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Jumpin' Logs!

That was FUN!!  I jumped these logs on our way out of beautiful Gardiner's Park and Beach, where we had an Excellent Beach Adventure!


Fight Breed Discrimination, Not Dogs

I get so tired of people discriminating against what they know as "Pit Bull" dogs.  In my time as an animal shelter volunteer I came across so many loving Pit Bulls.  It broke my heart when people would pass over a dog if their Kennel Card said "Pit Bull/Mix" simply because they were afraid of that name, Pit Bull.

I learned a lot through my years of volunteering.  One of the things I learned was that the term "Pit Bull" actually refers to several breeds, there isn't any one specific breed that was created and called "Pit Bull".   That designation is given to dogs of various breeds or mix of breeds including:

> American Pit Bull Terrier
> American Stafforshire Terrier
> English Bull Terrier
> Staffordshire Bull Terrier

There is some debate about exactly which breeds comprise the designation of Pit Bull. It seems to me that virtually any dog with a square looking head and muscular body is assumed to be a Pit Bull!  

Awhile back, I won a terrific book about Pit Bulls on Alison Reder's blog, Sarcastic Dog. The book is called PIT BULL, by Bronwen Dickey.  As I started reading it, the book opened with a heart-wrenching story, one I remember all too well.  I wish I didn't, but it was all over the news in 2003 and I can't forget it.

Pit Bulls have unjustly been given a bad rap, there are so many loving Pit Bulls. The book Pit Bull busts many myths about these dogs.  #pitbull
In her book PIT BULL, Bronwen Dickey delves into how a once beloved dog became Public Enemy #1
On the way home from a vacation, a family stopped for gas in Tennessee; a Father, Mother, Son and two dogs.  The father mistakenly left his wallet on the roof of the car, money flying out of it as they drove away.  Someone called 911 and somewhere along the line police got the impression that a robbery had occurred.  Their car was pulled over by police and the entire family forced to get on the ground.  They told police they had dogs in the car and begged them not to open the doors or they would run out.  The ending of this messed up incident resulted in their beautiful, friendly "Pit Bull/Boxer" mix family dog, Patton, being shot to death by police!  The Officer cited that the dog "looked like a Pit Bull"  and that he "felt threatened".  The entire family was devastated by this senseless tragedy.

Bronwen shares a lot of history and information about Pit Bull type dogs.  She also does a lot of myth busting about Pit Bulls.  She shares that prior to the 1970's, these dogs were a much loved and admired breed. There were many famous and beloved Pit Bulls in movies and television.  Anyone remember Petey from the Little Rascals?  Did you know that Helen Keller and Teddy Roosevelt both had Pit Bulls?  Then there was Pal the Wonder Dog, a Pit Bull who appeared in over 200 movies!  Pit Bulls were even used in posters for the U.S. military!

Fabulous "Fight Abuse Not Dogs" sweatshirt from New York Bully Crew.  #dogs #pitbulls
Fabulous hoodie with a great message.   Purchased from New York Bully Crew PitBull Dog Rescue 

Pit Bulls started being used in dog fighting, which gained popularity in the '70's and 80's in the U.S.. Bad breeding and abusive treatment of these fighting dogs helped to cast them as blood thirsty killers, and they were soon demonized by the media.  America's love affair with these majestic dogs had officially ended.  Here we are decades later, still trying to reverse the negative stigma on Pit Bull type dogs, a stigma that is not at all deserved.

New York Bullly Crew, a Pit Bull Dog Rescue working to change the negative perception of Pit Bulls #pitbull #dog
New York Bully Crew, a Pit Bull Dog Rescue working to change the negative perception

So many people have come to fear all Pit Bull type dogs.  It breaks my heart when I hear about cities that have chosen to ban Pit Bull type dogs, and euthanize them in shelters just to appease a terrified public.

In my time volunteering at the shelter I met so many wonderful, loving, Pit Bull type dogs that I came to love and defend these dogs. 

One of my most heartbreaking days as an Adoption Counselor was when a family came in to adopt a dog.  They saw a beautiful black dog that looked just like a Labrador Retriever.  The family interacted with him and was just crazy about him.  I was overjoyed that this beautiful, sweet dog was getting adopted .... until the mother noticed the words "Pit Bull Mix" on the kennel card.  "I thought he was a Lab!" she exclaimed.  

I explained as best I could about the nose to tail point system the shelter used to estimate what a dog's breed was.  I told her he was a great dog that could be a mix of anything, including Labrador Retriever.  But because she saw those fateful words, Pit. Bull. Mix. she became fearful. She said she was worried for her children and decided Not to adopt him.  Despite protests from the kids, the family left the shelter without him.  I nearly cried as I stood by this beautiful, sweet dog's cage.  If only the Kennel Card had said "Lab Mix" he would have been on his way to a loving new home with kids to play with in a yard of his own.


Pit Bull dogs, Fight dog breed discrimination, Ban on Pit Bulls, Pit Bull Discrimination
Fight Dog Breed Discrimination, Not Dogs

It makes me angry that these wonderful dogs have such a stigma.  It makes me angry that many shelters simply label SO many dogs "Pit Bull Mix".  It infuriates me that some cities and towns have banned any dog with the words "Pit Bull" in their breed designation. 

BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is inhumane, ineffective in reducing dog bites, and simply outrageous.  Every dog is an individual and every owner is an individual.  There truly are no bad dogs, but there are plenty of bad dog owners!  

A lonely Pit Bull who was stuck in the shelter for a long time  #animalsheltering
This Pit Bull dog was in the shelter for a long time.  I'm not sure if he ever got adopted, but I'm hoping he did.

A dog will be vicious if you train him to be vicious.  A dog will be fearful if you fail to socialize him by exposing him to people and dogs.  A dog will become agitated, frustrated, and likely aggressive if you leave him chained up outside all day and night. What kind of life is that for any living creature??

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) does not support breed-specific laws, they favor a breed-neutral approach, holding dog owners accountable for their dog's aggression, regardless of breed.  Laws should focus on holding dog owners accountable, not the dogs themselves.  Here is a statement from the ASPCA posted on their web site:

"The ASPCA recognizes that dangerous dogs pose a community problem requiring serious attention. However, in light of the absence of scientific data indicating the efficacy [effectiveness] of breed-specific laws, and the unfair and inhumane targeting of responsible pet guardians and their dogs that inevitably results when these laws are enacted, the ASPCA instead favors effective enforcement of a combination of breed-neutral laws that hold reckless dog guardians accountable for their dogs’ aggressive behavior." 

Best Friends Animal Society does not support Breed Specific bans either, and stated that:

"...a peer review study found that nearly 85 percent of dog bite fatalities were from unneutered dogs. Other factors that contributed to bites were abuse or neglect, tethering for long periods of time, and lack of positive interaction with people and other animals."

Best Friends also stated that Some people assume some breeds of dogs are more prone to attacking and biting, though this is a misconception. BSL is often enacted to ease fears over public safety, but these laws are ineffective and very costly"

Oddly enough, I've been reading that Pit Bulls are BOTH one of the most frequently surrendered dog breed types AND one of the most popular breeds to adopt!  These two facts seem to contradict each other, don't they?  

Some experts in the field have hypothesized that due to bias against Pit Bull type dogs, it may be difficult for their owners to find housing that allows Pit Bull type dogs.  This could result in Pit Bulls being surrendered.  So many landlords (and some Home Owner's Association's too!) have restrictions on the size and breed of dogs they will allow in their rental units, if they allow dogs at all.  

A long time animal shelter resident at Bideawee in New York, Ice has been waiting for a home since early 2015! #pitbull #rescue #adoptabledogs
This beautiful girl has been at the Town Of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh Long Island, NY  since early 2015!  I think you'll agree, that is way too long to be waiting for a home with someone to love.

********* UPDATE!!! *********

I recently heard that long time shelter resident ICE (pictured above) has been ADOPTED!  I am overjoyed that after more than 2 Years in the shelter she has finally found a home!  I've been in contact with the shelter to see if I can obtain a little information about her adoption, whether it was an individual or family that adopted her and if they learned about her via social media or as a shelter walk-in.  I always like to know what works in terms of finding forever homes for pets in need.  If I find out, I'll post the information here.  I'd like to thank each and every one of you who shared this blog post.  Sharing is Caring, and sharing about adoptable dogs in need of loving homes can make a difference!

It's been suggested that higher homeowners insurance costs and the high energy and exercise needs of the breed (probably no different than a Husky's high energy requirements!) may also cause some owners to ultimately surrender their Pit Bull type dogs to a shelter.  

We can't ignore the fact that many people who adopt Pit Bull type dogs often do so for protection both of themselves personally and protection of their property.  When I volunteered in Phoenix, there were quite a few people who said they'd feel safer with a Pit Bull type dog and sought them out for that reason.  Many people in the rougher neighborhoods in our city had Pit Bull type dogs they left out in the yard for protection, and cute little Chihuahua's inside the house for companionship.  It's not a judgement, it's a fact of life in some of the city neighborhoods our shelter served.

A young woman came into the shelter with a friend to adopt a dog one day.  I was happy to see her drawn to the Pit Bull type dogs, she seemed to be looking for just that type of dog.  

She decided to adopt a fabulous, sweet Pit Bull girl.  As we finalized the adoption, she turned to her friend and said "No one's gonna mess with me walking down the street with THIS dog!"  I was a bit taken back, but she was so nice and affectionate to the dog, and seemed to genuinely like her a lot. I felt she would give her a good home.   

I assume the woman lived alone, perhaps in a lower socio-economic area.  If she didn't, I doubt she would be so concerned about safety in her neighborhood that she'd need what she perceived to be a tough looking dog to feel safe.  I have no actual facts to back up my assumptions about the woman, it was just my perception of her.  As long as she provided a loving home, that was fine by me.

Although dog fighting is illegal in every state in the U.S., it still goes on.  Sadly, Pit Bulls are often the fight dog of choice in this illegal and cruel activity.  Dog fighting is a horrific form of animal cruelty, with terrible consequences for the dogs, and for the community as well.  Can we please just focus on the human-animal bond, and the unconditional love dogs give us.


Dog Fighting hurts communities and it is a crime in all 50 states
Get Tough on Dog Fighting!

What are your thoughts about Pit Bull type dogs?  Have you ever owned or known a Pit Bull?  Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts!  We love when you bark back!

Dog's Excellent Beach Adventure!

This week's big adventure was a trip to dog friendly Gardiner County Park and Beach in Bay Shore, Long Island.  Bay Shore is also the town where you can take the ferry boats to Fire Island.  We love Gardiner's, it's a beautiful neighborhood park that allows dogs.  It's a real hidden gem for dog lovers on Long Island!

Taking the dogs on a road trip to Gardiner County Park and Beach in Long Island NY  #dogfriendly #dog
We're Off on an Adventure!
The park itself is lovely, with an open grassy field and several short trails to walk along, but the real draw of Gardiner Park for dogs and their people is the fabulous dog friendly beach at the end of it! 

A Dog's Ode To Summer

Oh Summer, leaving us already??  Ah, the fun we had .....

My dog Icy enjoying the beach.  #dogsatthebeach

My dog Icy crusin' along the beach  #dogbeach #dogs

Phoebe enjoying the last of the Summer.  #dogs

Dogs enjoying Summer  #dog



Appearance on the Sibe Vibe Radio Show!

I was so honored to be a guest on the SIBE VIBE Radio Show on Dog Works Radio this weekend!  I felt particularly honored because it was the show's 5th Anniversary and their Back To School episode!  The SIBE VIBE focuses on Siberian Huskies, rescue stories, canine sports and events and much more!  

The SIBE VIBE Radio Show is hosted by award winning Author, Photographer, Photo Journalist, and Blogger at the FiveSibes blog, Dorothy Wills-Raftery.

On the show, Dorothy and I talked about Therapy Dogs and the attributes a dog needs to be a successful Therapy Dog. We talked about the process of becoming a Therapy Dog and we discussed some of the work Icy and I do together as a Therapy Dog team in our community.  

My interview on the Sibe Vibe radio show! #dogs #therapydog
Icy at one of the children's reading programs, posing with a copy of one of Dorothy's wonderful books, Getting Healthy With Harley

We talked about the Kids Read Aloud To Dogs programs Icy and I participate in and how it helps children improve their reading skills by reading out loud to dogs. It was a perfect Back To School topic!  

I mentioned our visits to the local High School as well, which help give students a sense of togetherness and helps relieve some of the daily stress they may feel at school.

The Sibe Vibe radio show invited us to join the show and discuss Therapy Dogs, Pet Travel, and more  #therapydogs
Icy at one of our library visits
Dorothy asked me what my top recommendations for U.S. dog friendly travel places to visit were. I shared some of my favorite dog friendly travel destinations, (Hint: Sedona, AZ is #1) and a few of my most important pet friendly travel tips. 

We ended our conversation by talking about how special it is to be a part of the pet blogging community and what that means to us.
Thanks to Dorothy Wills-Raftery for inviting me to be a guest on the SIBE VIBE show, it was such a pleasure!

Are you ready for Back To School?  What are your plans for the first month of Back To School?  Leave us a comment and share, we Love hearing from our readers!


Many dogs experience anxiety.  Anxiety in dogs can be caused by a variety of things such as fireworks, thunder, car rides, or being left alone (separation anxiety).  

Three things make my dog Icy anxious; Thunder, Fireworks...... and a weird, puzzling occurrence on our walks into town.  We tried countless times to address her anxieties, but nothing worked.  We don't want to medicate her, but we need something that will effectively ease her anxiety.

This post is sponsored by Therabis™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share information about Therabis - Hemp wellness products to help your dog with itching, anxiety and joint mobility. Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Therabis is not responsible for the content of this article.

We love going on the 7 minute walk from our house into town with our dogs.  It's a really nice walk to shops, restaurants, and other attractions on Main Street in our town, or "the village" as locals call it.  The noise, people and dogs walking along sidewalks don't bother Icy.  In fact, she is very confident on walks, hikes, meeting new people and visiting new places.

However, there is ONE SPOT along our walk into town that creates a ton of anxiety for her!  As soon as we get to this one particular spot on our walk, she becomes anxious and refuses to go any further. She insists on changing direction to head back home again. In this video you can see Icy's anxious reaction when we get to that particular spot on our walk, and then the difference  after we gave her two Therabis Calm and Quiet treats.

We couldn't figure out what was causing Icy such anxiety!  It's not a particularly noisy or crowded spot, there are no scary statues or anything, and there are no uncomfortable gratings on the sidewalk in that area.  Friends joked that maybe there is a ghost who haunts that precise spot!  OK, so the town is historical and was settled in the 1600's, but seriously, a ghost!?   We don't know what caused this anxiety in our normally confident dog, we just wanted to calm her anxiety so Icy could enjoy walks into town as much as we do.

When I was presented with the opportunity to try Therabis Calm and Quiet treats, I jumped at it!  I knew that if these treats could help Icy calmly walk into town and reduce her anxiety during thunderstorms and 4th of July fireworks, it would make life much more enjoyable for all of us.  So I decided to give it a try.


Anxiety in dogs, Anxious dog  #dogs  #anxietyindogs #anxiousdogs #hemp #CBD
Therabis Calm and Quiet treat supplements can help dogs stay calm in stressful situations

Therabis Calm and Quiet treat supplements are formulated with naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant.  Combined with vitamins and green tea leaf extract (L-theanine), they can reduce stress levels and help dogs stay calm in stressful situations.  


I had been reading a lot about Cannabinoid products and their success in treating both people and pets for a variety of issues.  At first I was unsure about pet products that use "naturally occurring cannabinoids", but after doing some research I felt much more confident about it.

Dog anxiety, Dog health, Dog supplements, Anxious dog,
Calm dogs anxiety with Therabis Calm and Quiet treat supplements

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the Hemp plant that is classified as a "Cannabinoid".  CBD interacts with your pet's endocannabinoid system - the central regulatory system known to affect bodily processes like digestion, mood and sleep.

 Therabis Hemp Derived Cannabinoid products contain Whole-Plant Hemp Oil, a Vitamin Blend, L-Theanine from green tea, Green Lipped Mussel powder, and other ingredients.  Calm and Quiet treats also contain natural ingredients including: Garbanzo flour, Pea flour, Palm fruit oil, Flaxseed meal, Coconut oil, and natural flavorings.

 Therabis was founded by Dr. Stephen M. Katz, a Veterinarian who spent a decade researching, developing, and perfecting their all-natural formulas.  Therabis products have been rigorously tested at the Bronx Veterinary Center over the past 10 years.  Additionally, Therabis products must pass any and all FDA requirements regarding stability and contamination.


NO. Products with Cannabidiol (CBD) do NOT get people or pets "High", they are NOT the same as marijuana at all. Hemp and Marijuana are two very different plants.

THC is an ingredient that comes from the Marijuana plant.  THC creates a psychoactive effect and is the ingredient that creates the euphoric "high" of marijuana.

CBD comes from the Hemp plant and does NOT create a psychoactive effect in people or pets.  The Hemp plant has been bred to fulfill industrial applications like fiber, paper and nutrition.  It contains only trace amounts -  less than .3% THC by law, which is why neither people nor dogs experience a "high" when they consume hemp-derived products.

Therabis Calm and Quiet Treat Supplements for dogs do not create a psychoactive effect in your pet like the THC in marijuana does.  Calm and Quiet treats reduce stress levels to help ease anxiety and maintain a calm energy through stressful situations. Learn more about
Therabis Hemp Wellness Products for Pets .

Therabis Calm and Quiet dog treats helped ease Icy's anxiety on our walks into town so much, I tried them for her thunderstorm anxiety issue!  Icy always heads for the closet at the first hint of thunder.  We have a lot of thunderstorms so I didn't have to wait long to try it out. At the first clap of thunder, Icy was up like a shot and retreated to the closet.

I always feel so bad for Icy when a thunderstorm hits, she suffers the entire time.  I'm delighted to report that after giving Icy two Therabis Calm and Quiet treats while she was hiding in the closet, within 15 minutes she calmed down enough to come out of the closet on her own, with the thunderstorm still going on!

Therabis Hemp Derived supplements for dogs helped my dog with her anxiety issues.  #GrabTheLeash #dogs #anxiousdogs #scareddogs
Icy can come out of the closet now that she has Therabis Calm and Quiet Treats!

I'm so glad I finally found something that will help Icy deal with the anxiety she feels during Walks into town, Thunderstorms and Fireworks!  I was really happy to see that in all those instances, the Therabis Calm and Quiet treats worked beautifully.  I'm almost looking forward to the next time our town decides to shoot off fireworks.... well, almost!

πŸ‘‰ IF YOUR DOG SUFFERS FROM ANXIETY LIKE ICY DOES, give Therabis Calm and Quiet Treat Supplements a try!  

Therabis hemp derived cannabinoid products are also available in these formulas:

Therabis UP AND MOVING Hemp Derived CBD Supplement for dogs
If your dog has issues with joint mobility such as difficulty walking up stairs or jumping, Up and Moving helps promote healthy joints and mobility.

Therabis STOP THE ITCH Hemp Derived CBD Supplement for dogs
If your dog suffers from Itchy skin or hot spots, Stop The Itch can help ease the constant itching and scratching.

Therabis CALM AND QUIET Powder supplement for dogs
Icy's anxiety is triggered by 3 things; Thunder, Fireworks, and a specific point during walks into town.  But if your dog suffers from frequent separation anxiety, or other more general anxiety, Therabis Calm and Quiet Powder formula might be a good fit for you.  It comes in a single serving size you can give your dog daily to help her maintain a calm energy on a continual basis.

Note: I am not a Veterinarian, Vet Tech, or health professional, nor do I play one online!  I do however, share information & tips that have worked for my own dogs, my foster dogs, and the dogs of my family and friends.  Always check with your Veterinarian before giving your pet a new food, treat, or supplement.

Have you tried any Hemp Derived CBD products for your pets?  Please tell us in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Therabis™. The opinions and text are all mine.

Teach Kids About Pet Care & Safety Using Stuffed Animals

Teaching kids how to properly care for a pet is so important.  As many of you know, Icy and I are a Therapy Dog team.  We make several different kinds of visits throughout our community through Bideawee, in Long Island NY.  Bideawee is near and dear to my heart, not only because Icy and I do our Therapy Dog work through them but because I got my first dog, Ginny from them. Having Ginny in our lives meant so much to our family, I'll always be grateful to Bideawee for giving that to us!

Teaching kids about therapy dogs & pet care with the use of stuffed animals.  #petcare #dogs #pethealth
Icy listens intently during one of our Kids Reading Aloud To Dogs visits, helping kids improve their reading skills
One of the therapy visits we are sometimes asked to do is speak to children about what Therapy Dogs do, and also about how to properly care for pets.  I've done a couple of these visits with girl scouts and younger kids, talking with them about pet care and proper interaction with dogs.  We talk about thinks like:

🐢 Providing food, fresh clean water, and shelter
🐢 How to approach and interact with a dog safely - always ask before petting!
🐢 Dog's body language - a wagging tail doesn't always mean a dogs is happy!
🐢 The importance of walks, playtime, and exercise
🐢 Having proper identification on the dog at all times
🐢 How you know when a dog is sick, and the importance of Veterinary care
🐢 The difference between a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog

As a member of the Bayer Animal Health Pet Influencer Team, I was given a box of adorable stuffed dogs.  The dogs were modeled after a puppy named Champ who appeared in Bayer Advantix flea/tick commercials several years ago.  You can see this and some of his other adorable Advantix commercials on YouTube by clicking this link .

How to use stuffed animals to teach children about pet care & pet safety.   #dogs #petcare #healthydogs #pethealth
Use stuffed animals to teach kids about pet health & safety, & the importance of Vet care
When Bayer asked if we'd like some stuffed Champ pups to donate or share to help children learn about pet care and safety, they included suggestions on how we might use the stuffed pups:

πŸ’ Teach kids about general pet care and Veterinary care
πŸ’ Teach kids about keeping pets active; demonstrate fun things to do with pets
πŸ’ Take along on Therapy visits to a hospital to provide comfort and bring smiles
πŸ’ Use to illustrate that you should never leave pets in a hot car

When I received the stuffed pups and Bayer's suggestions on how they could be used, I immediately thought of Bideawee.   I thought the box of Champ pups would be perfect for their pet education visits with kids, or for therapy visits to local hospitals.  I reached out to my Volunteer Manager, Alicia Ryan, and she was happy to have our donation of stuffed dogs for Bideawee!

We donated stuffed animal pups to Bideawee to help teach kids about how to care for pets
Me with Alicia,  Sr. Manager, Volunteer Programs at Bideawee, holding one of the stuffed Champ pups outside their Wantagh, Long Island facility.

Bideawee is a no-kill shelter that rescues both dogs and cats. We care for each animal we take in until they find a loving forever-home. Bideawee means "stay a while" in Scottish, each animal is meant to "stay a while". We were founded over 110 years ago in 1903 and Bideawee is one of the OLDEST animal welfare organizations in the United States! Bideawee has lots of dogs and cats up for adoption, ready to find new homes! We not only have animals for adoptions, but we have animals that make special visits, to bring the love of pets to our community. It’s called our pet therapy program! We have this program because pets make people feel good and we want everyone to feel good!


Thank You to BAY ANIMAL HEALTH for sending us these adorable stuffed animals to help educate kids on pet care and safety!

Stuffed animals can be used help teach kids about how to properly care for dogs and keep pets safe.
I had to give one of the stuffed dogs to Phoebe, she insisted on having one for herself! She loves to snuggle with it!
Get More Pet Health & Safety Tips & Therapy Dog Information here:

Pet Health Tip from an expert Veterinarian at Bayer  

Pet Safety Tips both at home and while on Outings

Are these Pet Dangers lurking in YOUR yard?

How Therapy Dogs Help Kids Improve Their Reading Skills


There are so many fun activities to do with dogs!  We love taking the dogs to dog friendly parks and beaches on Long Island, New York.  There aren't many dog friendly parks and beaches on Long Island, I could never figure out why. There are some, but there are more dog friendly beaches and parks in Suffolk County, the Eastern half of Long Island, than there are in Nassau County.  

Belmont Lake State Park, Long Island NY was once a horse farm owned by the Belmont family.  Dogs are allowed on the miles of walking paths in the park
Icy exploring the rocks and a little waterfall around the lake at Belmont Lake State Park


A really nice Long Island state park that allows dogs is 463-acre Belmont Lake State Park.  Like so many of NY's state parks, it was once a mansion and estate owned by a wealthy family, the Belmont's, in the later 1800's - early 1900's.  This park was formerly part of the family owned thoroughbred horse farm. The farm was owned by August Belmont, the namesake of the Belmont Stakes!

It's such a beautiful park, I'm so happy to have it available for public use. I'm even happier that Belmont Lake State Park allows well behaved, leashed dogs in the park!  The lake and walking/hiking paths are so lovely, we really enjoy it. It's open all year round, too.


CANNON BAAALL!!  OK, SO THAT'S REALLY FOR THE POOL, BUT THIS IS AN ACTUAL CANNON.  The Belmont Lake State Park Cannons have been there since the park was a privately owned mansion, owned by the Belmont family.

This is an actual cannon from 1813.  A piece of American History, these cannons sit in Belmont Lake State park for all to see and enjoy. The park is has a beautiful lake and allows (leashed) dogs!

The quote captioned above is excerpted from one of the most famous quotes in military history.  I know what you're thinking, Hey!!  That quote is wrong, it's supposed to be We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us.... but that was actually the original quote paraphrased  by a 1970 Cartoonist, for an Earth Day poster.  Actually, I think many people would agree that his version of the quote probably belongs on a photo of a globe, since it was Earth Day.



I shall guard the tree in case the elves or some hobbit try to escape and wreak havoc throughout the park!

Dog friendly Belmont Lake Sate Park in Long Island, New York
Phoebe and I stop along the bridge to watch the ducks play in the stream

Lots of ducks in the lake at dog friendly Belmont Lake State Park in New York's Long Island
The ducks were so cute!  There's 4 of them, it's funny but the two in front almost look like alligators, don't they?  But it's the back tail end of two of the ducks, LOL!  No gators on Long Island!


An outing in a dog friendly park like Belmont Lake State Park on Long Island are great socialization opportunities for dogs!
Parks make for great socialization opportunities for dogs, as long as both are leashed and they both want to meet.  Phoebe met this cute little boy, I think she was kinda smitten!

When you take your pets out for a fun adventure, make sure to Hydrate and Keep Your Pet Safe!

Summer and Fall are prime times for flea and tick activity, be sure to protect your dog against flea and tickborne diseases like Anaplasmosis (Tick Fever)!

Have you been to any great dog friendly parks?  Leave us a comment and tell us about it!

Hand Over The Pink Unicorn!


Does your pet have a toy that drives them crazy?  Leave a comment and let us know what it is!


Adoptable Dogs In Need of Love & Exposure

There are two adoptable dogs at the BIDEAWEE Animal Shelter in New York, where I volunteer, that are waiting for someone to love them and give them a loving home.  Pace and Gracie are not as easy to find homes for as some of the other adoptable dogs at the shelter, for a couple of reasons. They both need some extra help and exposure to find their forever homes.  

I'm sharing their stories here in the hope that readers will share these dogs on social media to help get them in front of more people.  The more exposure these two dogs get, the better their chances will be of finding their forever homes.  I'm asking for your help to spread the word about these two dogs in need of loving homes.

Adoptable dogs in Long Island, New York that are in need of some extra TLC
Adorable Pace recently had hip surgery and will need some extra love and care.
One of these dogs in need is Pase, an adorable and super loving dog who just had hip surgery.  Pace needs a home that can provide a lot of extra care.  He may potentially need follow up hip surgeries as well.

Pase is a goofy, energetic, and snuggly two year old Labrador Retriever mix who came to BIDEAWEE in early November, 2016 from Alabama. Pase weighs in at 65 pounds, but he's 65 pounds of love! His beautiful brown eyes sparkle with curiosity, watching everything around him. His smile is large and happy, and when you catch him smiling you're sure to feel your mood elevate as well. 

Pase gets along well with other dogs, although a meet and greet is always recommended!  While he's gentle, he's also fairly large at 65 lbs and very energetic, so the Bideawee animal shelter recommends he go to a home without young children.

Pase is a beautiful, loving 2 year old Labrador Retriever needs a loving home that can provide some extra TLC!
Pace is positively Adorable!!  This sweetie needs a home with people who can provide some extra TLC.
Pase also considers himself a lap dog and isn't totally aware of his size relative to yours! How many of us have experienced that, LOL!?  He'll wiggle his way towards you and try and curl up in a ball in your lap. Despite his best efforts, he's rarely able to fit his whole body in your lap and will resort to being half on & half off. 

His dream forever home has an active and attentive owner who will give him all the love, exercise, and stimulation this adorable boy needs. Pase would be thrilled to live with somebody who works from home as he gets bored easily and loves companionship. But hey, who doesn't need a 65 pound fur-ball as a coworker!?

The other dog available for adoption is a stunning pooch named Gracie. Boasting a dark ebony coat, with beautiful be-speckled paws and the deepest brown eyes you've ever seen, this girl is simply gorgeous! During her time at Bideawee, Gracie has already won over the staff and volunteers with her sweet personality!  

This beautiful dog named Gracie is looking for a forever home with a family who will enjoy long walks and her sparkly personality!
Stunning Gracie is shy but loving and full of personality!
This sweet girl is definitely shy at first, but once she knows you, her sparkling personality shines bright!  Gracie is an active girl, who would love a family that will enjoy spending time taking her on long walks, and exploring different places.  All this sweet girl needs is a family that will be by her side, guiding her through life! 

This sweet dog is looking for a second chance at life and love.  She's shy at first, but her lively personality soon shines through!

Both of these beautiful shelter dogs are badly in need of a second chance at love and life.  They are available for adoption from BIDEAWEE, Long Island New York.  Founded in 1903, Bideawee is America's first No-Kill animal rescue!

If you interested in adopting a dog, I hope you will please consider Pace or Gracie!