Welcome!  I'm Cathy Armato, creator of the dog blog
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them, a
blog for dog lovers who want to  improve overall health and safety of their dogs, and 
enrich life with their dogs. 
My blog is geared towards pet owners who crave information about dogs health and safety, and fun, safe travel with dogs. 

My readers consider me a trusted resource who can be relied upon to provide honest, authentic and relevant dog health and pet safe travel information.  

What I offer brands

Sponsored Blog Posts, Product/Service Reviews, Brand Ambassadorships, Banner ads, Footer or side bar ads, Social Media Promotions, Twitter chats, Facebook live events, Contest Giveaways and more.  

My dog posing in a Fresh Wave product review campaign
My dog Phoebe posing in our Fresh Wave campaign post

I have worked with top brands in the pet industry, including:      

* PetSmart
* Pedigree
* Purina
* Hills Pet Nutrition
* Natural Balance
* Oratene/Zymox
* Only Natural Pet
* Nature's Variety
* Fresh Wave
* Vita Bone
* Febreeze (Nose Blind campaign)

My dog posing in a PetSmart grooming campaign
My dog Phoebe in our PetSmart Grooming campaign post

Using quality, authentic images I create informative and compelling content, targeted for maximum engagement and results across my social media channels. 

I belong to several blogging networks and have a large network of fellow bloggers with whom I share content.   See a sampling of my work with top pet industry brands

My dogs Icy and Phoebe posing for one of our Bravecto (Merck Animal Health) campaign posts


🐶 Named a Finalist in the 2018 BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media awards for sponsored video content

🐶 Named a Fidose of Reality Pawer Women In The Pet Industry

🐶 Social Media Marketing Influencer and Ambassador to several top pet industry brands.

🐶 Appeared on The Sibe Vibe radio show hosted by Dorothy Rafftery of Five Sibes

🐶 Pet influencer Ambassadorships for Natural Balance, Merck Animal Health, and Bayer Animal Health

🐶 Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them has been featured in several digital publications such as; The Contemporary Pet, Positively Woof, Crimeless Cat, BlogPaws Influencer Network, Fidose of Reality, Talent Hounds, and has been a guest on the Sibe Vibe radio show.

🐶 Maricopa County, Arizona animal shelter and events volunteer and dog fosterer. PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center Volunteer

🐶 Therapy Dog handler and Pet Partners Therapy Dog team volunteer since 2012.

🐶 Recipient of several Bloggers awards. (some award badges displayed below).

I would love to work with you  to  promote your brand, product, service, event, or non-profit organization!

Contact me at:
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Both my dogs are trained models and are available for Print work, Commercials, or Personal Appearances.  You'll find some of their work here in PRODUCT REVIEWS .



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