My Owly Seasonal Greeting

I love making simple seasonal and holiday crafts this time of year.  Here's my Fall Owly wreath, which cost a whopping 14 bucks to make!

I made this simple Fall Owl wreath for around $14

I LOVE owls!  This one had such a pretty Fall coloring, I had to build my wreath around him!

I love owls!  This one was so pretty I had to put him in my Fall wreath

Are we gonna eat this yummy looking owl for Thanksgiving, mama?

No Smartypants, we're having Turkey on Thanksgiving like always!

Super Simple & Not Expensive!  I bought a plain grapevine wreath at the craft store and chose this rust colored owl as the focal point of my wreath.  I wired the owl onto the wreath and then added a few other items from the craft store sale bins, wiring them around the wreath using floral wiring.  I included a couple of  pine cones from my yard and it was done!  I love all the Fall color this wreath gives my door. 

So what are you having for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow; Owl or Turkey??  Leave us a comment!  Inquiring canine minds want to know.


Calling All Dog Fashionistas!

New stores open up in our town all the time, but this one's gone to the dogs, literally!  I was overjoyed when a new store opened up just for dogs, a luxury dog store no less!  I had seen the black bone-shaped "FETCH" sign go up a few months ago.  I could tell it was going to be something special and when they finally opened their doors, I was not disappointed! 

FETCH is a fabulous new luxury dog store that recently opened in Huntington, NY.
The first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the store was this beautiful flocked, dog silhouette wall paper along the back wall.  If you look closely, you can tell there's a hidden door along this wall - can you spot it?

Phoebe dances for a treat  from one of the owners.  She's wearing the beautiful pink sweater & black rhinestone collar I bought her there.

FETCH has a ton of dog apparel, even beautiful handmade XXL sized dog sweaters!

Look at all this great stuff!  Can I pick out a toy Ma?
Phoebe loves to shop for clothes and toys, so she was in her glory!
I bought this gorgeous Hartman & Rose luxury dog collar for Isis' 6th birthday last month.  I love the gold color against her fur!  We didn't have a birthday celebration for her because my husband was traveling but we'll have a belated celebration soon.

Hartman & Rose Italian leather collar.

The buckle on the Hartman & Rose collar is stylish and very sturdy.
No great dog store would be complete without a large assortment of goodies, including a bone shaped doggie birthday cake!
 And for the humans, I found these adorable slippers to show off my love of dogs. 

The best part about these paw print slippers it's what's written on the heel....
On the heel of the slippers it says "I Sleep With Dogs"  Can anyone out there relate??  Um... YES!  Add these to my Christmas List - CHECK!

I'm in Heaven, I don't wanna leave this place!  *SWOON*
NOTE: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post, I am only sharing our experience shopping in a fun new store.

Are there any luxury pet stores where you live?  What specialty purchases have you made for your pet?

Black & White Sunday; Siberian Husky Zoomies

It's Black & White Sunday and I'm sharing photos of my high energy Husky!

It's the Black & White Sunday blog hop!
I jumped up on this tree stump in the forest during our walk to get a better view!

I grabbed my Husky and took her for a one hour walk this morning.  Afterwards, I was exhausted but she was just getting started!

Huskies are Super high energy dogs!
I've got the Zoomies!

High energy Husky!
What can I say, I'm a HUSKY!!  No use trying to tire me out, it won't work!

When does your dog get the zoomies? 


Remembering Our Veterans With Deepest Gratitude

I spent today visiting my Dad's grave and reflecting on all those who have served in the U.S. military.  My Dad was a WWII Marine who received the Purple Heart after the battle at Tarawa in the Pacific in 1943, just days before his birthday.  

Happy Veteran's Day, with deepest gratitude to our military

I am filled with gratitude for all those who are currently serving and who have served in the U.S. military to keep us safe and protect our freedom.

Happy Veteran's Day.  Praying for peace on earth and grateful for our military.



Fall Is Still Flea & Tick Season

I've learned that Fall is still flea and tick season.  In fact, it can be prime season for fleas and ticks!  Although we use flea and tick preventative all year long as a precaution, I didn't really believe it was all that necessary.  How could there still be fleas and ticks when Summer is long gone and the nights are so chilly?  But then something happened that really drove it home for me.

Fall is still flea & tick season!
Enjoying the lovely Fall foliage around the lake

Catching Fire! Fall Beauty


Catching the fire of Fall on a hike with my dogs at West Hills park, Huntington NY

Capturing the beauty of Fall on a hike with my dog at Belmont Lake State Park, NY

Fall foliage at Belmont Lake State Park, NY

The beauty of Fall doesn't last forever, it's fleeting!


Have you taken the time to Catch The Fire of Fall?  Leave us a comment and share, we always love hearing from you!

Give The Gift of Healthy Dog Treats #NaturalBalance

I always get really excited after Halloween because I know it means the holidays are right around the corner!  The holidays are such a fun time.  I love to decorate the house inside and out, shop for just the right Christmas trees; one inside and one on the front porch, visit family and friends, and do all the fun holiday activities around town.  One of the things I really enjoy is making homemade holiday treats for my family and friends.

A homemade treat jar filled with Natural Balance dog treats makes a great DIY gift!  Handmade by you with LOVE for a special dog
This post is sponsored by Natural Balance, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word the word about Natural Balance Treats, but Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance is not responsible for the content of this article.

A hand crafted treat jar is the perfect gift for dog loving friends and family members, it shows you care about them and their precious pooch!  It's a truly personal gift, hand crafted by you specifically with their dog in mind.  You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen baking homemade dog treats, you can create a DIY (Do It Yourself) treat jar filled with healthy dog treats from Natural Balance® Pet Foods!  Natural Balance has a wide selection of healthy treats for dogs you can fill your treat jar with. 

My treat jar was easy to make.  A trip to the craft store and some delicious Natural Balance treats was all I needed for this project.

The yummy Natural Balance dog treats and supplies for my DIY dog treat jar. Fill with treats for dogs, cats, or any pet!

I chose a plastic container with a tight seal on the lid, it's not breakable and it will keep the treats fresh.  I decorated my jar with holiday and pet related embellishments.  I use a lot of stick-on embellishments in my DIY projects, they make things much easier and there's no need for messy glue guns!  I love bling and I wanted a rhinestone bone or paw on the jar.  I bought strips of rhinestones but I have to admit, they were not easy to cut!  That's why my bone isn't exactly perfect.  But that's what makes it personal right!?  Perfection is not the goal, I just wanted it to be thoughtful and heartfelt. 

My Natural Balance DIY dog treat jar in progress.  A hand made treat jar filled with healthy dog treats for the dogs and dog lovers on your holiday list!
I decorated the back of my DIY treat jar with colorful stars and black paw prints
A treat jar hand crafted with love and filled with healthy Natural Balance dog treats you've selected for their dog's unique personality will make anyone feel special.  It will look great in their home and make their dog drool with anticipation of tasty rewards!

My dogs were so excited about all the yummy Natural Balance dog treats we got! We filled our DIY dog treat jar with these healthy dog snacks!
Icy and Phoebe were so excited about the yummy Natural Balance treats we got for my DIY treat jar.  I hate to break it to them that the treat jar is a gift for our neighbor's dog!


> Natural Balance Treats are made with premium-quality proteins and don't contain any artificial ingredients or colors. 

> I love that Natural Balance offers a wide variety of treats that come in different sizes, types of treats, and flavors. 

> Natural Balance treats were created by expert nutritionists.  They're available in grain free as well as limited ingredient and low calorie treats.

These are the delicious, healthy Natural Balance dog treats I filled my treat jar with:

Grain free Natural Balance Dental Chews
Dental Chews, Fresh & Clean Formula - These grain free treats are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog’s natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums, helps reduce tarter and help freshen your dog’s breath.

Natural Balance Belly Bites dog treats are grain free, semi moist treats
Belly Bites - Delicious grain free semi moist treats, Chicken & Legume formula.

Natural Balance Burger Bites look just like grilled burgers!

Burger Bites - Gourmet treats that look just like burgers! I used the lamb formula.  Delish!

Natural Balance Mini Rewards dog treats have only 5 calories each!
Mini Rewards - These delicious treats are small and have only 5 calories!  My dogs love the duck flavor.  I like treats this size, they're great for rewarding and motivating my dogs during training sessions without adding too many calories.

My dog raiding the dog treat jar I made for a friend's dog!  She couldn't resist!
Oh No!!  It looks like someone's raided the treat jar I made for our neighbor's dog, Cooper.  Oh well, I guess I'll need to make another treat jar!

Natural Balance also offers L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treat® varieties for cats and dogs with food sensitivities.  These treats are designed with just one protein and limited carbohydrate sources.

We all love our pets and want them to have the best pet treats available. Give the gift of nutritious dog or cat treats from Natural Balance!

Natural Balance proudly stands behind their products, they're even backed by their Feed with Confidence guarantee!

To find stores and online retailers that carry Natural Balance natural pet food and treats click Here

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Halloween Aftermath!

Halloween is over, did this happen to you?? 

Someone shared this photo  w/ me years ago but I don't know where it came from.  I wish I could give credit to the creative source of this hilarious photo!

You ate too many treats didn't you?! 

Oh well, take some antacid and call it a day.  Hope you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Next year I want to be the princess!

How did you spend Halloween?  Leave us a comment and share!