3 Blog and Social Media Video Mishaps To Avoid

Most of us realize the importance of video for both our blogs and social media accounts.  If you want to grow your blog and social audiences, good video content is a must!  

2016 saw the launch of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.  2017 was touted as "the year of video marketing", with a huge increase in consumer's preference for video content in pretty much every area.

According to WordStream, internet video traffic made up about 69% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017.  The growth of  the online video evolution continued into 2018 and beyond, with global internet traffic from videos making up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.  Video was expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic by 2021.

By 2019,  80% of all internet traffic is expected to be from videos

Now that we know how vital video has become and will continue to be, let's not screw it up by making bad videos!  One of my key goals for 2017 was to improve my video skills.  I was coming from a near zero starting point so I need to master the basics of making and editing videos.  I knew it would take some time to learn how to make a good video, but I didn't realize just how much time it would take to learn and how many blunders I'd make along the way!

Here are 3  Video Blunders I made in the last year or more that kept me from turning out quality videos both for my blog and my social media channels.  Learn from my mistakes, and have a good laugh in the process!


I wanted to create a video to show how I make one of my frozen dog treats.  I was so happy, my video seemed to be going really well!  I set the shot up with the blender and ingredients ready to go, and I didn't flub any of my "lines".  I thought, this is gonna be a really good video.  Until it wasn't.  I almost had it, my video was nearly complete, and then this happened......

BOL!!  So the lesson here is, if you're using an appliance, tool or any other mechanical gadget in your video, test the darn thing out first!  I was so flustered and frustrated, I never did re-shoot that video. 

It was one of my very first attempts at making a simple video.  If I had learned how to edit video back then I could have re-shot just that segment and dropped it in, saving my dog treat video from ruin.  But I hadn't yet mastered any video editing skills at that point.  My Frozen Pineapple Jerky Pupsicle blog post ended up having only still photos of my recipe.  So sad!


When shooting video, background Noises can be a killer!  I was excited to land a sponsored post for True Chews dog treats.  I loved the product and the concept and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my video.  I got started right away to create a heartfelt video about my journey with my shelter dog, Phoebe.  

I swear it was like a comedy of errors trying to create a video!  I envisioned this beautiful video, shot outdoors at one of our favorite dog friendly cafes.  I would tell Phoebe's story as she sat on my lap and I sipped a cup of tea. Sweet, right?

Noise is the enemy of video, especially outdoor video!  We had a lot of challenges trying to film a dog treat video for my blog!        Blogging tips, creating video for a blog and social media channels.

Setting up in my yard to film the opening portion of my True Chews video
We got a table on their outdoor patio, which faces the street.  I had tea and a pastry for myself and True Chews treats for Phoebe, and we were ready to roll!   Well, I thought we were ready, but who knew just how much background Noise can get magnified on video!?   I guess I hadn't noticed the traffic going by while we were there.  When I got home and played the video, it sounded like I shot it in the middle of Grand Central Station!  Even audio noise reduction in a video editor didn't reduce the background noise enough.  I had to do the whole thing over the next day, choosing a better location.

Down the street from the cafe was our favorite park, right on the water.  It seemed like the most serene spot to shoot the video.  We carefully selected a nice spot on the grass and I began speaking.  Suddenly, a small plane began buzzing overhead!  I was like REALLY!?  What are the odds??  We were nowhere near an airport!

We decided to wait out the darn plane, and when it left we returned to the park to do our video. Again.  As I began speaking, I kid you not, a large boat got slowly and loudly lowered into the harbor and began revving up it's roaring load engine once it hit the water.  I'm telling you it was the loudest boat ever!  I mean, what are the odds?

So now I'm really ticked off about all the noise, and because it was a beautiful late October day, people started pouring into the park with their dogs.  We decided to leave and come back the next morning when it wasn't so crowded, yet again!

The next morning we arrived at the park to find a hoard of gardeners mowing every inch of grass in the entire area!   We went to the cafe to have breakfast and wait out the gardeners and their deafening mowers.  After about an hour they left and once again, we headed into the park camera in hand.   

The park was crowded with people and dogs by then.  At this point I decided that if I could get some good video of us enjoying the park and the cafe, and learn how to do voice-over audio on a video that would do it!  

We finally did shoot some really good video footage in the park and the cafe.  I spent time learning how to edit audio using Filmora video editor and created my voice overs.  After the final touchups I had a finished video to include in my True Chews blog post. I'm really proud of that video,  I think it came out great, but it took a lot of re-shoots and a lot of editing, simply because of outdoor Noise!  Here's how the final video came out:

Lesson learned:  Noise is the enemy of video!  If you need to film outdoors, find a quiet spot - and I mean Quiet.  Arrive at your location during a time when there are as few people, utility workers, trucks and other noise makers as possible.  Sounds simple I know, but believe me, it's Not!  Oh, and learn how to edit audio on a video.


As with photos, lighting plays a huge part in creating a good video.  Lighting has often been the bane of my existence.  I finally got the lighting issues for my indoor photos under control, but lighting for indoor video is still a challenge for me.  

Lighting is important for both indoor and outdoor video.  Bad lighting can ruin your video. Lighting for indoor video can sometimes be controlled by adjusting indoor lights and window shades.  You can also get a simple, inexpensive light set like this one by Limostudio, for staged indoor videos.  This lighting set helped me so much with my indoor photos, and now I'm starting to use it for my indoor videos too.

A simple light set will improve your blog photos and videos tremendously.  Lighting set, lighting for blog photos and videos for a blog or social media

A simple lighting set is great for indoor photos or video
My indoor videos of the dogs are often spontaneous, so I don't have the time to work with lighting.  They come out looking dark and grainy, like this:

Don't worry!  My dogs aren't fighting, Icy is just trying to get Phoebe to come out from under the chair and play with her.  But Phoebe is having none of it!

I continue to have lighting challenges with indoor videos, but I'm working on it.  I've had to scrap many of my videos because they just came out too dark, and video editing can only do so much.

With outdoor video you have to be aware of where the sun will be during your video shoot.  Scope this out in advance if possible.  If the sun is in your subject's face, they'll be squinting and that can be distracting for the viewer.  If the sun is directly behind them it could create shadows, making the visual look poor.   This is definitely not easy, I still struggle with it a lot myself.

There's nothing worse than thinking you've shot a great video, only to realize that the lighting is terrible and the video shows poorly! 

Those are my 3 biggest sticking points in creating a good video.  Leave us a comment and share your blog and social media video challenges and goals!!


Tenacious Little Terrier said...

I'm thinking about getting a light set but haven't decided on one yet. Although the house renovations need to be done first!

Anita Aurit said...

Very informative and helpful post. The keynote speaker at BlogPaws last emphasized the importance of video. A good reminder that I need to do more.

Unknown said...

Who would have thought of some of things? Thank you so much for pointing out the issues you have had so others can be more aware. I hope to do some video in 2018 so this post was incredibly useful - thank you!

Beth said...

I haven't shared videos yet, and I'm completely intimidated by them. You managed to put together a great video for True Chews, very clever. I laughed (with you) about the frozen treat video, it really was perfect until the blender didn't work!

LaylasWoof said...

Fantastic post, I am still scared to do videos although my new camera has a tripod so maybe that is a hint. LOL loved the bloop but hey that is what makes it more fun.

Irene McHugh @https://www.mcsquaredoodles.com said...

I majored in broadcast journalism back when I had to edit VHS video, so I have a love-hate relationship with video. I totally agree that figuring out how to deal with lighting and ambient sounds is always such an issue. You’ll want certain ambient sounds for one video and you won’t be able to find it, and then other times all you find is noise you don’t want. And then there’s the totally unpredictable. People waving at the lady with a camera on a tripod. I could usually find usage for some of that kind of footage in another project, but when I’m filming the trolley going by and then stopping to get the natural flow of people, having kids wave at me just means I’m standing there longer trying to get my shot. But then when I would get the shot maybe even with late afternoon soft light that was always rewarding because I knew I could splice together a solid report.

Talent Hounds said...

My life has been made better by my journey with my dogs. What a good voice over- it was worth the effort as the video is a great way to share Phoebe's story.

M Dawson said...

Natural light is one of the best things for video. Anyone on a budget must consider an outdoor (or near the window) video shoot. We love your accident (we would probably do exactly the same ;-)

Sweet Purrfections said...

I have a lot to learn about videos. For years, I was trying to shoot videos vertically and couldn't figure out why it didn't work until I learned to turn it horizontally. My largest mistake is background noise and lack of natural light. My goal for 2018 is to work on videos more.

Impurrfectlife said...

OMG! I can so relate. I felt so bad for you when watching the first "Mechanical malfunction video". I'm totally guilty of the lighting issue. Since video is new for me I decided to just dive right in, but yes, seeing how I want to make more videos in the future, I can definitely learn from your mistakes. Thanks for sharing and the tips!

M. K. Clinton said...

Thanks so much for joining the Pet parade! Video is going to begin playing a very big part in our blog this summer. I am sorry but I laughed at your blooper. That is just my luck. LOL!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, you had me belly laughing with your popsicles! That is so my life too! And, I’m with you, I have the hardest time with lighting indoors. I don’t bother with taking indoor photos of my dogs with my cell phone anymore, and video is not much better. My goal this year is to work on my video skills and to do more live events (yikes!).

jank1961 said...

I still have lighting issues with just photographs, so I haven't even graduated to figuring that out in video yet! I had to laugh about the noise thing...I don't know how many times I've shot candid video only to realize our TV was blaring in the background! Luckily so far the only video I do is candid, so I can usually drown that out with music. I don't ever see myself getting on camera to do instructional stuff! I prefer to stay behind the camera. :)
Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

The Daily Pip said...

LOL. That blender mishap made me laugh out loud. That's so something that would happen to me. At least you weren't doing a live video!

And yes the background noise is also challenging for us because our backyard bumps up to a busy road and it's always loud.

P.S.: Ruby was sitting next me when I watched the last video and couldn't figure out where all the dog sounds were coming from.

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