In the posts listed here, I've provided some tips and information on basic dog training and behavior concerns you may have with your dog. Solid basic Training can be linked to dog safety. Some of these critical  training commands can help keep your dog safe.   

If you have significant training or behavior issues with your dog, especially if they are aggression related concerns, you should consult a professional dog trainer.  Note: I am not a certified dog trainer or behaviorist, nor do I play one online!  I share training and behavior tips that have worked for my own dogs, my foster dogs, and the dogs of my family and friends.

Having a solid Emergency Recall command can save your dog's life!

The LeaveIt! command can help keep peace & harmony in your household!

Leash pulling is one of the most common problems dog owners face.  It can be so frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to curtail that behavior and make walking your dog enjoyable again!

Dogs digging, stop dog digging, stop dogs digging
How To Stop Dogs From Digging

Dogs love to dig!  Here's how you can stop your dog's digging!

Don't put your shoe collection in jeopardy! Inappropriate chewing isn't just annoying, it can be dangerous if the object of your dog's chewing is toxic or hazardous to dogs. Here are 6 Ways to prevent your dog's inappropriate chewing

Jumping Up is another annoying habit many dogs have.  It can also get dangerous if your dog were to knock over a small child or a frail elderly person.  Use these training steps to keep your dog on all fours!

Door dashing can jeopardize your dog's safety, Tips in this post can help to prevent it.

This one product can be a dog owner's best friend and also help your dog stay safe!  Solve a multitude of behavior concerns with bitter spray

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