It's Summertime! Dogs love Summer and we love doing fun outdoor activities with our dogs. Hiking, swimming, boating, playdates in the yard, and extra long walks in the park are all activities we love to do with our dogs! Summer activities take us outside a lot more, but with all those warm weather outdoor activities with dogs comes the need for extra skin and ear care for dogs. Summer Skin and Ear Care for dogs becomes an even greater focus for overall dog health when the weather heats up.

Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs
Summer Skin and Ear Care for Dogs

The more time we spend outdoors with our dogs the more we want to be mindful of the health concerns that can develop with all that time spent outside. 

Fortunately, Zymox® has you covered with a great collection of skin and ear care products for dogs and cats! I've been using Zymox pet health care products for my own dogs for years, and I highly recommend them. 

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Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs  Zymox® Skin and Ear Care products for Dogs and Cats
Zymox® Skin and Ear Care products for Dogs and Cats 

The more time our dogs spend outside in warmer weather, the more we have to stay on top of the dog care issues that are more prevalent in Summer.



In general, dog allergies are a common problem, but they can be exacerbated in hot weather. Dog allergies on skin can really flare up when dogs spend more time outdoors. 

In Summer, we often see an increase in dog seasonal allergies, dog allergies from grasses and flowers, and dog allergic reactions to pesticides or other treatments they come in contact with outside. 

I use Zymox shampoo and conditioning products for my dogs to help prevent skin irritation. It leaves their fur soft and smelling fresh too.

Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo and conditioning rinse can help soothe Skin Allergies in dogs. Gentle cleansing soothes itchy allergy skin, and calms irritated or inflamed skin. It doesn't contain detergents, chlorines, or parabens and is safe for all animals, not just dogs! 

Over the counter remedies may not help dogs with severe skin allergic reactions. If your dog has a severe skin irritation or allergic reaction, contact your Veterinarian right away to discuss emergency treatment or the need for prescription dog allergy medication.


Ear infections in dogs are very common, particularly in the Summer when dogs are more active outside and are often in the water. There are several things that can cause an increase in dog ear infections in warmer Summer weather. 

Swimming  in pools, lakes, ponds, or oceans. 

Boating, Dock diving and other activities that take place in or around water. 

Wet ears can cause a buildup of bacteria and yeast in a dog's ears, which could lead to ear infections.  It's important to keep your dog's ears clean and dry! 

Hiking Dogs will come in contact with grasses, shrubs, puddles, bugs, bees and other critters that may cause irritation to their ears.

Walking Longer and more frequent walks in tall grasses or grass that may have been chemically treated can irritate dogs' ears. More bugs, bees or other critters may get inside their ears and irritate them as well.

Fortunately my dogs have never had ear infections. I keep their ears clean all year long to help prevent ear infections in my dogs.  

I use Zymox Ear solution for my dogs. It's an effective and easy to use ear wash for dogs and cats. Ear cleaning for my dogs at home only takes a few minutes and doesn't bother my dogs at all! For me, it's an important part of our general dog health routine. 

I clean my dogs' ears once or twice a month when the weather is warm and a little less frequently during colder months, but I keep them clean and dry all year round to help prevent ear infection and irritation.

Dog ear infection symptoms usually include dogs shaking their head a lot more than usual or pawing at their ears.  If your dog appears to have an ear infection or irritation that doesn't clear up quickly with an at home ear cleaning for dogs solution, contact your Veterinarian. You may need a stronger ear infection treatment for dogs to address your dog's ear infection or irritation.


With lots more outdoor time dogs are bound to get some minor cuts and scrapes. My Husky Icy is notorious for it! She's a senior pup but she still likes to explore new places and stick her nose in every nook and cranny. My little dog Jessie is young and really curious about her surroundings. Needless to say, these two get into everything, LOL!  

I keep Zymox minor wound care and skin irritation products on hand for minor cuts, scrapes or skin irritations.

Zymox topical spray or cream with .05% Hydrocortisone soothes skin and provides relief from itching caused by inflammation, hot spots, minor cuts and other minor skin irritations.

I use the topical spray, as well as the cream, to help heal minor wounds or skin irritations my dogs may have. The spray is easy and convenient for larger or easy to get to areas like paws and legs. The cream is good for difficult to reach places or sensitive areas like the face. I like to have both the spray and the cream available.

Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs    Pet First Aid Kit with Zymox Ear and Skin Pet products
I keep Zymox Pet Care Products in our Dog's First Aid Kit

I keep Zymox Topical Spray and Cream in my pet first aid kit, so I always have some on hand when we travel with the dogs. I use them quite often. Icy has gotten minor cuts and scrapes more times than I can count, especially when we travel or go on fun adventures! 

I'm pleased to announce a Giveaway with a Prize Pak of all these wonderful Zymox products! TWO winners will be chosen to receive a Zymox Summertime Pet Care prize pak! (U.S. residents only)


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Graphic provided by Zymox

Giveaway only open to U.S. Residents

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Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs  Zymox Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse for pets

 Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo 12 oz bottle and 
Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning rinse, 12 oz bottle

Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs   Zymox Ear Solution for Pets, Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

Zymox Ear Solution 1.25oz bottle

Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs   Zymox Topical Spray for Dogs and Cats

Zymox Topical Spray with .05% Hydrocortisone 2oz bottle

Summer Skin and Ear Care For Dogs  Zymox Topical Cream for Dogs and Cats

 Zymox Topical Cream with .05% Hydrocortisone 1oz tube

Total Retail Value of Prize Pak $77.96

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