The Best Dog Friendly Vacations

Planning a getaway?  Don't leave your dog home!  We travel extensively with our dogs and we love sharing our dog friendly travel adventures and tips with you!  As far as I'm concerned, Dog friendly vacations are the only kind of vacation for us! 

I hope you enjoy these dog friendly travel posts.  Perhaps you'll add a few of these dog welcoming destinations to your own list of pet friendly vacation spots!  


Salem, Massachusetts
is Historic, Educational, and FUN! Salem has it's fun, hokey side but there are also many beautiful, historic places to see and things to do. Not surprising given the Salem Witch Trial history, they celebrate Halloween all month long in October! Salem is very close to the harbor, so it also has a rich maritime history. It's also a dog friendly town with lots of outdoor dog friendly dining options

When old man Winter gets you down, head for the beach!  Dogs love the beach too, so in this post I share our experience at finding two great dog friendly beaches in South Florida.  In a subsequent post I talked about having a great Dog Friendly Vacation in W. Palm Beach.

My Siberian Husky, Icy, loved our trip to beautiful, snowy Waterville Valley, New Hampshire last Winter! Surprisingly, Phoebe loved it too.  She did just fine in the cold, hiking along the fabulous dog friendly trail we found in Waterville Valley.

If you're taking a Road Trip with the Dog or other Pets, avoid mishaps that can stress both you and the pets out and derail your entire trip!  
Icy and Phoebe are always up for new adventures! This post contains useful tips for a fun & successful Road Trip with your dogs!

The famous Imagine mozaic dedicated to the memory of John Lennon, is located in Strawberry Fields in New York City's Central Park

New York City  is surprisingly dog friendly!  Central Park is an especially wonderful destination to take your dog.  Afterwards, sit with your dog in one of the many sidewalk cafes for some people watching!  Here's Icy sitting in the middle of the Imagine Circle in Strawberry Fields, a memorial to the late, great John Lennon of The Beatles.

Dog friendly New Mexico is called the "Land of Enchantment" because of it's stunning beauty and rich history. 
Santa Fe lies in the Northern part of New Mexico.  It's not only stunningly beautiful, but culturally and artistically rich and diverse as well.  We discovered just how dog friendly Santa Fe is when we took a trip there with Icy and Phoebe. 

Sedona Arizona is one of the most breathtaking places in the U.S.  It's just South of the Grand Canyon

Sedona, Arizona is one of those truly magical places!  The panoramic vista's will take your breath away.  There are loads of dog friendly hiking trails, and plenty of  dog friendly outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Take the dog along! If you're traveling with your dog by airplane, here are some helpful tips on flying with pets.

Beautiful, dog friendly Flagstaff, in Northern Arizona

Flagstaff is another beautiful place in dog welcoming Arizona, just North of Sedona.  it's high elevation provides cool temperatures and lush forestry.  There are some great dog friendly hiking trails in the Flagstaff area.

They call Arkansas 
 for a reason.  The natural beauty throughout the state is simply gorgeous!  Arkansas happens to also be a very dog friendly destination. Eureka Springs is in the Northern part of Arkansas, nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains. It's a quaint little town surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Another beautiful little town in Arkansas is Hot Springs.  It's the opposite of Eureka Springs in that it's in the Southern part of Arkansas and the natural springs down there are Hot springs instead of the Cold springs found up North in Eureka Springs.  This little town is not only surrounded by natural beauty but it has a very interesting history - HINT: Gangsters and Baseball took center stage in this town's past! 

If you're looking for a posh vacation with your pooch, check out
The Hamptons, in Long Island New York.  The beaches are spectacular but there are a lot of restrictions.  And bring your credit card, The Hamptons doesn't come cheap!

Montauk Point, Long Island NY with the historic Montauk Lighthouse in the distance.  It's the oldest active lighthouse in the US

Just East of The Hamptons is Montauk, Long Island New York.  Montauk beaches are more dog friendly than those in The Hamptons.  Montauk is literally the very end of Eastern Long Island, which is why people say "Montauk. The End".  The Historic Montauk Lighthouse is at the very tip of Montauk Point and is the oldest active lighthouse in America.  The lighthouse is definitely worth seeing!

If you're a history buff,
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia - The Revolutionary City is a great vacation!  We were so excited to learn that it is a dog friendly destination. There are some dog friendly accommodations in The Revolutionary City and there were a couple of dog friendly outdoor places to eat as well.  Visiting Colonial Williamsburg is like stepping back in time!

We love going to fun, interesting places with our dogs.  Roswell, New Mexico definitely qualifies as one of the more interesting places we've been to!  We paid a visit to the town most associated with UFO’s and alien sightings. Yes, I do mean little green men …. or should I say little green women?.... let’s just say little green beings and leave it at that. Check out my post on our super fun trip to the funky little town of Roswell, New Mexico.


Unknown said...

You guys have been to some great places!!! After last year trip to Arizona my humans plan on bringing us with them more and more! :)

The Daily Pip said...

We have only traveled a few places with Ruby - northern WI, Niagara Falls, and Plymouth, MA. We are hoping to make more trips with her in the future.

P.S.: I LOVE Sedona - would love to take Ruby there some day.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

We have been so fortunate to be able to travel so much with the dogs. It grew out of having to travel from Phoenix to New York a couple of times a year. We didn't want to put Icy in cargo on a plane so that led to road trips - lots of road trips! We've grown to really love road tripping with the dogs.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Oh my gosh, I bet Ruby would LOVE Sedona! It's spectacular and there's tons of dog friendly hiking all around. It's really pet friendly out there. Definitely one of my favorite places on earth.

Pawsitively Intrepid said...

Dog's can make such great road-tripping companions! The springs in Arkansas sound particularly intriguing. Thanks for some fun suggestions of travel destinations that are pet-friendly.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

These days, I literally don't even want to go anywhere I can't bring my dogs! Arkansas is such a beautiful place, with so many hiking trails, parks and other outdoor spaces to enjoy with dogs. You'll love it!

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