BLIZZARD 2014 - At Least Someone Enjoyed It

The Blizzard of January, 2014 was such an anticipated event, they even gave it a name; Hercules.  I don't recall blizzards being named before this one.  Here on Long Island, New York we got about a foot or more of snow which easily debilitated expressways and trains.  While us humans see it as wreaking havoc on commutes and roadways, resulting in hours of shoveling snow, I know a certain lively canine that was in her glory!  By the early morning hours Isis came to the sudden realization that a foot of snow had been dumped into her yard - yippee!!  For the next several hours she could hardly contain her excitement. We couldn't get her back inside all morning!

Galloping through waist high snow was such a thrill for Isis, especially since we spend a good part of the year in Phoenix, AZ where we certainly don't get any snow. 

She didn't mind standing in snow up to her belly one bit.

Whaddya mean it's time to go in - NO WAY!!

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