Pet Companies Give Back To Pets and People In Need

You've gotta love companies that Give Back!  I'm always happy to learn about companies in the pet industry that give back to help both pets and people in need.  Two such companies are Natural Balance Pet Foods helping the visually impaired and Bayer Animal Health supporting the Pet And Women Safety Act are two companies that are very passionate about pets and their people!  They both give back in unique and wonderful ways.

Icy and Phoebe rocking the Red Carpet at the BlogPaws Conferece. Thanks to Natural Balance pet Foods for sponsoring the Red Carpet event.

The founder of Natural Balance Pet Foods, famous actor Dick Van Patten, was not only extremely passionate about pets he was also passionate about Guide Dogs.  He admired how much these dogs helped to empower people who were visually impaired, and he wanted to lend his support.

Natural Balance has donated over $6 million to organizations that help people who are blind or have low vision.  One of those organizations is Guide Dogs For The Blind.   Guide Dogs For The Blind has a large network of trainers, puppy raisers, donors, and volunteers.  They prepare highly qualified Guide Dogs to serve and empower people who are blind or have low vision.  Guide Dogs For The Blind relies entirely on private funding and volunteers, they receive no government funding.  Their services are provided Free to recipients.

“It takes an average 251 volunteers to help a single puppy become a Guide Dog” – Guide Dogs For The Blind

Thank You Natural Balance for your generous support of Guide Dogs For The Blind! 


Leaders in Limited Ingredient pet food, Natural Balance has just introduced a new High Protein dog food that contains 32% protein.  The average level of protein in most pet food is 23 – 28%.  Their High Protein dog food is made for active dogs, and contains no grains and no potato.  Icy had the chance to try this new food at the conference, where she gave it a resounding Paws Up!

Icy dug in & loved the NEW Natural Balance High Protein food!
Icy pretty much loves all of Natural Balance's food and treats!

Mark your calendars, September is National Guide Dog Month!  Natural Balance will be celebrating  NationalGuide Dog Month, will you?  


From the same company that brought us Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Animal Health is a leader in animal health, bringing us products like Seresto, K9advantix, and Advantage/II.  They're also a huge supporter of the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS).

There are currently no laws that protect the pets of domestic violence survivors. Although the pets of domestic violence victims are often abused as well, many domestic violence shelters do not accept pets.  This often leaves pets in peril, and at the mercy of abusers.

Pets are often used to terrorize and psychologically control domestic abuse victims.  Many victims of domestic violence will not leave a terrible situation because they fear for the safety of their pets and cannot bear to leave them behind.   Knowing this, Bayer has lent their considerable support to the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS), and has asked that all of us support it too.  

🐶 More than 4 million women in the U.S. are assaulted or beaten every year, that's one every 9 seconds!  

🐱 Approximately a million animals are abused every year because of domestic violence that occurs in their home.

🐰 71% of pet owning domestic violence abuse victims entering shelters have reported that their pets were threatened, injured, and even killed by their abuser.  Abusers commit these acts out of revenge or in order to psychologically control their victims. 

🐻 According to The Hill, 1 in 4 women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime, and domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness. Intimate partner violence is estimated to cost the US economy $8.3 Billion per year, through medical costs and lost productivity.

🐺 Pet owning women in domestic abuse situations often feel trapped, especially since so few domestic violence shelters accept pets.  This often causes these women to remain in the abusive situation.

These are terrifying and unacceptable facts.  No One should have to choose between leaving an abusive situation and the safety of their beloved pet.  PAWS strives to make accommodations for the pets of domestic violence victims more available at domestic abuse shelters. 

By supporting the Pet And Women Safety Act, you are providing protection to all survivors of domestic violence, including their pets. Please help protect domestic violence survivors and their pets. 


You can help victims of domestic violence AND their pets by doing 3 simple things:

1.  Learn about the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS).  

2. Let your official representatives know that you support the PAWS Act and that you'd like them to continually support it too.  

3. SHARE information about the PAWS Act to help raise awareness about the plight of abused women and their pets in domestic violence situations.

It's important to support this critical piece of legislation and help abused women and their pets escape to safety!  

There certainly were tears when Trish, a former victim of domestic abuse, shared her story of survival during Bayer's BlogPaws Conference presentation.  Thanks to Noah's Animal House, a full service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women & children's shelter in Nevada, T
rish was able to escape an abusive situation without having to leave her beloved pets behind.  When she talked about how much it meant to be able to have her pets with her, there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

Thanks to Bayer for supporting the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS) and for being a great conference sponsor!

It was great fun meeting the folks from Bayer Animal Health at the BlogPaws Conference!  I'm grateful to them for supporting such an important initiative, and I'm happy to lend my support as well.  I signed the petition and reached out to my local representatives from the PAWS web site to let them know I support the PAWS Act and that I'd like them to support it to!  

Are you familiar with the Pet And Women Safety Act (PAWS)?  Are you familiar with Guide Dogs For The Blind?  Please let us know in the comments!


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I love companies that think of others and not only their bottom line. I have sent out letters to my representatives on the PAWS act. ♥

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I sent letters too, I tweeted my representatives as well! It's such an important piece of legislation. Thanks for supporting the PAWS Act!

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