When it's time to give a gift for dogs, whether it be for a newly adopted dog, a dog's Birthday or Gotcha Day, or gifts for the holidays, it requires some thought. The most common gifts are dog toys, treats for dogs, and adorable dog clothing or other accessories.  These happy occasions are an opportunity for dog parents to focus on making sure their dog (or other pet) stays healthy.  So help them along by giving a special dog in your life the gift of good health!

Toys, treats, and cute pet apparel are fun gifts for sure, but giving a gift that can contribute to Dog Health and longevity is extra thoughtful and special!  It's a gift to the dog parent as well, because it's something that could help extend the unconditional love and priceless moments they will share together. It can also help lower Veterinary bills - a healthy dog won't get sick as often which may result in fewer trips to the Vet!

Dog health, Healthy dog product, How to keep a dog healthy, Healthy pets
At Christmas, Santa loves to Give Dogs the Gift of Good Health

When I think about how to keep my own dogs healthy, I think of these pet products

5 Dog Health Products 

They may not be items you would normally think of when selecting a gift for a dog or other pet, but a gift that contributes to a dog's health is always a great choice!


When researching supplements for dogs, I noticed a common theme.  The theme I keep seeing is that a dog who is eating a healthy, well balanced diet probably doesn't need dietary vitamin supplements.  However, many Veterinarians say that supplements falling into the following 3 categories can definitely be beneficial for many dogs.  

Glucosamine and Chondroitin 

Many dogs suffer from joint pain, especially as they age. As dogs age, the natural production of glucosamine in the body slows down and can lead to joint pain.  Chondroitin is a natural substance found in cartilage.  When coupled with glucosamine, it can have a beneficial effect on your dog's joints. Less aches and pains? Yes, please!

According to VCA Hospitals (owned by Mars Petcare),  "Chondroitin sulfate is the major glycosaminoglycan found in cartilage. It promotes water retention and elasticity in the cartilage, helping to ensure adequate shock absorption and adequate nourishment of the tissues that line the joint.  Like glucosamine, with which it is often combined in supplements, chondroitin may also inhibit the production of inflammatory mediators that are destructive to the joint."

According to PETMD, in an article on Dietary Supplements For Pets, "Supplements that are formulated for joint health include the ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin, which have been found to be useful in treating arthritis in both humans and animals."

Health products for dogs, Supplements for dogs, Healthy dogs, Pet Health, What supplements does my dog need?
I wouldn't want joint pain to prevent my Siberian Husky, Icy, from running around like a mad dog in the snow!

With supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin, "Pets with arthritis may experience significant pain reduction, allowing improved mobility in arthritic limbs.  Increased mobility leads to more ability to exercise, thereby improving strength." - VCA Hospitals.  And I would add to that; increased mobility can lead to losing excess weight, which helps ease stress on a dog's joints!  

Maximum joint protection to maintain your pet's mobility.  Cosequin DS Joint Health Supplement in tasty chewable tablets. 

Wouldn't it be great to give a gift that can help a dog you love have healthier joints and stay active?!

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential to pet health and are an important part of a dog's diet. These essential fatty acids are found in various plant and animal sources, and are usually present in good quality pet food in varied amounts.   

Omega 6 fatty acids are required for normal reproduction, growth, immune function, and skin and coat health.   

According to PETMD, Omega 3 fatty acids may help with skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis, and more.

As always, be sure to check with your Veterinarian before adding any supplements to your pet's diet.

I didn't realize that GNC had a line of pet supplements. We've been shopping at GNC stores for our own vitamins and supplements for decades, so I was happy to see that GNC has a supplement for dogs that contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  I haven't tried GNC Omega Essentials yet, but they're definitely something I'd like to try for my dogs! 

I like that their fish oil supplements pictured below are in chewable format instead of tablet/gel capsule form.  A chew is sometimes easier to give pets, especially when they're chicken flavor like these.

GNC Naturals Omega Essentials soft chews contain 230mg of Omega3 and 6 fatty acids. Contains NO wheat, corn or soy,  artificial colors or flavors. 

I discovered Salveo Petcare's OMEGA 3 Wild Fish Oil and Wild Salmon Oil with Omega 3  I started adding these to my dogs' diets.  I love that they are human grade, free of GMO's, and have no artificial preservatives. I add these fish oil supplements directly to their food, which is so easy.  You can find their products on Amazon . (this is NOT an affiliate link)


I had never heard of giving dogs probiotics until just a few years ago.  But when Icy got sick with a really bad stomach upset the Veterinarian gave her antibiotics.  He prescribed a probiotic along with it because he said that antibiotics can upset the balance of the "good"  bacteria in the digestive tract and that a Probiotic would put back the good bacteria that could be compromised by antibiotics.  

Probiotics are living microorganisms similar to the “good” bacteria naturally found in your dog’s digestive tract.  Antibiotics and other drugs can upset the balance of “good” bacteria in your dog’s intestines.  It can also be upset by emotional or physical stress, or eating strange foods or items they're not supposed to eat.

Healthy pets.  Healthy dog,  Dog supplements, Products that can help dogs stay healthy.  Dogs, Cats, Pet health
A Probiotic can help keep the balance of good & bad bacteria in your pet's digestive tract

The digestive tract is the largest immune organ in a dog or cat's body.  A healthy balance of good bacteria is important to help keep their immune system strong and prevent infection and diseases.

According to an article written by Dr. Marty Becker in VetStreet, the three supplements I mention above can be especially beneficial for aging dogs.   "Talk with your veterinarian about what your pet does and doesn’t need, because individual care is important. But in general, here are the three supplements I find myself recommending often to my patients."  In the article Dr. Becker proceeded to discuss the benefits of these supplements; Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega-3 and Omega-6,  Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulfate, and Probiotics.

Before giving any supplements to your dog, have a conversation with your Veterinarian to make sure s/he agrees with starting your dog on the supplement(s) you are considering.  

It goes without saying that any supplements you want to give your dog should be purchased from a reputable company.  If you're purchasing online, make sure you know something about the company and that they are reputable.  


Veterinary bills can be expensive!  Regular Vet exams can be costly, but when an unexpected injury or illness comes up it can be catastrophic.  What if your dog or cat needs expensive Veterinary care to pay for a serious injury or illness, but you can't afford to pay for it?  That's when Pet Insurance can be a lifesaver.  

Not all Pet Insurance is the same.  Some plans require you to use Veterinarians from their list of participating Vets, which may require switching to a new Veterinarian. Many pet parents don't want to do that.

Pet Insurance, Dog Health Insurance.   Dogs, Pets, Pet health, Gifts for dog owners
Pet Insurance can be a great gift - it's the gift of  Peace of Mind

Not all plans cover every injury and illness.  They don't all offer the same coverage either, and many don't cover pre-existing conditions.  PETMD has several informative articles on Pet Insurance.

When Icy was a puppy I won a year's worth of Pet Insurance at a fundraiser.  It wasn't the most exciting prize in the contest but it seemed very useful.  The disappointing thing was that using it would have required me to leave a Veterinarian we loved, which I wasn't willing to do.  Unfortunately, it was pretty much a waste for me because of that one requirement.

A Pet Insurance policy gives a dog owner peace of mind, knowing they could pay for expensive critical Veterinary care if needed!  Just be sure to do some research before you select the company and plan you want to give as a gift to someone.


One of the things I can't do without both at home and when traveling with our dogs is a Pet First Aid Kit.  I have given First Aid Kits as gifts to a few of my friends and it's always a big hit. It's something many pet parents don't buy for themselves until they experience a first aid emergency.  If I had a dollar for every time my dogs have gotten injured or sick and needed the first aid kit, I'd be rich!   

I always tell people about the time we were traveling through New Mexico and my dog Icy cut her paw open on broken glass on her last potty break of the day - at 11pm.  No Veterinarian's were available.  Our first aid kit was a life saver! I used the Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the wound, applied antibiotic ointment, and bandaged her paw to help slow the bleeding and keep it clean.  It was so scary, paw pads bleed a lot more than I expected!

I really like Kurgo, we have used many of their products.  I found this wonderful Pet First Aid Kit online. It has everything you need to administer first aid for your pet.  It's great to have for those just-in-case emergencies at home, or out on adventures with your pet.   Believe me, a comprehensive Pet First Aid Kit is a gift that would be much appreciated by any pet parent. 

Kurgo's stylish and functional 50 piece pet first aid kit folds up to fit into backpacks, glove compartments and more, and includes a guide with instructions on how to assist your pet with most medical emergencies. 


According to PETMD, around 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease.  It's the most common health problem effecting dogs.

Pet oral health is an important part of a dog's overall health.  Dental cleanings can cost hundreds of dollars and more, depending on how many teeth may need to be extracted. The procedure also requires your pet to be put under anesthesia.

Clean dogs teeth & freshen breath with a Toothpaste and Brush Set for dogs 

There are a lot of inexpensive pet oral care products you can use at home to help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy like pet toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as water additives.  Note: you should never use human toothpaste on pets! 

If you find it difficult to brush your dog's teeth like I do, Oratene makes a water additive you can add to their drinking water that helps prevent plaque & tartar buildup.  They also make a Brushless toothpaste for pets!  I know, it's brilliant right?!  I use these Oratene products for my dogs regularly.

Zymox Oratene's Brushless Pet Oral Care products.

A cute gift basket or gift box with a toothpaste & brush set for dogs, or some brushless pet toothpaste, a bottle of pet Brushless Oral Care Water Additive and some dental chews would make a fun gift. As Dr. Seuss said, "Teeth Are Always In Style" !


Let's face it pet medications are expensive!  Whether it's medication for a pet's medical condition like diabetes, or preventative medications like heartworm prevention or flea & tick control, those costs add up.

A great gift for a healthy dog idea would be a gift card to an online Pet Pharmacy like 1800 Pet Meds .  It can really save a dog parent some money.  Find out which pet pharmacy they use and get them a gift certificate!  If you plan to choose an online pharmacy yourself, make sure you research and find one that is reputable! I use Pet Meds myself and have for years and I'm very happy with them.

If they don't use prescription medications for their dog, a PetSmart, Petco, Amazon Pets, or Chewy  Gift Card is always a welcome gift!  They all have a broad selection of non-prescription pharmacy items, and pretty much everything else for pets.


While you're gifting everyone else, Treat Yourself to something fun, you deserve it!  In my RedBubble Store online, you'll find clothing and other items that celebrate the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of dogs.  This beautiful, unique design was created especially for Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them by Brooklyn artist Mendydraws

Dog lover products, Dog lover gifts, backpacks, t shirts, phone cases

Visit my RedBubble Store to find t-shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags, Backpacks,  Phone cases and more with our unique dog designs!

Do you think you would enjoy receiving a gift of Good Health as a gift for your dog?  Which of these products do you think might be the most useful dog health gift for you?  Tell us in the comments!

DISCLAIMERI am not a Veterinarian or Vet Tech, nor do I play one online!  I only share pet health & safety information based on my own research, conversations with my dog's Veterinarian, or experience with my own dog or foster dogs.

Bad Dogs At Christmas




Are your pets on Santa's Naughty or Nice list this year?  Tell us in the comments!


Dog Friendly New England town Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I love quaint New England towns, especially around the holidays.  They always decorate so beautifully, it makes me think of a Charles Dickens story.  Portsmouth, New Hampshire is no exception!  It is a quaint and wonderful New England town, and it's dog friendly!

Dog Friendly Portsmouth New Hampshire is a great New England getaway.  Bring the dogs along for a fun holiday!
With Icy and Phoebe on the water-front in Portsmouth, NH along the Piscataqua River

People are often confused as to what "New England" actually is.  New England doesn't refer to any one state in the U.S., it is actually an area of the Northeastern United States that's comprised of 6 different states; Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  New England is well known for it's historic past, it's quaint old world look and feel, and it's many shipping ports.

Dog friendly New England town, Portsmouth New Hampshire.  Great getaway with the dogs!  Pet travel, Pet friendly, Travel with dogs
The town square, known as Market Square in downtown Portsmouth.  I love all the unique shops and restaurants in this area!

The New England region was one of the first English settlements in America after the Pilgrims arrived in 1620.  These early settlers came first in search of religious freedom, and evolved to have ambitions of independence from the British Crown of England.  

America's Declaration of Independence was eventually signed in 1776 in Pennsylvania, which is not part of New England.  The signers of the Declaration of Independence came from New England states, as well as Pennsylvania and other states.  They all gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the signing.

One of the things I love about New Hampshire is their state motto, celebrating the spirit of freedom:  LIVE FREE OR DIE  You'll see this motto all around New Hampshire on their license plates, on t-shirts, and on merchandise of all kinds.  The full original saying was "Live Free Or Die: Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils" coined by American Revolutionary War General, John Stark.   You can read more about the origin of this motto in a Wikipedia post on Live Free Or Die.

Of course, our favorite part of the trip was finding dog friendly parks and shops to visit!  At first I was getting worried. As we walked through town looking for a park to take the dogs to, we passed a seriously UN-friendly park with No Dogs Allowed signs like every 3 feet!  I thought, Oh great, another town that hates dogs.  I should have had more faith....

Just a little further was a fabulous dog friendly park called Haven Park!  You can even let your dog off leash as long as they remain under "voice control" at all times.  It's a good size park, perfect for a romp with the dog.  It overlooks a lovely lake, too.  There is also a secured dog park on the other side of the road behind a kids playground if you prefer a secure off leash park.

The lake that runs in front of dog friendly Haven Park

Haven Park, a Dog friendly park in Portsmouth New Hampshire.  Dog friendly New England town, Dog friendly parks, dogs allowed
Icy standing near a Statue in dog friendly Haven park

How fitting that this park is located on a street called Pleasant Street.  'Cause it's always so pleasant when you come upon a dog friendly park when visiting a new place, isn't it?!

Even Better than Haven Park though, was our walk across the WWI Memorial Bridge into Kittery, Maine!  In downtown Portsmouth the memorial bridge crosses over right into the state of Maine - how cool is that?  Just a walk across a bridge and you're in the next state.  The best part was that we could bring the dogs with us as we walked across the bridge, so we had to take a side trip to Maine!  

The bridge crossing was a great walk with the dogs.  It was great exercise for all of us and the view was terrific.  To our delight, on the other side was John Paul Jones memorial park, which allows dogs.  It's a small park, but we loved walking around in it and taking photos with the dogs.  The park honors American Revolutionary War Naval Hero, John Paul Jones.   The sculpture depicts John Paul Jones and commemorates the site near where the U.S.S. Ranger was build and launched in 1777.

John Paul Jones memorial in Kittery Maine is in a dog friendly park.  Dogs welcome
A beautiful monument in John Paul Jones park, located just past the bridge on the Maine side of the bridge in Kittery. 

We stopped at the foot of the bridge, on the Maine side, to have some coffee & hot chocolate at a wonderful little cafe called Kate's Bakery & Cafe.  They had some tables in the back overlooking the Piscataqua river, which was perfect for us and the dogs.  We really enjoyed our little journey into Maine!

Phoebe posing on the flip side of the memorial in John Paul Jones Memorial Park, Kittery, Maine.  This crest depicts Maine's Coat of Arms. The arms shows a Shield, Pine Tree, and a Moose-Deer at the foot of it.

OK, ready for New England quaintness overload?   The streets of Portsmouth have lots of brick and cobblestone walkways that run past unique and wonderful shops and restaurants.  I loved popping in and out of all the wonderful shops - I love to shop for unique items!

Portsmouth New Hampshire is a quaint New England town that is very dog friendly.  Several Dog friendly shops allow dogs inside.  Haven Park is a dog friendly park on Pleasant St.
I loved exploring all the unique little shops around Portsmouth

Every shop has beautiful holiday decorations both inside and out.  Window boxes, flower pots, and urns are filled with holiday greenery and/or lights.  It's so festive!!

Lovely Holiday decorations at quaint shops in Portsmouth New Hampshire

I had to photograph a couple of these store decorations, they were just so pretty.  There are lots of white birch trees in that area and many people incorporated birch tree branches in their decorating.  It looks gorgeous.

Shops in Portsmouth, NH decorate beautifully for the holidays

There are a lot of great places to eat around downtown Portsmouth.  We loved breakfast at the hip, funky eatery, The Friendly Toast.   It's such a cool place & the food was great.

The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth New Hampshire is a funky, hip restaurant w/ great food!
The Friendly Toast, a hip funky restaurant in downtown Portsmouth, NH

For a more traditional looking restaurant we loved the British Beer Company.  It has a wonderful traditional look and feel and great food!  I had a delicious Beef Wellington, one of my faves.

The British Beer Company is a traditional restaurant & pub with great food!  Try the Beef Wellington, delish!
The British Beer Company restaurant in Portsmouth, NH

In the center of any quaint New England town there must be a church with a beautiful tall steeple!  North Church is a historic church located in Market Square in downtown Portsmouth.

Beautiful, historic North Church in Portsmouth New Hampshire.  Quaint New England town
The holiday tree in Market Square, Portsmouth NH.  You can see North Church in the background.

Below is North Church lit up.  It's really beautiful, especially at night.  We were disappointed we couldn't see the inside, the doors were locked at the time.

North Church, lit up at night in downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire, New England USA

With or without pets, and in any season, Portsmouth New Hampshire is a great getaway!  We really had fun and will definitely go back again and again.

If you enjoyed this post, you'll probably enjoy this one too: Looking For Pet Friendly Vacation Spots?

Have you ever been to Portsmouth NH?  Tell us about it in the comments, you know how much we LOVE hearing from you!


Want to get away for the holidays?  We always love getting away right before Christmas, before all the holiday parties start and the house guests arrive.  Even if it's just a simple long weekend, it helps us recharge and get ready for the crowds and chaos that typically starts by the 15th of December.  It also gives us some fun alone time with our dogs!

Here are a few of my favorite pet friendly getaways for the holidays.

Historic, Educational, and Fun Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

During the American Revolution, which lasted the from 1775 - 1783, ordinary citizens living in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia helped shaped our history.  At the heart of Colonial Williamsburg is the area known as The Revolutionary City, a historic and educational re-creation of life in Colonial Williamsburg during that volatile time in our history.  

Phoebe and I explored the Revolutionary City, a historic re-creation of life in Colonial Williamsburg during the American Revolution.

Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite holiday destinations in the Northeast.  History comes alive in a fun way in the Revolutionary City!

Christmas in this historic place is a beautiful sight.  The decorations are gorgeous, most of which have a traditional and natural theme.  One of the unique holiday decorations they are most known for are the beautiful, festive wreaths.  These handcrafted wreaths often feature shells, dried native plants, and fruits such as pineapple, apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks and dried quinces.  I'm getting hungry writing this!  

These ingredients may not sound spectacular when fashioned into a holiday wreath, but I can assure you these wreaths are a sight to behold!  The artisans that create them are so talented and resourceful. Every wreath is totally unique.  You can even buy one as you stroll through the city's re-creation of late 1700's life.

Colonial Williamsburg was named Best Town in America for Christmas Celebrations by Architectural Digest!

The Revolutionary City looks and feels so authentic.  American “Colonists” not only dress in period costume, they wander the town in full character, re-enacting scenes of daily life during the period of America's Revolution.  You may see someone standing on a wooden crate in the middle of the city, pontificating about the issues of the day.  They will often engage with tourists in 1700’s conversation as well!  

One gentlemen approached us, eyeing our Siberian Husky, Icy, curiously. That’s a fine looking animal you have there, sir!” and proceeded to make us an offer to purchase her for 100 quid!  We had some really fun banter with him, explaining that our precious FurKid was NOT for sale, not even for a million quid!  

When I visit historic towns, one of my favorite things to do is take guided tours.  Colonial Williamsburg has quite a few tours, one of them being a Tavern Ghost Walk.  The last time we were there, a small group of us met late in the evening for a guided Ghost Walk tour.  We gathered in front of a historic tavern to begin the tour.  Our guide fascinated us with bizarre ghost stories, where people have sworn they’ve seen and heard ghosts that still haunt the old buildings.  It turns out the historic Revolutionary City, with many of it’s original buildings still in tact, has quite a haunted past!  

Icy got chummy with this statue of a 1770's Colonial Williamsburg man!

It was wonderfully eerie as we walked thru the dark streets of the Revolutionary City by candlelight, while our guide recounted fascinating ghost stories. I highly recommend going on a Ghost Walk!  

If you're not up for ghost hunting by candlelight, there is lots more to do within the Revolutionary City.  There are guided historic walks, decoration walks, and workshops you can attend.  You can take an enchanting carriage ride through the City as well.  There are several historic taverns to dine in and a cheese shop we loved! 

It's a great trip.  It's historic, educational, and FUN!  There are a couple of pet friendly hotels within the Revolutionary City.  Dogs can stroll around the city with you and grab a bite to eat at the cheese shop - their outdoor patio is dog friendly.  Dogs are not allowed inside most of the places especially since most are historic.

Christmas In New York City Is Spectacular!

What can I say about New York City during the holidays?!  It is truly spectacular, pretty much everywhere you go in the city.  

The most popular sites are the amazing holiday window decorations at Macy's, Sak's, Lord & Taylor, and other famous retailers.  And of course THE Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.  The massive tree with ice skaters and the festively decorated plaza surrounding it is a sight to behold.  There's a reason why the sights of NYC at Christmas time appears so frequently in movies and TV shows!

The most popular things to do in the city during the holidays are gazing at all the decorations of course, seeing the Rockettes, attending a Broadway show, and visiting  Central Park (but NOT after dark, please! It's not safe)  Take a photo with your dog at the famous Balto statue in Central Park.

Believe it or not, New York City is very dog friendly!  You wouldn't think so with all the crowds, traffic and expensive stores, but NYC actually loves dogs.  They can't accompany you to a Broadway show, but there are lots of pet friendly hotels and stores all around the city.  And Central Park is like a giant amusement park for dogs!  Don't be afraid to take your pet along with you on a holiday trip to New York City, just be careful of massive holiday crowds, like in Rockefeller Center.  Bring along a stroller for smaller dogs or carry your dog in these areas.  Be mindful of your dog's tolerance for crowds and decide whether to even bring the dog along or not! 

Santa Loves The Southwest too, Especially Sedona, Arizona!

I say this a lot and it's true, Arizona is the most dog friendly place I've ever been to!  We lived in Phoenix for nearly 10 years and during that time we visited Sedona often.  They don't do it up too much for the holidays, their decorating is a lot more subtle than New York City or Phoenix.  Sedona, in the Northern part of Arizona, is all about the natural beauty of their stunning red rock region, and they don't like anything to take away from that.

Icy on one of the many beautiful dog friendly hiking trails in Sedona, AZ

It's still a wonderful place to visit during the holidays.  It doesn't get swamped with people and there isn't any "hype".   The weather is great in December, you can hike endlessly on hundreds of miles of dog friendly hiking trails and stop for lunch at an outdoor dog friendly cafe!  You can take a Jeep tour or rent a Jeep yourself and go exploring in the desert.  Some of the Jeep companies will allow your dog to accompany you!

You can get some holiday shopping done too, finding lots of unique gift items to bring home.  I absolutely love the little candle shop in town, where they craft beautiful unique candles, many in elaborate shapes and styles.  

There are a lot of terrific art galleries in Sedona as well.  The Tlaquepaque (pronounced Ta-Lok-A-Pok) arts & crafts village has lots of unique specialty shops and a few art galleries.  It's a dog friendly village with several outdoor places to eat that welcome dogs on the patio. Dog friendly Sedona is one of my favorite places to be!

From the slopes to the seaport, New Hampshire is a Winter Wonderland

We love New England, and New Hampshire is one of the prettiest places to visit pretty much any time of the year.  There are so many quaint little towns all up and down the New England coastline, most are decorated beautifully for the holidays.  

Dog friendly hiking trail in the Waterville Valley ski resort area, New Hampshire

There are quite a few places to ski or snowboard in New Hampshire, mainly in the White Mountain region.  You can stroll through quaint villages with your dog or hike along many dog friendly trails.  

We loved the dog friendly cross country ski trail in the Waterville Valley ski resort.

Well, there you have it, some of my favorite places to spend time with our dogs at Christmas time!  I hope you enjoyed reading about these dog friendly places.

Check out our Travel With Dogs page for more fabulous Dog Friendly Destinations Icy and Phoebe recommend.  I've included some tips for road trips with dogs and air travel with pets as well.

Do you like to take a little downtime for yourself and your pets during the holidays?  Tell us about it in the comments, we Love hearing from you!



Not sure what to get the pets for the holidays this year?  If you're anything like me, you probably end up with a bag full of irresistibly adorable dog toys and maybe a giant chew stick, but not much else.  When it comes to the humans on my Christmas gift list I put a lot of thought and planning into it.  For my dogs, not so much. I tend to impulse buy cute items, going overboard and over budget!

This Christmas, I'm going to follow the 4 Gifts Rule to buy gifts for Icy and Phoebe.  The 4 Gifts Rule was created to help parents select great holiday gifts for their children without breaking the bank.

Here's how the 4 Gifts rule works. When thinking about what presents to buy you select 4 gifts, broken into the following categories: SOMETHING THEY WANT, SOMETHING THEY NEED, SOMETHING TO WEAR, and SOMETHING TO READ (OR EAT).

I'm joining several of my fellow bloggers for the 4 Gifts For Pets blog hop and GIVEAWAY!!  


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The 4 Gifts Rule made it easy to choose the 4 gifts I put on Icy and Phoebe's Holiday Wish List.  Note: PetSmart images contain Affiliate Links as noted, which may earn me a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Icy and Phoebe's 4 Gifts For Pets Holiday Wish List!
The CLEVERPET HUB, the world's first game console for dogs!

The CleverPet Hub gaming console for dogs.
The CleverPet Hub has games designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists to provide hours of mental stimulation for dogs.  Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise!  I won't have to feel guilty when I leave them home, or if it rains for days. They'll stay busy and challenged.

A Fleece Sweater for Phoebe and a new Backpack for Icy!
Phoebe gets cold in the Winter, so she needs something that will keep her toasty warm.  She has a fleece sweater but it's getting a bit ratty!  This adorable fleece vest in a classic red plaid print will be perfect for her.

Icy is rugged and athletic.  She loves going on long hikes with us but her backpack has seen more than it's share of trails.  It's pretty worn, and it's time for a new one!   A new backpack like this one is definitely on our list for Icy!


Matching holiday Dog Pajamas for Icy and Phoebe!
I got Phoebe a pair of human pajamas a few years ago, but they didn't work out very well. This year I decided to get Icy and Phoebe matching holiday themed pajamas made specifically for dogs.  They look so adorable in their holiday pj's, I'm thinking they'll be great for our holiday photo shoot!  I got these cute Fa La La Red Plaid Dog Pajamas at Target.

🎄 SOMETHING TO EAT (they're really not that into books so I chose EAT over READ!)

Box of Assorted Holiday themed dog treats!
I bake holiday cookies for us, but I often don't have extra time to make homemade dog treats.  This year I'm giving the dogs their own delicious specialty holiday treats too!

It's sure to be a Merry Christmas For Icy and Phoebe with these gifts under our tree!!

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