat upholstery saver!

With holiday travel and dog friendly adventures, a 4Knines car seat cover makes travel with pets a lot cleaner and more pleasant.  It's also a great gift idea for any pet parent!  🐢

Here's what makes the 4Knines dog car seat so durable and effective:

Photo courtesy of 4Knines

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, if you travel with dogs or cats you will love 4Knines car seat covers.  In fact, it's great if you travel with kids in the car too.  Sticky fingers, spilled juice, or food will wipe clean off these seat covers in a snap!  Check out this beautiful fit:

4Knines also makes beautiful covers for dog beds.  Check out their web site to see their large variety of car seat protector products, dog bed covers, dog harness and dog seat belt.

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Would a 4Knines car seat cover make car rides with your dog or cat easier?  Let us know in the comments.