They say no two dogs are exactly alike, and that's certainly the case with my dogs, Icy and Phoebe!

My Siberian Husky, Icy, is a Snow Dog for sure!

Siberian Husky in the snow.  BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, Bloggers, Blog hops
I've got my tush high in the air for a reason, Come Play  in the Snow With Me!!

Dogs playing in the snow.  Pet bloggers, Dog bloggers, blog hops
How dare you ask me a question, can't you see I've got a ball stuffed in my mouth?!?

But my dog Phoebe, a Havanese/Maltese/Bichon kind of mix is definitely a Beach Bunny!

My dog at Juno Beach, Florida.  Dogs love the beach, Juno Beach is mostly a dog friendly beach in Florida
My dog Phoebe at Juno Beach, Florida

My dog relaxing on Juno Beach, Florida, a dog friendly beach.  Dog friendly beaches in Florida. Dogs on the beach.  Blog hops.
Mmmm, this sand tastes pretty good!

What about your pets, are they snow bunnies or beach bunnies?  Tell us in the comments!


Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Harley has no real preference at all. Jaxson is a lover of all climates, so he's a Snow Bunny AND a beach dog!

The Daily Pip said...

You both look super duper happy! Sadly, Ruby is not crazy about the snow or the beach. I love both!

FiveSibesMom said...

Love it! And with the weather we've been having - today 70s and tomorrow snow and 30s - they both will have their wishes of being beach and snow bunnies! Chloe is the only one of my Huskies that I call the "Tropical Husky." If there is a sunspot, she will find it! If it is cold out, she will cry to come in and snuggle on her bed! The others are snow bunnies for sure! Give them a good snow day, and they are happy! I hope Icy enjoys tomorrow's forecast!

M. K. Clinton said...

We are definitely NOT snow dogs but do enjoy it every few years for a day or two. BOL! Hopefully, we will get to check out the beach this summer in Texas.

jank1961 said...

My dogs have always seemed pretty versatile...enjoying playing in the yard no matter the season. But they've never experienced an ocean beach...I bet they'd love that too!
Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

M Dawson said...

Oh this is such a lovely post. I can see that everyone has their own favourites, AND they are entirely different. Ours would totally hate the snow I can tell you that much!!

I love your pictures and Icy really makes me smile with her enthusiasm.

Beth said...

I used to have a Keeshond and she LOVED the snow, cold and wind. Sophie, my American Eskimo mix, likes the snow, but my other two are fair weather friends. (Theo hasn't been to the beach, but I think he would love it.)

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