In the posts listed here, I've provided some tips and information on basic dog training and behavior concerns you may have with your dog.  I hope you find these helpful.  If you have significant training or behavior issues with your dog, especially if they are aggression related concerns, you should consult a professional dog trainer.  Note: I am not a certified dog trainer or behaviorist, nor do I play one online!  I do however, share training and behavior tips that have worked for my own dogs, my foster dogs, and the dogs of my family and friends.

Having a solid Emergency Recall command can save your dog's life!

The LeaveIt! command can help keep peace & harmony in your household!

Leash pulling is one of the most common problems dog owners face.  It can be so frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to curtail that behavior and make walking your dog enjoyable again!

Dogs digging, stop dog digging, stop dogs digging
How To Stop Dogs From Digging

Dogs love to dig!  Here's how you can stop your dog's digging!

Sometimes it takes the influence of another dog to conquer your dog's fears

Don't put your shoe collection in jeopardy!  Here are 6 Ways to prevent your dog's inappropriate chewing

Jumping Up is another annoying habit many dogs have.  It can also get dangerous if your dog were to knock over a small child or a frail elderly person.  Use these training steps to keep your dog on all fours!

How doggie day camp can save your sanity

Door dashing can jeopardize your dog's safety, here's how to prevent it

This one product can be a dog owner's best friend!  Solve a multitude of behavior concerns with bitter spray

When the kids head back to school in the Fall, it can be a difficult transition for the family dog.  Here's how to help make the Back To School Transition easier for the dog.


LaylasWoof said...

Great post and thanks for sharing

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Aww, thanks for the kind words Ruth!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Aww, thanks for the kind words Ruth!

Swift said...

I tried the leave it command on my morkie puppy to stop him from jumping on my cat... rough play. It worked for awhile, then he sneaks behind me and runs after the cat. Guess I have to keep doing it. He likes to tug at the leash and jumps at me and mum. My mum hates it. Will try your steps.

I need help my puppy knows to pee in the bathroom, but often he does it outside the bathroom. How do I stop him? I tried my trainer's way of locking him in the bathroom, did not work! Hiaz

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Keep up the Leave It command training. It took a while for my dog to pick it up. I also had a section of the house blocked off by a puppy gate so my cat could escape her, which was helpful.

Your trainer told you to lock your puppy in the bathroom? I wouldn't do that. Potty training isn't easy. I'd go online and search for potty training videos. It's common problem, you have to catch them in the act of peeing and pick them up immediately (they usually stop peeing when picked up) & bring him into the bathroom. Is there a reason you don't take the puppy outside to potty? You may also try puppy potty pads. Some have a scent that encourages them to potty on it. Put one down in the bathroom. It's possible he just doesn't like the bathroom as a potty area. You don't feed him in there or have a bed in there for him right? Dogs don't like to potty where they sleep or eat. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I agree that a recall command is such a good thing to teach our pups! It CAN save their lives! It's also great for protecting others like you said a frail elderly person, or little kids. So many reasons to train this command to our pets. I am not much for training commands for fun like roll over or my least favorite "play dead" but a recall command is necessary!

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