October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! Part Three


Bloggers have been promoting Adopt A Shelter Dog month throughout October, helping shelter dogs everywhere find Furever homes!  In support of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, I've dedicated weekly posts to helping Pawsome dogs who are very much in need of loving homes.  It's still Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, so please help by sharing the stories of these two special dogs!

In my October 3rd Adopt A Shelter Dog post, I introduced you to Charon, a sweet, affectionate Pit Bull mix that had been at the shelter for 6 long months.  I was elated to learn that he had been adopted days later, but I was crushed to find out he was returned to the shelter the very next day!  Why??  He was returned because he was not housetrained -  SERIOUSLY?!    Did his adopters even give him a chance?  They returned him 24 hours after giving him a home simply because he wasn't potty trained.  That is just cruel.  Many dogs that end up in shelters have never been housetrained, probably due to owners that didn't take the small amount of time & effort needed to potty train.  Poor Charon has been living in a cage for 6 months.  Isn't it reasonable to think perhaps his potty training has lapsed a bit, if he was ever trained to begin with?  What does it take to buy a wire crate and spend 2 or 3 days potty training - is that too much to ask?

Sweet Charon whose been living in the shelter for 6 long months, was adopted but then returned to the shelter after only 24 hours just because he wasn't housetrained!
So here I am, spotlighting Charon for adoption once again.   Charon is a 6 year old neutered male Pit Bull mix who perks up at the sight of a bright yellow tennis ball!  He came to the shelter as a stray, and quickly became a favorite among staff and volunteers!  He loves water, playing fetch and being with people.  Charon's ID number is A3450205.

Charon loves the water and playing with a ball!  What a great friend he'll be.
Next I'd like to introduce you to Cascade, a 6 year old Australian Shepherd mix whose brindle coat is just beautiful.  Cascade is a spayed female who has been at the shelter since June.  She is a very mellow, sweet dog.  She walks beautifully on leash and loves walks.  She has such a lovely disposition, this is one sweet dog!  Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but when I look into Cascade's eyes I feel like she is sad, probably wondering how she ended up there and why her family never came for her.  She would be a wonderful companion!  Cascade's ID number is A3477998.

Cascade is a sweet, mellow girl who really needs someone to love her!
In a recent post, I listed 8 key questions you should ask before adopting a dog.

Charon and Cascade are available for adoption at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC)Cascade is at the PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center in the Scottsdale Arizona store. Charon is available at the Mesa, Arizona shelter location.


NOTE: If you are interested in adopting these dogs, please contact MCACC (602) 506-7387 and provide the dog's Identification number above. It's possible that these adoptable dogs may have already been adopted by the time you get to the shelter, but there are hundreds of other wonderful animals in search of loving homes!
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