4 Cool Products for Dogs, and Their People

THE FURMINATOR: With a Siberian Husky in the house, we can’t live without serious grooming tools like the Furminator.  If your dog has a thick double undercoat and sheds like it’s snowing, this tool can save your vacuum… and your sanity!  The Furminator can be pricey at pet stores, but we found it much cheaper on Amazon, for about $18.  There’s one for cats too.
The Furminator dog grooming tool

Photo from the Furminator web site.  They're not exaggerating, we have brushed this much fur off Isis with the Furminator ourselves!

THE RAKE: A Rake is an affordable tool that is also really good for dogs with a thick double undercoat and lots of shedding.  Several companies make a rake style brush, they can be found at most pet stores and online for about $8 - $12.
A Rake grooming tool.  Several companies make rakes
SAFESPOT LOCKING LEASH:  An adjustable locking dog collar and leash that can give you peace of mind if you need to leave your dog unattended for a SHORT period of time, like if you need  to run into the bank or a store.  It has a sturdy, uncuttable steel cable that secures your dog to an object.  It’s made of Plastic/steel/nylon webbing.  A bit pricey at $69 but may be well worth the price considering that upwards of 2 million dogs are stolen each year!  Remember, this is only if you need to leave your dog for a very short time – not for an hour while you go shopping.  Never leave your dog for more than just a few minutes no matter where you are or how safe you may think it is.  You can find it on the Orvis web site at  www.orvis.com
Photo of the Safespot Locking Leash from the Orvis web site:
SQUEEZABLE TREAT DISPENSERS:  I love these!  They are great for training, treating, or for busy toy purposes.  There are a few varieties of squeezable treat dispensers on the market.  Rather than giving your dog messy bits of chicken or peanut butter, or buying expensive bags of treats, you can instantly treat your dogs with a lick of peanut butter or bit of other squeezable treat.  I like to load up the dispenser with peanut butter and chill so it’s cool and lasts longer.  PAWW Treat Toob is a great treat dispenser product that’s relatively new.   I like that the Treat Toob is easy to fill and transparent, so you can see how much is left inside.  It comes in a few colors and you can write the contents on the bottle’s label window.  About $8.95 on Amazon.   Squeeze Bones is another type of squeezable treat dispenser which dispenses hard treats.  Dogs chew on it dispensing treats themselves.  This is a good type of treat dispenser to use as a busy toy, keeping your dog engaged for awhile.  You can use it as a reward after a training session or as a keep ‘em busy toy.   Both types of dispensers are easy to fill, easy to dispense, portable, and re-usable over and over again.  If your dog is a serious chewer, I’m not sure how long the Squeeze Bones will last, some reviewers indicated it may not be great for strong chewers.  Photo of an orange Treat Toob from Amazon's web site:

Check back frequently for more cool products for dogs and their people!

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