Dog food has come a long way in the last few decades. Pet Parents are dedicated to feeding their dogs the best dog food they can afford. Many dog owners even cook for their dogs to ensure they are feeding their dogs the highest quality, safest food. I'm a big believer in feeding my dogs high quality, safe food. I read dog food labels incessantly! I was recently given a new dog food that I just love! Caru Pet Food, human grade stew for dogs is a stew made for dogs that contains a balanced blend of meat, poultry, fish, healthy Omega fatty acids, Marine Microalgae oil rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. They don't just cater to dogs, they make this healthy food for cats too!

As many of you know, my senior Husky dog Icy has become an increasingly picky eater and has lost a lot of weight. After a full exam, blood work and X-rays, our Veterinarian thinks it's largely because of her advanced age, she's 14 and a half, and the fact that she has arthritis and is often uncomfortable and sometimes lethargic. She also had a minor infection that probably contributed to her feeling ill and not eating as much. It's a sad part of dogs aging process.

CARU Stew For Dogs

Getting Icy to eat was becoming such a challenge! She no longer eats many of the foods she once devoured. We are learning what she will and will not eat. One of the changes in preference for her is that she doesn't go for the large chucks of chicken or beef that she used to love. She prefers food that is a bit softer and easier to chew and digest. When she tried Caru's stew for dogs she Loved it!  

The dog stew food comes in 12 ounce cartons versus cans, kind of like a really small milk carton. Caru sent me both the beef and pork stew recipes. I thought Icy would like the beef but I honestly didn't think she would like the pork, but she loved both! I'll definitely get the chicken and turkey flavors too.

I was given complementary samples of Caru Pet stew for dogs to try so that I can share with my readers.

Caru pet food, human grade stew for dogs
CARU human grade dog food

I'm really glad that this human grade dog food has so many healthy ingredients and none of the scary ingredients I don't even know how to pronounce! I was also super happy that the Caru Stew for dogs can function as both a complete meal, as well as a topper.  I tried it as a topper first and Icy went for it right away. I have since started using it as a complete meal, because it's so healthy and she will eat it with gusto. I'm hoping this might help her put back some of the 7 or 8 pounds she's lost in the last 4 months.

Caru stew for dogs is responsibly sourced with traceable ingredients. It's prepared in small batches with; 

🐾 No grain, wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products

🐾 No GMOs, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives



Ingredients list for Caru stew for dogs
Caru stew for dogs ingredients


Dog food and Cat food are always changing. New and improved products to meet the demand of discerning pet parents are being made all the time. I'm always on the lookout for better healthy dog food. I'm really happy to have found Caru, and I am thrilled that Icy loves it!

Where To Buy Caru Stew For Dogs

You can find Caru pet food online at Chewy, Amazon, and Petco. I had some trouble finding it at Petco stores. It is available in some stores, and they have a store locator on their web site, but I couldn't find any pet stores near me that had it so I have to order online.

Visit Caru Pet Food's web site to learn more.

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There are a number of reasons why microchipping dogs is a critical pet safety measure for dog parents. In fact, it's probably one of the smartest dog safety tips for dog owners, and cat owners too!  June is National Microchipping Month for pet owners.  It's a month in which to raise awareness of the importance of microchipping your pets, particularly dogs and cats.

Importance of Microchipping Pets

> A microchip permanently establishes you as the owner of your dog, and links you together for the life of your pet. Virtually all Veterinary offices and Animal shelters have microchip scanners that enable them to scan a dog or cat to see if a chip is present. In dogs and cats the microchip is usually placed, just beneath the skin, between the shoulder blades. Microchips are internationally recognized, so even if you travel abroad with your dog, their microchip can still be effective.

> Collars and tags are great, your dog should always wear them. However, collars can easily come off your pet. Collars can break off, a terrified dog can wriggle out of almost any collar or harness and run off. A well meaning citizen, or a not so well meaning citizen, can inadvertently remove a dog's collar - removing that means of identification and link to you. Unlike collars, a microchip is permanently attached to your dog.  In the U.S. it is illegal for anyone other than an owner to remove a pet's microchip.

> Once a microchip is installed, there is no further maintenance required. It's a one and done simple procedure that links you and your dog together for the life of your dog.

Microchipping dogs is a critical dog safety measure
Microchipping dogs & cats is critical for pet safety 

I can't overstate the importance of microchipping your dog or cat. As an 8 year animal shelter volunteer, I have seen the heartbreak of pet owners searching frantically for their lost dog or cat.  

They walk, teary eyed, up and down the rows of shelter pets desperately seeking their beloved dog or cat.  When they've searched every kennel, the anguish of not finding their pet is evident.  I have seen this look far too many times and it breaks my heart.  

I always asked them the critical question, already fearing the answer.  Is your dog microchipped?  No, they say, my dog isn't microchipped. I know then how drastically the odds of finding their pet plummets. 

But I offer as much encouraging information and advice as I can. I tell them that the shelter nearest their location might not be the one their dog was taken to. A pet is usually taken to the shelter that has the most room for them at that moment. Sometimes they are brought to a shelter that is many miles away.

I tell them to post large, full color posters throughout the neighborhood and ask to post them on windows of nearby stores. I tell them to go online and post their lost pet. If they have security cameras, like Ring cameras, there may be community groups in their area they can post lost dog or cat messages on. 

I offer whatever advice I can, knowing that if they had microchipped their dog or cat the odds of being reunited with their lost or stolen pet would be much, much higher.  


I'm excited to share the Pet Photo Necklaces and Keychains in my Etsy store! Just send in a photo of your pet and it will be transformed into a beautiful necklace or keychain with your pet's name and face engraved on the front. You can add a special engraved message to the back as well. 

Personalized Pet Photo Necklace, Pet Photo Keychain
Personalized Pet Necklaces and Keychains
created from your pet's photo!

These pieces are a great celebration of your pet and the love you share. They're also a thoughtful pet memorial gift for someone who has lost a beloved pet.


Even if a dog is stolen, one day a Veterinarian or authority just might scan the dog for a microchip. People who steal dogs often commit other crimes. The authorities and animal shelters know that. If dogs or cats are present at a criminal's home they are usually confiscated.  Every animal that lands in an animal shelter is scanned for a microchip - it's one of the first things they do upon intake!

So please, if you have a dog or cat and haven't microchipped them, consider it now.  Microchipping pets truly is a life saver.

Be well, keep your dogs, cats, and other pets safe!

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