My Dogs' BLACK FRIDAY Shopping Spree!

Well, the  big day finally came.  The one day of the year where relatively sane individuals act like lunatics at the sight of any sign that says "50% OFF".  It could be 50% off a beautiful designer sweater or 50% off a one dollar item.  It doesn't matter because it's...

Did someone say BLACK FRIDAY!? Bargains abound, I gotta get up!

While most of our friends & family headed for the mall, Target, Walmart and other human retail establishments we headed to our favorite pet stores!  They have 50% off sales too.  Isis, Phoebe and I dragged my reluctant husband along as we scoured pet stores in search of  bargains for the Furkids.  Psst! I pre-shopped on Wednesday so I knew just what I was looking for and the price I hoped to pay.

Here we are, blocking the aisle at PetSmart as I insist Daddy take a picture of us mid-shop! Despite poor lighting, it's a fun picture. I'm wearing my favorite shirt from Dog Is Good that says "I Like BIG MUTTS, and I Cannot Lie!" Don't take it personally, Phoebe!
How cute is this pink hooded coat?!  Phoebe wanted a warm coat for our trips up North to Sedona and Flagstaff this Winter.

Phoebe scored big this year, with so many cool half price items for her.
I love this animal print sweater with a pink bow!  Nights can get chilly even in the desert!
Being a Husky, Isis never needs a sweater or coat.  Even if we went to Antarctica she wouldn't need a sweater!  But Phoebe is definitely a warm weather girl.  She loves to lounge in the sun at every opportunity, and likes to wear something to keep warm on chilly Winter mornings.

A soft, cozy fleece jacket with a hood.  Perfect for chilly morning walks
We were hoping to find a sports team jersey for Isis.  She loves to sit on the couch with Daddy watching football.  As always however, they were all too small for her.  I'm not sure what "Large" means to some of these dog apparel manufacturers but it's so hard to find anything that fits poor Isis and there is rarely an Extra Large on the racks.  Not fair!

Poor Isis, dragged around shopping all morning and all she got was this holiday collar... Oh, and a boatload of belly rubs from other shoppers at the pet stores!

The food and treats we normally buy were also on sale so we stocked up on that stuff too, which made Daddy a happy camper!  Afterwards we went to Starbucks for a much needed caffeine boost.  While we rested our weary bones, Isis and Phoebe chomped on bones of the rawhide variety.  We had scored great Black Friday sales and still maintained our sanity!   It was a good day. 

Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales to buy stuff for your pets?  Leave a comment & tell us about it!


Murphy said...

Good thing your mom took you shopping. Too bad Isis couldn't find her size (mom has that problem with shoes). Thanks for leaving us the tip about the biscuits on our blog!

Your Pals,


Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

I know, poor Isis! She really wants a football jersey but they don't fit her. Thanks for stopping by Murphy!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Isis, I know how it is. I have two large dogs and the best I can do is find neckerchiefs to attach to their collars. We are Patriot fans and even the cats join in with that on their collar. Surprising because cats don't normally appreciate sportswear LOL. How does Isis feel about reindeer antlers?

Looks like you had 2 really tired dogs at the end of the day (and I mean the dogs not your feet :-)

Love the post - happy post Black Friday


Unknown said...

Aww!!!! Such adorable photos!!!
There always seems to be so much more things to buy for smaller dogs, and Isis, it's just not fair is it??!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

It's nice that the kitties join in supporting your team! Isis does have a collar & leash for the AZ Cardinals but no jersey fit her. She would wear antlers I think, I haven't tried that yet. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

It is SO not fair! Phoebe has a big wardrobe and Isis has only pretty collars & leashes. Sports apparel especially would be great for larger dogs - why don't the manufacturers get a clue? Thanks for stopping by today Jenna!

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