I never realized just how much dogs love fish!  Then one day my husband, who is seriously fond of tuna fish sandwiches, opened up a packet of Tuna and the smell made both Isis and Phoebe lose their minds!!

A friend of ours once brought expensive smoked salmon to our New Year's Eve party but no one wanted to eat it.  No one except Isis and Phoebe that is!  They kept circling the platter just waiting for a chance to snatch some up.  The next morning I mixed all that leftover smoked salmon in with their breakfast.... shhh! don't tell our friend we gave the salmon he brought us to the dogs!   They went wild for it, gobbling it all up in seconds flat. 

So that's how we learned that our dogs LOVE FISH! Being a Siberian Husky, I can understand Isis having a thing for fish because in the arctic fish would have been the main food source. But Phoebe, a Lhasa Apso mix, loves it too.  Who knew?!

Isis is licking her lips with anticipation, knowing the sweet taste of luscious tuna will soon be hers!

Now we look for dog food and treats that contain fish.  Fish, sweet potato, and pumpkin are Isis and Phoebe's favorite ingredients of all time!  Isis can be super finicky about food, but throw some salmon, tuna, or any other kind of fish into the mix and she'll scarf it right down.  Nature's Recipe and (Dick Van Patten's) Natural Balance both make high quality dog food and treats that contain fish and sweet potato.  Nature's Recipe has a Salmon, sweet potato, and pumpkin dog food that Isis and Phoebe love.

Bag of Nature's Recipe Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin dog food - YUM!
Fish is a great source of protein and essential Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs, and is low in saturated fat.  The anti inflammatory properties of fish oils are considered to be beneficial for joints.  Fish is also beneficial for a dog's immune system.

Delicious treats from actor Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance.  Phoebe's jumping up trying to get at the treats!

Because fish has such good health benefits, we don't feel guilty about giving Isis and Phoebe fresh tuna, salmon, or swordfish every now and then.  We make sure the fish is as fresh as possible, not salted or drowning in heavy seasoning, sauces or oils.  Beware of feeding your dog raw fish though, it could contain parasites and present a choking hazard.  Cooking fish properly will kill parasites.  Small bones found in raw fish could cause choking or gastrointestinal problems.

Isis polishing off what's left in the packet of tuna my husband gave her.
Do your dogs like fish?  If you treat your dog to fish, what kind do they like?  Let us know by posting a comment.



SlimDoggy said...

Jack is on an IBD diet, so no beef or chicken, so he gets lots of fish and he loves it. So good for them too.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Yes, it's so healthy! Sometimes my dogs get more fish than we do - shame on us - LOL! Thanks for visiting the blog!

Unknown said...

Your right! Fish has numerous vitamins and is great for pets!
My huskies love having some boiled bass that my hubby shares with them after his day of fishing. Not often, but a few times during the summer. They also love tuna!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Yeah, it is really healthy for them so we try to give them some fresh fish now and then and we feed them dog food w/ fish in it. So funny, my dogs LOVE eggs as well! Whenever we have eggs they get excited. We often mix eggs in w/ their food especially since Isis is finicky - is that a Husky thing? They would eat fish & eggs every day if they could! Thanks for commenting Jenna!

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