We were delighted to discover this fabulous dog friendly walking trail in Jupiter, Florida! It's not your typical dog friendly park area, it's a 2.5 mile riverwalk along the intracoastal waterway on the Jupiter Inlet.

Harborside Riverwalk Dog Friendly Walking Trail in Jupiter Florida

The Harborside Riverwalk is a great way for both dogs and their people to get exercise together, walking this 5 mile roundtrip dog friendly trail. Dogs are welcome everywhere outdoors in this pet friendly park area, and must be leashed at all times. 

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Icy loves the dog friendly Harborside Riverwalk in Jupiter, FL 

Beautiful, Dog Welcoming, and Convenient Trail

There are dog waste bags at several poop stations along the walkway.  Dogs are even allowed to walk down on the docks to get a closer look at the boats that are docked there. It's so funny to see Icy and Phoebe stick their faces out towards the water to catch a whiff of what's coming off the water!

As you stroll along the riverwalk you have a beautiful view of the water, some mangroves, and lots of boats, both sailing by and docked.  If you peer down into the water you are likely to see fish swimming close to the shore.  We recently saw a small Puffer Fish really close to the shoreline rocks, it was so cool!

Harborside Riverwalk in Jupiter, Dog friendly riverwalk, dog friendly trails, dog friendly in Jupiter, FL
Even the dock is dog friendly at the Harborside!

We prefer to go to the Harborside Riverwalk on weekdays since it's not very crowded during the week. Weekends can get crowded, and they often host special events.

Shops and Restaurants on the Harborside Riverwalk

There are lots of shops and restaurants, many with pet friendly outdoor patios where dogs are welcome.  My favorite dog friendly restaurants along the Riverwalk are;

Tommy Bahamas restaurant, on the Northern side of the Riverwalk

I love their Salads and the coconut shrimp. They have a really good selection of fun cocktails as well. 

Calaveras Cantina; Sexy Mexican Food and Craft Cocktails.

I never miss an opportunity to have the tableside guacamole! It's super fresh and delicious. They do such a great job expertly mixing it up right at your table. Calaveras is located in the middle of the riverwalk.
Subculture coffee house

I'm a tea drinker, but my husband raves about their coffee. They have a few really good breakfast sandwiches and some yummy treats as well, like coconut cake. We often bring the dogs here in the morning. We love to end our long walks by relaxing at Subculture. We have our coffee and tea, the dogs get chew sticks or other dog treats and a bowl of nice cold water.
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Icy and Phoebe at SubCulture, a dog friendly coffee house along the Riverwalk

Parking at the Harborside Riverwalk

There's plenty of free parking at the Harborside, as well as paid parking in two garages.  We prefer to park in the plaza underneath the bridge (Indiantown Rd bridge). It's free, it's right on the water, and the car stays shaded the whole time we're parked. 

The Harborside Riverwalk is one of our favorite dog friendly places to go in South Florida. If you bring your dog to this dog friendly walkway, remember to bring plenty of water so your dog stays hydrated. 

Bring some dog treats or dog chews so your dog has something to keep him occupied if you stop at one of the restaurants or the coffee house after the walk. And I highly recommend that you do! 

You should bring your own dog waste bags as well, as the poop stations along the riverwalk are spaced out quite a bit. You don't want to get stuck not being able to Scoop the Poop if the need arises.

We hope you and your dog enjoy this unique dog friendly walking trail in Jupiter!

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Jana Rade said...

That looks like a lovely place. Travelling is still not allowed up here. But my dog is happy right here on her own property. I don't think she aspires to travel.

Michelle & The Paw Pack said...

We're a long way from Florida (and I'm kind of jealous just thinking about being warm, lol), but that walk looks lovely! I think my Kitsune would especially love it. He is a total beach bum and loves walking near the water.

Britt K said...

I love everything about this! We have a few different dog-friendly trails that are similar to that in Windsor/Essex in that you can walk along the river and enjoy the waterfront views with your dog on leash. However, those trails don't have restaurants with dog-friendly patios to add to the experience. I feel like that would be a regular destination for me and one that we're definitely going to have to check out when we hit that area on our big US road trip that we're planning!

LaylasWoof said...

OMD this place looks like heaven, am jealous here and love the idea of the coffee or tea at the end of the walk. Enjoy !! and smart to do it on week days when there are less people

Beth said...

It must be wonderful to live in such a dog-friendly area! I imagine Icy and Phoebe are thrilled to be able to go so many places with you.

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