Welcome!  I'm Cathy Armato, creator of 
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them, 
a blog for dog owners searching for the best information and tips on Dog Health & Safety, and Pet Friendly Travel!  

A lifelong dog owner and animal welfare advocate, I volunteered at an Arizona animal shelter for 8 years. I provided Adoption Counseling, Community education, and Fostered 9 shelter dogs in my home. I share information about dog health, dog safety, and safe travel with dogs.

My readers consider me a trusted resource who can be relied upon to provide honest, authentic and relevant dog health and safety information.  

What I offer brands

Sponsored Blog Posts, Product/Service Reviews, Brand Ambassadorships, Ads on my blog, Social Media Promotions, Facebook live events, Contest Giveaways and more.  

My dog posing in a Fresh Wave product review campaign
My dog Phoebe in our Fresh Wave campaign post

I have worked with top brands in the pet industry, including: 

* PetSmart
* Pedigree
* Purina
* Hills Pet Nutrition
* Natural Balance
* Oratene/Zymox
* Only Natural Pet
* Nature's Variety
* Fresh Wave
* Vita Bone
* Febreeze (Nose Blind campaign)

My dog posing in a PetSmart grooming campaign
My dog Phoebe in our PetSmart Grooming campaign post

Using quality images I create informative and compelling content, targeted for maximum engagement and results across my social media channels. 

I belong to several blogging networks and have a large network of fellow bloggers with whom I share content.  See a sampling of my work with top pet industry brands

My dogs Icy and Phoebe in one of our Bravecto (Merck Animal Health) campaign posts


🐶 Named a Finalist in the 2018 BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media awards for sponsored video content

🐶 Named a Fidose of Reality Pawer Women In The Pet Industry

🐶 Appeared on The Sibe Vibe radio show hosted by Dorothy Rafftery of Five Sibes

🐶 Pet influencer Ambassadorships for Natural Balance, Merck Animal Health, and Bayer Animal Health

🐶 Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them has been featured in several digital publications such as; The Contemporary Pet, Positively Woof, Crimeless Cat, BlogPaws Influencer Network, Fidose of Reality, Talent Hounds, and has been a guest on the Sibe Vibe radio show.

🐶 Maricopa County, Arizona animal shelter and events volunteer and dog fosterer. PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center Volunteer

🐶 Therapy Dog handler and Pet Partners Therapy Dog team volunteer since 2012.

🐶 Recipient of several Bloggers awards.

I would love to work with you  to  promote your brand, product, service, event, or non-profit organization!

Contact me at:
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Both my dogs are trained models. You'll find some of their work here in PRODUCT REVIEWS .



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