Keep Your Dog Safe With Style

You’ve no doubt bought your kids some new Back to School outfits, so why not start the season off right by getting your dog a stylish new dog tag that is not only beautiful but provides an extra level of safety if your dog ever gets lost?

PetHub pet tags help keep your pet safe!

I recently won a really cool contest on one of my favorite dog blogs, Fidose Of Reality.  I won a gift certificate to Pet Hub!  PetHub makes gorgeous pet tags in a large variety of styles that can help a lost dog or cat be reunited with their owner fast.   With my gift certificate, I chose these two beautiful tags for my dogs:

Not only are these dog tags beautiful but they provide a level of safety for your dog by including a lost pet service to help pets return home fast.

PetHub tags can be engraved with your dog's name, and have PetHub's phone number on them. There are several styles that contain both PetHub's phone number and a code that can be scanned with a Smart Phone!  Here's what the back of my tags look like:  The pink one has a code that can be scanned with a Smart Phone.

Lost pets can be identified by calling PetHub at the phone number on the tag.  Some of their tags have a code that can be scanned with a smart phone.
PetHub tags can be activated in 2 easy steps:
1. Create an online profile with basic information
2. Activate the tag

If your pet is found while wearing her PetHub tag, the person who found her just has to call the number on the tag or scan the code with a smart phone for you and your lost pet to be reunited!  The tags are reasonably priced and the basic lost pet finder service is FREEThere's also a Premium Membership available that includes shelter alerts, emergency insurance coverage and other benefits.

A microchip plus a PetHub tag is a great way to significantly increase the odds of a lost dog or cat being reunited with their owner.  Tags plus a microchip together are essential tools for your pet's safety!

Phoebe is sporting her new PetHub tag!  Her name, and ID, and PetHub's phone number are on the back. Combined with her microchip, the PetHub tag helps keep her safe!
Thank You Fidose of Reality for this wonderful gift certificate! My girls will not only be safer, but they'll also be seriously Stylin' with their new PetHub tags!



zoepheedogs said...

That's a really pretty tag!

Unknown said...


M. K. Clinton said...

We have a similar tag for the boys. I think they are so cool!

Pawesome Cats said...

Pet Hub are fabulous and we love their tags!

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Oh wow, those tags are soooo cute!!!

The P.A. tried us with tags similar to these on our collars once upon a time, we came home naked! MOL MOL MOL

Purrs Basil & Co xox

Unknown said...

Oh these are great!!! love them!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Jessica @ said...

I saw your little pink bone tag on Instagram. I thought that was a PetHub tag! They're great. The best part is there is someone to answer a "lost dog" call for your pup 24 hours a day.

Unknown said...

Loved your post regarding the Personalized pet tags, they were actually very good looking, i loved the black one. I saw a more detailed one which is based on Driving license designs. Very cool looking

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