There are so many things to be concerned about in terms of your pet's physical health and overall well being.  Here are links to a few posts I've written to help your pet stay healthy, happy and safe!  Note: I am not a Veterinarian or Vet Tech, nor do I play one online!  I do however, share tips and information that I have found useful for my own dogs, my foster dogs, and those of my family and friends.

When my Husky had a really  bad stomach I had to take her to the vet.  He prescribed an antibiotic, and along with it he prescribed a pro biotic.  The post discusses the benefits of a pro biotic for dogs.

Benefits of Omega 3 supplements for pets.  Benefits of fish oil for dogs and cats.

There have been so many advances in pet healthcare.  Adding beneficial supplements to your pet's diet is becoming more common, especially fish oil supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids.  Pet Parents want to know if Omega 3 Supplements Can Improve Pet Health and if so, how?

Safety Tips for dogs and other pets.

Safety is always top of mind for me with my dogs.  There are many potential hazards to consider both in the home and yard, as well as when we take the dogs out on our many adventures.  I write about Halloween Safety Tips, Winter Safety Tips, Summer Safety Tips and more!

Fleas and ticks are always a concern, especially if your pet spends a good deal of time outdoors.  Contrary to popular belief, fleas and ticks aren't only an issue in the Summer.  Fall is still flea and tick season!

Sometimes a dog needs a little help to do their business.  This post discusses ideas to addressing the problem of dogs being constipated or straining while pottying.

Many pet parents have become concerned about the frequency and type of vaccinations recommended by their Veterinarian.  This post discusses the concern some people have about not wanting to over vaccinate or under vaccinate their pets.

 Healthy dog treats you probably already have in your kitchen

 Protect your pet against deadly Heartworm disease. Costly & difficult to treat, but so easy to prevent!

Pet safety: Microchipping is a Critical part of keeping your pet SAFE  Any shelter or Veterinarian can scan a lost dog or cat for a microchip.  PLEASE microchip your pet!

Pet safety: What you should do if your pet gets lost

 Parvovirus and the danger it poses to puppies and kittens

Kennel Cough is a misery for both dog and owner.  Should you vaccinate?

Do you know which plants and flowers are dangerous to your pet?

The importance of pet dental health

The importance of pets being at their ideal weight, how to tell if your pet is overweight, and how to help your dog lose weight and get enough exercise

Trap Neuter Return; a better way to deal with feral cats in your neighborhood

8 Questions you should ask before you adopt a dog or puppy


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