Fall is the time of year for pumpkin spice everything!  This quick and easy pumpkin spice dog treat recipe makes the perfect homemade dog treats. I love DIY recipes that are quick, easy, and no bake. This super easy dog treat recipe fits the bill!

Ingredients for Pumpkin Spice Homemade treats for dogs

Pumpkin Spice DIY treat for dogs recipe


1/4 cup of Plain, unflavored yogurt
1 to 2 Tbsp of pumpkin (100% pure pumpkin, Not pumpkin pie filling) OR cooked sweet potato
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
1/4 tsp Honey drizzled on top
Top with a Dollop of whipped cream & a Dash of cinnamon
To add extra interest and flavor, you can also place a dog biscuit, carrot, sweet potato or dog friendly fruit slice on top of it all

Watch how Easy this dog treat is to make!

As you can see my dogs LOVED it! 

Where to Find the Pumpkin for Your Homemade dog treats with pumpkin

When I make dog treats with pumpkin I use 100% canned pumpkin that has No other ingredients added.  But in the Fall, when fresh pumpkins are readily available I like to use a fresh pumpkin for my DIY pumpkin recipes.  

Dogs love pumpkin, and pumpkin has many health benefits for dogs. Pumpkin is a great source of fiber and can be beneficial to your dog's digestion. It also contains carotene, iron and potassium. 

I actually add a little pumpkin to my dogs' food each morning; a tablespoon for my Husky and a teaspoon for my small dog. I never give my dogs raw pumpkin, I always cook it. Raw pumpkin is less digestible than cooked pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice Recipe for Dog Treats,  Canned pumpkin for dogs
Canned Pumpkin For Dogs

You can find canned pumpkin at the grocery store, just make sure it's 100% pure pumpkin not pumpkin pie filling, which has other added ingredients. 

You can also find canned pumpkin at PetSmart, under their Authority brand. I recently found that Purina Beyond also makes canned pumpkin for dogs. I like that theirs comes in a smaller, 8oz can, whereas most others come in a 15 once can.

I hope you'll give this yummy homemade dog treat recipe a try! 


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LaylasWoof said...

They look delicious yummm and I would use Fruitables Pumpkin for Layla which I use all the time in her food

Tail Wag Wisdom said...

What a great dog pumpkin recipe! And it looks so easy. I'm certain Henry would love too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How fun. This ought to make a wonderful treat, full of healthy goodies.

M Dawson said...

I think this sounds the perfect recipe to keep any dog happy! We planted pumpkin last month so we have to wait a while before we can make anything!

Anonymous said...

Yumm. Oh, my pups would have loved this recipe. I always added a little pumpkin to their dinner as well. And with Gibson being an Epi, I added pumpkin to his diet to help him lose weight he gained from his Epi-meds...pumpkin is so healthy! Thanks for the recipe. I'll Pin so others can see it!

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