Which dog wore it better?

You may recall that my little sister Phoebe had a fabulous Spa Day at PetSmart a couple of weeks ago.  I'll admit, I was a little jealous.  OK, I was a lot jealous.  But Mom rectified the situation by taking me for my very own PetSmart Spa Day yesterday!

Who do you think wore their PetSmart bandana better, Icy or Phoebe?

I am super excited because now I look just as adorable as Phoebe.  Look how white my fur is!  It really shows off my blue eyes.  See??

And, our groomer Brittney gave me a beautiful PetSmart bandana too!  The design has two owls sittin' in a tree, how cute is that?!

I love that PetSmart gives my dog a pretty bandana at the grooming salon

Personally, I think I look even better in my bandana than Phoebe does in hers.  Don't you agree?

Phoebe is wearing her PetSmart Owly bandana from the PetSmart grooming salon

Pffft!! Oh please, in what universe do you look better than me??  Ugh! Huskies are so conceited!

So, who do you think looks cuter in their PetSmart Owly bandana better, little Phoebe or Husky Icy?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you think wore it better!

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