We've travelled extensively with our dogs for nearly 13 years. I'm one of those dog moms that feels a family vacation isn't much of a vacation without our precious furry family members! We've learned a lot and made more than a few mistakes along the way trying to create a fabulous holiday with the dogs.  At this point we have planning a great vacation with the dog, and the dog travel essentials that go with it down pat! We know exactly how to plan and prepare for a fabulous Vacation that's dog friendly. 

Vacation with the dog; Dog travel essentials  Dog friendly vacation, Pet friendly, Dog travel, What to pack for dog travel
Dog Travel Essentials for a Vacation With Dogs

In this post, I share all my dog travel essentials. I'll talk about my dog travel kit, including all the essential dog travel accessories and dog travel gear you need to pack for a fabulous vacation with dogs.


Should I adopt a dog? The short answer is YES! You should adopt a dog from an animal shelter or dog rescue. In my opinion, it's best to Adopt Don't Buy if you can.  

Adopting a dog saves two lives; the life of the dog you're adopting and the life of another dog that your adoption enabled the shelter or rescue to make room for. However, you should adopt a dog from a reputable animal shelter or dog rescue!  But how do you know if a dog rescue or animal shelter is a reputable one?

Should I Adopt a Dog?  Adopting a dog near me. How to get a dog
Jessie, our newly adopted Silky Haired Terrier dog

Do some research online, and if possible in person at the facility, to ensure the animal shelter or dog rescue is reputable. If you're not sure where you can adopt a dog, search online for "adopting a dog near me" and see what animal shelters or dog rescues come up.