Can dog parents celebrate Mother's Day? Of course they can! If you think about it, what exactly is a Mom? She's someone who's heart swells with love when she looks at you, she loves you unconditionally even if you have a few flaws, she raises you, nurtures and comforts you, she takes care of you the best she can, and she always wants the very best for you. Isn't that what we do for our dogs, too? 

Dogs, cats, and other pets have become so important in peoples' lives. They have come to occupy a special place in the soul of their family and have become part of the fabric of family life. So if you ask me, any pet mom can celebrate Mother's Day with love and pride!  Dog mom, Cat mom, Turtle mom, Hamster mom, you name it! We love our pets like family, and we consider our pets to be our 4 legged (or how ever many furry, feathered, or scaly legs they may have!) kids.

CAN DOG PARENTS CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY?   Dog mom, Mother's Day, Mother's Day cards
Me and my Husky hiking in Arizona

Many mothers and dog owners will say "Hey, I'm not just a Mom, I'm a Dog Mom too!"  There's no shame in having a heart full of love for your dog or thinking of your dog as your fur kid.  Loving a pet nearly as much as a family member (and sometimes even more!) is ok! It doesn't take anything away from the love you feel for your human children if you Love your dog like family too. So should Dog Moms celebrate Mother's Day?  I say Hell Yeah, you bet they should!


However, if you prefer to keep the traditional Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, as a day to only celebrate human motherhood that's fine too. You have two other special days where you can join other pet parents to celebrate your Dog Mom or Pet Dad awesomeness! 

In 2018, the second Saturday in May was designated as National Dog Mom's Day by the popular dating app Dig, a dog person's dating app, as a day to appreciate and thank dog moms everywhere for all they do for their furry loved ones.

In 2007, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) designated the last Sunday in April as National Pet Parents Day. VPI was inspired to create the special day after seeing that most of their policyholders considered their pets to be an important part of their family.

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CAN DOG PARENTS CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY?  Happy Mother's Day, Can dog moms celebrate Mother's Day?

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Here are a couple of other LovePop cards I have on my list to get:

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There are so many unique and beautiful cards on LovePop's web site, and not just Mother's day cards, they have cards for every occasion. Some of them are so elaborate, like their nesting popup cards, they're just stunning!

Thank you LovePop for letting me sample your gorgeous cards, and for giving me the opportunity to share them on my blog!

Here's wishing all the Moms and Pet Moms a very Happy Mother's Day!!

Do you consider yourself a Pet Mom or Pet Dad? If so, how will you celebrate being a pet parent this Spring? Tell us in the comments, we Love hearing from you! 💘🐾

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Tail Wag Wisdom said...

WOW!!! I learned a lot in reading your post today, Cathy! I had no idea that there are a National Dog Mom Day, National Pet Parent's Day, and a dog parent dating app (Digg). I love that these national days exist and I think it's wonderful that there's a dating app for dog parents. It gives folks at least one common interest to start. These cards by LovePop are simply beautiful! I've always been attracted to pop up cards. They remind me of pop up books from my childhood (probably dating myself), yet elevated to a sophisticated level. I have a box of pop up cards I've received over the years even. I never can part with them. They're just too beautiful, yet fun! Love this post! I'm sharing with all my dog parents. Happy Dog Mom's Day to you, Cathy!

Anonymous said...

I like Pet Parents Day rather than Dog Mom Day because you can say it to more people (does that make sense?) Happy Pet Parents day has such a happy feel to it and it is such lovely thing to celebrate. The joy and happiness our pets bring u is an essential part of our lives so having some celebratory treats is The Best thing!

Marjorie at Dash Kitten

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