Recently BlogPaws, a pet blogging and social media network hosted a contest on Instagram.  You had to leave a comment about how you first discovered BlogPaws and why the annual BlogPaws conference is important to you.  The prize was a $200 Pet Travel Kit from  I was so excited when I found out We Won the contest!!!

Dog toy we won from BlogPaws &  Contest winner. Dogs, Pets, pet products
Phoebe was excited about all the great dog products we won in the contest!

As most of my readers know, we travel a lot with our dogs, Icy and Phoebe.  When planning vacations I always search for pet friendly destinations.  If we can't bring the dogs I pretty much don't want to go there!  As far as I'm concerned, Pets Are Family and you don't leave family behind when you're going on a fabulous vacation!  Well, OK sometimes you need to leave family behind when you take a holiday, but most of the time I want my fur kids with me if I'm traveling to a great vacation spot.

A few days after being notified that we won the contest, this box full of wonderful dog goodies from Chewy,com arrived on our front porch.

We Won the BlogPaws & contest and a fabulous Pet Travel Products prize!  Travel products for dogs, Pet travel, pet products for travel, dog treats,
We won the BlogPaws & Pet Travel contest on Instagram!  Here is the first half of the winnings Chewy sent us.

I am so thrilled with all the wonderful pet travel gifts we got from  Natural Balance treats, a giant Nylabone chew stick, Kong toys, a treat bag and more!  Here's a closer look at these wonderful pet products from BlogPaws and!

As if this wasn't fabulous enough, the next morning another box from Chewy was sitting on the front porch!  The dogs and I were so excited, it felt like Christmas morning!  This second box contained car travel safety harnesses for the dogs, a fabulous travel bag that will fit all of the dogs' travel gear, travel bowls, a beautiful pet blanket and more.

The Pet Travel products we won from BlogPaws & will be so useful on our road trips with the dogs. Pets, Pet travel, Dog travel, pet friendly travel, pet travel products, dog car safety travel harness for dogs
The second box of pet travel goodies from had everything we need for  great road trip!

Here's a closer look at the wonderful pet products in the second box of pet travel gifts from BlogPaws and!

When we travel with our dogs it's almost always by car.  Phoebe is a small dog and can fly in the airplane cabin with me.  But Icy is a Siberian Husky, way too big to fly in the cabin of an airplane, and I won't put my pets in airplane cargo.  

When we moved to Phoenix years ago, we thought it best to find a home and settle in before bringing our cat Maggie over.  That meant I had to fly my cat by herself in airplane cargo.  I hired a company to do all the necessary work needed for a pet to fly in cargo but I can't tell you how worried and stressed I was!  Flying with your pet in the airplane cabin is a bit of a process, but  I didn't realize how complicated it would be to fly pets in cargo.  Never again, so now we load up the car and road trip with the dogs!

All these wonderful pet travel products will be so helpful on our road trips with the dogs!




♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are hoping to meet up with a few friends sometime during the conference as we don't live too far outside of KC. Safe travels and congrats on the win - we love

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

That looks like a great pack. Have a safe trip to the conference.

M. K. Clinton said...

Wow! You are going to BlogPaws in style! I wish that I could be there to cheer you on but I'll be watching from Texas. Congratulations on all of the good things happening to you. They are are well deserved and long overdue.

Impurrfectlife said...

Oh my goodness! Whoo hoo! Congrats on your big win. That's quite the prize package indeed.

Unknown said...

Congrats on winning! I bet your dogs will enjoy all the treats and toys!

LaylasWoof said...

Congratulations on winning and the boxes of goodies look amazing. Have fun at the conference and hopefully one day I will be able to make it to one.

Hindy Pearson said...

Congratulations, the prizes look amazing!! I have moved around a lot with my animals, but I've never taken them on vacation other than day trips. I have flown many times with dogs and cats in cargo, sometimes it's the only way to get them to their destination. It definitely is a big pain but thankfully they've always arrived safely.

DawgBlogger said...

Congratulations; that is wonderful. Though Cookie would argue than nothing beats chicken dinner ;-)

Appalachian Paws said...

Congrats!! I'm like you: I don't want to go if I can't take the pups! Thanks for sharing, I'm keeping some of these products in mind to order next time we travel!!

Appalachian Paws said...

Congrats!! I'm like you: I don't want to go if I can't take the pups! Thanks for sharing, I'm keeping some of these products in mind to order next time we travel!!

Beth said...

It looks like you hit the jackpot! I am sure the dogs will love everything and it will make it easier for all your travels!

Lifewithmutts said...

Congrats on winning the Instagram contest! Looks like you guys scored big with that prize pack!

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