Your precious furbaby has a Dog Birthday coming up and it's time to celebrate!  But what can you do for your dog's birthday, and how do you make a birthday party for a dog?  Throwing an epic dog birthday party that will make your dog feel extra special is easier than you think. Here are 6 tips for an awesome dog birthday party!

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday in Style!


Celebrate your dog's special day with these Dog birthday party ideas. Your dog's birthday party celebration can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Honestly, your dog doesn't care, she just wants to feel extra special and be the star of the day. You're probably wondering what you need for a dog birthday party.  Here are 6 dog party essentials for a fabulous dog pawty!


I think everyone agrees you need a delicious Birthday Cake that's safe for dogs to eat. You can buy a pre-made dog birthday cake, make your own from a dog birthday cake mix, or make one yourself from scratch. It doesn't need to be elaborate, dogs aren't too picky about that. As long as it's dog safe and tastes yummy!

My dog's Birthday Cake for her 14th birthday!

It doesn't even have to be a birthday cake, you can have a dog birthday cake, pupcakes, or dog safe cookies. You can also order pre-packaged dog goodies online as well.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful dog grooming salon near us that also sells dog supplies, dog toys, and they make a beautiful assortment of decorated dog birthday cakes, decorated cookies for dogs, decorated pupcakes, and a few other specialty goodies for dogs. 

Check out this gorgeous Halloween assortment of dog cookies from the grooming salon we get our dog birthday cakes from. They always look so good I want to eat them myself!

Dog Cookies for Halloween

You could also serve some dog safe ice cream (I saw some at Petco recently), dog treats, or dog chews instead of a birthday cake.

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

If you want to make your own birthday cake for dogs from scratch, you can make a simple fun one, or if you're craftsy you can make a more elaborate dog birthday cake. It's up to you, like I said your dog doesn't care as long as it's yummy!

I've seen many dog birthday cake recipes, from the super simple to the downright opulent!  There are so many dog birthday cake recipes online, all you have to do is search for them. For example, here's a good dog safe cake from Zoetis Animal Health. And here's a really nice collection of dog cakes and dog cupcakes from Rover. It's easy to find one that will work for you.

If you want to make something super simple but delicious, check out some of my easy dog treat recipes here. Or the delicious Pumpkin Spice Dog Treat recipe that my dogs love. 


You might want the pups at your dog's party to have some games or activities to ramp up the fun! These don't have to be elaborate either, they can be super simple. As long as the doggos have fun with each other, that's what counts.

Even if you only have one other dog, or just your dog's human family and friends your dog will still have a blast knowing the celebration is all about her. Making your dog feel like the star, getting all the attention is what matters most.

But if you want to do some special activities, you can put out a couple of dog puzzle toys and let your dog and her friends have fun playing as well as exercising their minds. If you don't have any puzzle toys, just hide some treats around the yard or the house and let the dogs loose to find them!

You could also get an inexpensive dog agility course for the yard. Or just make a fun agility course yourself using items you may have around the house. A hula hoop to jump through, a large paper bag fashioned into a small tunnel (No plastic, it's dangerous to pets and kids), a couple of PVC poles for an agility jump or weave poles, or other dog safe items you have at home.

A fun game of fetch in the yard with several doggie friends is just as fun. It doesn't need to be fancy for a couple of dogs to have a blast!


What's a birthday party without Presents?! This should be the easiest thing to get for a birthday dog. You know what kind of toys, treats, dog bed, and other gifts your dog will love. But if you want to streamline that task and leave it to someone else to select dog gifts, try a PupBox, GoodyBox, BarkBox, or other packaged dog gift boxes and baskets.


Last but not least, you may want something extra special for the Birthday Dog to wear! This can be a simple Happy Birthday dog hat, a Birthday bandana, or Birthday neckerchief. There are so many adorable birthday dog dresses and t-shirts. 

Just make sure your dog is comfortable and ok wearing whatever dog birthday outfit or accessory you pick out for them. My Husky Icy doesn't like to wear clothing, so for her birthday I chose a cute neckerchief with colorful strands. See her photo at the top of this post.


You want to get the full effect with some decorations for your dog's birthday party, right?  If the thought of decorating for your dog's birthday makes you feel exhausted, you can make it easy by ordering a Dog Party Kit from Amazon, Chewy, or other pet supply store.

If you enjoy party decorating like I do, get festive with balloons, crepe streamers, a fun Happy Birthday banner, garland, table centerpieces or other fun decorations for your dog's party. If you're the ambitious type, you can select a dog birthday party theme and decorate accordingly.

Most importantly, focus on a stress free dog birthday party. Your dog should have FUN and feel super special and spoiled for the day!


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Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

this post was sooo much fun and your suggestions were pawfect!

Tail Wag Wisdom said...

These are excellent ideas to help celebrate your dog's birthday! You've inspired me for Henry's next birthday. Gosh, those cookies and cake are truly have an award winning look. I bet they taste just as good! Jessie certainly did love that beautiful cake. I love Icy in her birthday collar. So freaking cute! I'm definitely sharing this with my dog parents to help them with their furry friends birthdays.

Britt said...

So much fun! We have been celebrating our pets' birthdays at the campsite while adventuring the last couple of years, but if we're home for one, I would totally consider throwing a birthday party!

LaylasWoof said...

What fantastic ideas I always celebrate Laylas Gotcha Day as I am not sure of her birthday date but wow I need to make more of an effort next year. Icy looks so good in the photo

FiveSibesMom said...

I LOVE this, Cathy! Birthdays were such a big deal when I had my FiveSibes, and cake was their favorite part! While we never had a party with invited guests, with five it was always our own party! BOL! Icy's cake looked amazing! I bet she enjoyed every bite! Sharing your great article with my followers! Love that pic of Icy, too!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a birthay party like this myself! Really I would! What lovely suggestions to help celebrate an important member of your family!! A lovely post!!!

Marjorie and Toulouse

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