Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? I do! It's so much fun to dress them in Halloween costumes for dogs or simple homemade dog Halloween costumes you create yourself. Not every dog likes to get dressed up for Halloween, and each dog has a different tolerance for wearing costumes, or wearing any clothes for that matter. 

It's important to know your dog's comfort level for wearing clothing or costumes and consider that when coming up with Dog Halloween costume ideas.


My dogs Icy and Phoebe are very different in terms of their comfort level for wearing pet clothing or pet costumes. My Siberian Husky Icy, really doesn't like to wear clothes or costumes at all. She rarely stays still long enough for me to take some photos, and there better be some high value treats involved!

Phoebe is my Little Mermaid in my elaborate Mermaid Under The Sea vingnette

Phoebe on the other hand, will wear anything I ask her to. In fact, she loves when I put clothes or costumes on her! I think she is mostly responding to all the adoring attention and yummy treats she gets when she looks adorable in a super cute outfit or costume.

Some dogs get really stressed out when you try to put any kind of clothing or costumes on them. If your dog gets super stressed when the pet garments come out, you may want to opt for simple accessories that clearly show the idea of a costume or theme, but are easy to utilize.

Accessories like colorful holiday themed collars and leashes, holiday themed bandanas and scarfs or bow ties are also a great choice. Some bandanas are actually worn on the dog's collar. Collars fit right through an opening on the bandana, similar to how a curtain rod slides through a curtain. 

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Simple Halloween bandanas that most dogs will wear

Icy and Phoebe look festive in their Halloween bandanas. For great Halloween photos of the dogs I got a spooky background and placed a single skull head prop next to them - instant simple Halloween photo session!

I also have these cute matching Halloween neck scarves for my dogs. The scarf has an elastic band that makes it more comfortable to wear. It's a simple accessory that clearly says Halloween.

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Simple elastic scarf accessories that are easy for dogs to wear 

If your dog doesn't like to wear clothing or costumes but is willing to wear simpler costumes, try a head piece, a cape, or a "rider" costume. These are adorable but minimally intrusive to dogs.  Icy's Headless Horseman costume and Phoebe's Devil costume are perfect examples.

Icy's Headless Horseman rider Halloween costume is one of my favorites! When she runs with her Headless Horseman costume on it's a Riot! The costume fits easily and comfortably on her back, kind of like a dog backpack.

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Icy wearing her Headless Horseman rider costume 

Phoebe, my sweet little Devil is so cute wearing her devil horns, a red sparkly bow tie, and a devil tail. The red sparkle pitchfork and distressed tiny pumpkin lend a fun touch.  Simple wearable accessories plus a few props make an adorable Halloween costume.

Phoebe, my adorable little Devil!

If your dog is up for a full on pet Halloween costume, go for it!  If you decide to have your dog wear a full costume, here are some safety tips for Dog Halloween Costumes to keep in mind as you plan for Halloween fun with your dog.

🐾 Inspect dog costumes to ensure there are no pieces or parts of the costume that can be easily ripped or chewed off, possibly posing a choking hazard.

🐾 Dog costumes or costume accessories should not limit the dog's eyesight or their ability to move freely while wearing costumes. 

🐾 Costumes that cover a dog's head or eyes can inhibit a dog's ability to see what's around them. It could even limit their breathing, especially if the dog is a brachycephalic dog breed like Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs.

My DIY cardboard Disney Frozen castle with Phoebe as Elsa and Icy as Olaf

I had spent so much time making this DIY Disney's Frozen castle, I was pretty proud of it! It took me hours to make the castle, and I had purchased adorable Elsa and Olaf costumes for Phoebe and Icy to wear. But as cute as Icy's Olaf costume was, she didn't like wearing it at all. The Olaf costume wasn't comfortable for her and it's giant head impaired her ability to move and see freely.  So I snapped some photos, showing off their costumes and my DIY castle and then threw poor Olaf in the trash. 

Phoebe loved wearing her Elsa costume, so I kept that one. I should have dressed Icy as Anna instead of Elsa's faithful friend Olaf! Poor Olaf.

🐾 Be sure to let your dog try on Dog Costumes in advance of any Halloween parties, visits to pet store dog Halloween events, or greeting Halloween trick or treaters at your door. Don't wait 'til the last minute to make sure the costume fits your dog properly, and that he can move comfortably and safely in it.

🐾 Measure your dog to make sure her costume is the right size and can be adjusted for optimal fit.

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Dogs can be frightened by scary Halloween decor and costumes

Halloween is a fun holiday that's scary and spooky. We know that, and we expect scary decorations in the neighborhood and in stores. We also get a kick out of seeing neighborhood kids in elaborate, scary costumes. But our dogs don't understand the concept of All Hallows Eve and can be frightened by these Fright Night sights. The Humane Society points out that even our Halloween costumes might be scary to our own pets! Be aware of that and slowly introduce your dog or puppy to spirited Halloween decor and costumes, including your own.

Visit Spirited Colonial Williamsburg this Halloween

Are you dressing your pets up for Halloween this year?  Tell us about it in the comments!