100 Places To See With Your Dog: ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO

We take our dogs, Icy and Phoebe, pretty much everywhere. Whether it’s hitting every Starbucks in town or visiting interesting places across the country.   Roswell, New Mexico definitely qualifies as one of those interesting places. 

We decided to visit the town most associated with UFO’s and alien sitings. Yes, I do mean little green men …. or should I say little green women?.... let’s just say little green beings and leave it at that. The famous 1947 Roswell UFO Incident has been the subject of a rumored government cover-up for decades. Speculation about the validity of the Roswell UFO crash still flies like a Husky’s fur during shedding season!

If you are a fan of Katherine Heigl you may have seen the popular TV show she starred in…. no not Grey’s Anatomy, the other one. I mean the Roswell TV series that aired in the early 2000’s. It was about a group of teenagers; 4 alien and 3 of the human variety. I loved that show and it made me want to visit the alien capital of the U.S., Roswell, New Mexico. Since we lived right next door, in Arizona, we did.  As usual, we decided to take dogs along for the ride.

My husband with Icy and Phoebe as we rolled into New Mexico.

Roswell is a funky, quirky little town. In case you’re wondering, we didn’t experience any close encounters of the third kind. We did, however, go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The museum is dog friendly! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time for $5 a head - human adult head that is, dogs get in free. It’s a very cool place with original documentation of the supposed crash, government response to it, and eye witness accounts. The alien exhibits are super creative.  The museum is a fun, hokey little place to visit with or without your dog! 

Icy and Phoebe taking in one of the Alien exhibits.  Phoebe's not so sure about this; what are they doing to that poor alien on the table?!

Mommy has lost her mind - Get me outta this crazy place!! 

This flying saucer & alien exhibit moves and makes weird electronic alien noises & "smoke".  It freaked out the dogs a little.  I have a video of it but couldn't successfully upload it, but I have a link to the museum below which has video of it.  It's pretty wild!


Phoebe playing with the stuffed alien toy they gave her at the gift shop.  Icy got one too but in typical Husky fashion, she ripped it to shreds long before we returned home!

The mountains that surround Roswell are gorgeous, maybe that’s why the aliens decided to land there – Ha Ha!  Once you’ve had enough alien stuff, there are several places to take your dog for a long walk or a hike.  Check out Bottomless Lakes State Park or Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge.
What places do you plan to travel to with your dog?  What is your favorite dog friendly travel destination?  Tell us by posting a comment.
Learn about the 1947 UFO incident and the Roswell UFO Museum = OK, so this is weird. I posted a link to the Roswell UFO Museum report on the "alien coverup" incident and somehow it's now DEFUNCT!!  Hmmm.... 

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Yikes! You got to see the real aliens
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Ha Ha!! Yeah, we made some new "friends". Thanks for stopping by

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