Dog Friendly Sunset Boat Cruise

Have you ever taken your dog on a Doggie Sunset Boat Cruise?  Some of you may remember me saying that one of my goals this Summer was to take my dogs out on a boat. Icy and Phoebe have never been on a boat before and that was one of my top adventure goals for them.  But life got hectic and the Summer flew by so fast, I didn't make that goal.

My dog Phoebe's first boat ride was a Dog Friendly Sunset Cruise around the harbor.  It was so much fun, and she loved it! #dogfriendly #dogs
Phoebe's First Boat Ride!

Phoebe's first Dog Friendly Sunset Boat Cruise

When I heard about a Doggie Sunset Cruise not too far from our house, it sounded like the perfect first step to finally getting my dogs out on the water!  I had planned to take both Icy and Phoebe on the boat ride, but at the last minute I decided to take just Phoebe. I wanted to see what it was like before bringing Icy along.  Phoebe is so easy, she only weighs 11 lbs and virtually nothing phases her.   For a first step in getting my dogs out on a boat, I felt a larger boat with a smaller dog was the right way to go!

We took our dog on a dog friendly Sunset Boat Cruise on Captain Lou's Fleet in Freeport, Long Island NY  #dogs
Our boat for the Doggie Sunset Cruise on Captain Lou's Fleet in Freeport, New York


I wasn't asking that question for me, I was wondering what Phoebe should wear?  We had just been to Jones Beach a few days before and although it's end of season, the surf shop was still open.  They had some onesies for babies on sale at half price -  what luck!  I found this adorable Jones Beach Lifeguard onesie in a 6 months size.  I just cut off the bottom part that snaps and voila!  Phoebe had a cute nautical themed shirt.  Doesn't she look adorable!?  I think red is her color.

I took Phoebe on a dog friendly boat cruise.  She had to look the part so I got her this adorable Jones Beach Lifeguard shirt!  #dogfriendly
Phoebe looked adorable in this Jones Beach Lifeguard shirt, perfect for her first boat ride

As we explored this part of the boat deck, it kind of reminded me of that famous scene in the Titanic movie - you know the one I mean!  If I had a giant blue diamond necklace I'd have pitched it overboard, just for the romance of it! 

My dog Phoebe's first boat ride was a Doggie Sunset Cruise, a beautiful ride around Freeport harbor in Freeport NY  #dogfriendly #dogs
Standing out way out on above the water reminded me of the Titanic movie!

I didn't have a giant blue diamond necklace on me, so we just enjoyed the view from the front of the boat, the part that sticks way out into the water - I think that's called the "bulbous bow"?  Any boat experts out there know if that's the right name for what we're standing on in these two photos?


Phoebe loved meeting this beautiful little dog named Miracle out on deck.  She's the sweetest girl!

Phoebe made lots of other doggie friends too! Most of the dogs were really relaxed and friendly. Here's Phoebe chillaxin' with a small group of seaworthy dog friends she met on the boat.  I loved that so many of the dogs were dressed in nautical themed outfits - check out the tiny sailor hats on the two Shih Tzu's on the right!  I have GOT to get one of those hats for Phoebe's next ocean excursion!


As the sun set, we cruised past the beautiful lights shining from homes and restaurants along the harbor.  It was so calm and peaceful with the lights reflecting off the water.

We loved taking our dog Phoebe on a dog friendly Sunset Boat Cruise on Captain Lou's Fleet from Freeport, Long Island #dogfriendly #dog
Sailing along Freeport harbor, enjoying beautiful lights on the water during our dog friendly boat cruise

It was a little intimidating when we cruised under the drawbridge they had to raise for our boat to fit underneath it.  Especially since they alert everyone with a really loud siren just before the bridge goes up - I didn't realize what was happening at first!  I've lived on Long Island my whole life, but I honestly have never gone beneath a drawbridge as it was going up.  It's pretty cool as you pass directly under the bridge and look UP!

Passing underneath the drawbridge as we cruise the harbor on our Doggie Sunset Cruise!  Captain Lou's Fleet of boats in Freeport, Long Island, NY  #dogfriendly
Drawbridge going UP!!

Although it was overcast that evening, we still saw a lovely sunset!  I'm so glad we finally got out on the water with at least one of our dogs.  I can't wait to go again, and I hope to get Icy on a boat soon too!

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We took our dog Phoebe on a Doggie Sunset Cruise around the harbor in Freeport, Long Island NY #dogfriendly #dog  #dogfriendlytravel
We enjoyed seeing the sun set from the boat deck on our Doggie Sunset Cruise


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Have you ever been on a boat with your pets?  Tell us about it in the comments.  We love hearing about your pet adventures!


M. K. Clinton said...

What an awesome boat trip! Phoebe and Miracle look adorable together! I'd love to take the boys on a boat.

Anonymous said...

I've been on boats with dogs on them ( on a former Fireboat in Wisconsin. But I've yet to take my Victor with me - other than when we rented a houseboat for four days.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Aren't they the cutest together! They were fast friends. I'm so glad I went on this boat ride. We almost didn't go because of overcast skies in our area (North of this bay) and an irrational fear of Hurricane Jose still several states away, LOL! I want to bring Icy on a boat ride too. Bentley & Pierre would probably love it.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

You rented a houseboat? That sounds so awesome! A former fireboat was probably really cool too. These are really unique boating experiences.

The Daily Pip said...

Awe, this looks like so much fun! The pictures of both of you are adorable! I also love Phoebe will all her new friends!

We have a dog cruise here that goes on the Chicago River and then out on Lake Michigan. It's only offered in the summer. We went on it with our first dog Pip and he really enjoyed it. I haven't tried it with Ruby yet because of her issues with water. LOL

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

It was such a great time, I wish I'd known about this boat cruise earlier in the Summer! If the boat's big enough I think Ruby would be ok. Maybe bring her on in her carrier, then slowly let her come out to experience the boat.

John Daniels said...

Aww. This is really nice Cathy! I would also want to spend time with my dog out on a boat.

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