Animal testing is currently required by law in the U.S. for nearly all new medicines and drugs, medical equipment and pesticides Americans use every day. But should animal testing be banned?  My answer to that question is a resounding Yes. Here’s why. 

I don’t understand why the inhumane, and in my mind barbaric, practice of testing drugs on animals is still happening in the 21st century.  Technology has come so far. Reliable and even better alternatives to animal testing of new medications and other pharmaceutical products are available. 

Subjecting helpless animals to a life of abuse and anguish is a form of intentional animal cruelty.  Toxic substances being orally force feed, forced inhalation for hours at a time, and forced skin contact is an everyday occurrence for lab animals worldwide. 

Should Animal Testing Be Banned?  Alternatives to animal testing. Stop animal testing
Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

The two industries that have used and abused animals in product testing are the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries.  In my earlier post on CrueltyFree Makeup and Cosmetics I discussed testing makeup and other cosmetics on animals, and provided a list of “cruelty free” makeup and cosmetics brands. 

Today I want to talk about animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry, which is horrific, and a bit more complicated. 

There is a lot of debate going on amongst scientists, legislators and other parties. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that prescription drugs be tested on animals before they can be placed in human trials for testing. Sadly, we have a long way to go to convince the FDA that there are non-animal testing methods believed by many scientists to be as effective or even more effective than testing on animals.


Summer is the time to enjoy fresh fruit! Humans aren't the only ones who love cool refreshing fruit in Summer, our dogs do too! Not every fruit is safe for dogs to eat, but there are several fruits that are good for dogs

Fruit contains healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber. Most fruit is hydrating as well, which is beneficial for dogs on those hot days of Summer.  The extra boost of fiber in many fruits can also be beneficial for dog health. 

I often give my dog fruit or vegetables as an alternative to packaged treats. They're fresher and have fewer calories. I add them to her food as a meal topper as well. My dog Icy loves fruit and veggies!

Fruits that are good for dogs,  Fruits that are safe for dogs, What fruits can dogs eat?
Many fruits are healthy for dogs, and they love it!


I have had Enough! I’m tired of companies that use and abuse animals in order to bring new, profit boosting products to market. More and more, consumers demand Cruelty Free cosmetics products from the brands they support.

I need to get my feelings on this controversial subject out. I need to talk about the inhumane practices too many companies are still using, or practices they are ignoring at their supplier facilities, in order to bring their makeup and cosmetics products to market. It is animal cruelty, plain and simple.

Consumers Demand Cruelty Free Cosmetics Products, Cruelty free makeup brands, Cruelty free cosmetics companies
A sign that displays prominently in a LUSH cosmetics store

I need to take action and make some changes about which companies I choose to support by buying, or not buying, their products. I hope you’ll join me in consciously making cruelty free makeup and cosmetic product choices, if you haven’t already.


We know vegetables are super healthy. They contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. People consider vegetables to be essential to our good health. Many people want their dogs to have these health benefits too, so they include vegetables in their dog's diet. But are vegetables good for dogs, and if so what vegetables can dogs eat? 

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?  Vegetables safe for dogs to eat. Pet safe vegetables for dogs. Vegetables good for dogs. Healthy vegetables for dogs
My dog loves carrots!


Each year on the 4th of July, Americans celebrate our Independence Day. It's a party every year, but not so much for dogs. Thanks to scary fireworks and holiday weekend travel, more dogs are lost during 4th of July weekend than any other time of year! Two of the most important Fourth of July Safety Tips For Dogs focus on reducing dog anxiety caused by fireworks, and limiting the risk of dogs getting lost on July 4th weekend. Taking precautions to keep our dogs safe on 4th of July is critical! 

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Dogs,  4th of July dogs, July 4th dog safety
Fourth of July Safety Tips For Dogs


I do so many things at home to keep my dog healthy. I choose her dog food and treats carefully, reading ingredients labels incessantly and being cautious about where they are made. I add healthy vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish and fish oil to her food. I give her heartworm, flea and tick medication. We get lots of exercise. We visit the Veterinarian regularly and keep up with required vaccinations.  I make sure she's brushed, ears are clean, and her nails are in good shape.  But I recently realized that I have never taken my dog's temperature at home. In fact, I had no idea how to take a dog's temperature myself! 

How To Take a Dog's Temperature,  Dog care tips, Pet care, Dog health information, Pet thermometer, Thermometer for dogs
How to take a dog's temperature


Ear infections in dogs are one of the most common health issues for dogs. In fact, ear infections are one of the 6 most common dog health problems, according to PetMD. Knowing how to identify, treat, and prevent ear infections in dogs is an important part of routine dog health care.

Ear infections are uncomfortable and painful for dogs. If left untreated, in a worse case scenario it could cause the dog's ear drum to rupture, or the dog could even end up losing his hearing!

Ear Infections in Dogs; How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Them, Dog ear infections, Dog care, Dog health,
Ear Infections in Dogs

Some dog breeds are more prone to developing ear infections than others. 


Veterinarians have recognized the health benefits of Manuka Honey for dogs and other pets, and it's use in veterinary care is steadily increasing. 

Dog health, Pet Care, Manuka honey benefits for dogs, Manuka honey for dog wounds, Where to buy Manuka honey for dogs, Is Manuka honey good for dogs, Manuka honey Safe for dogs?, Manuka honey for dogs cough
Health benefits of Manuka honey for dogs

The healing properties of honey in general have ancient origins. It was used for sore throats, open wound healing, burns, sores, and digestive issues. Over time, honey had been largely put aside as an agent for health and healing. But in recent years, doctors and holistic practitioners have once again turned to honey, especially Manuka honey, as a natural healing remedy. 


Bone Broth for dogs is getting a lot of attention these days. It's being touted as the latest and greatest "super food" for dogs, loaded with healthy nutrients.  The health benefits of bone broth for dogs have pet parents buying packaged dog bone broth and making homemade bone broth for dogs themselves.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth For Dogs
Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs


Planning a dog friendly vacation? The dog loving state of Vermont is gorgeous all year round. Cool and lush forestry all Summer, Stunning Fall foliage, and a Winter Wonderland through the colder months. I learned to ski at the Killington ski resort in Vermont's Green Mountain region. Back then I didn't realize just how dog friendly the state of Vermont is!

Plan a Dog Friendly Vermont Vacation

Vermont has so many fun year round activities: Skiing, Tubing, Ice skating, and Snowmobiling in Winter. Swimming and Fishing in the many lakes, and Hiking the majestic mountains along miles of beautiful trails in any season.

If you're looking for a fun dog friendly vacation, Vermont is a great choice. Here are some of the best sights and activities you and your dog can do together in dog friendly Vermont.