Planning a dog friendly vacation? The dog loving state of Vermont is gorgeous all year round. Cool and lush forestry all Summer, Stunning Fall foliage, and a Winter Wonderland through the colder months. I learned to ski at the Killington ski resort in Vermont's Green Mountain region. Back then I didn't realize just how dog friendly the state of Vermont is!

Plan your Dog Friendly Vermont Vacation

Vermont has so many fun year round activities: Skiing, Tubing, Ice skating, and Snowmobiling in Winter. Swimming and Fishing in the many lakes, and Hiking the majestic mountains along miles of beautiful trails in any season.

If you're looking for a fun dog friendly vacation, Vermont is a great choice. Here are some of the best sights and activities you and your dog can do together in dog friendly Vermont.

Dog Friendly Hiking in Vermont

So much natural beauty and forestry make hiking one of the best attractions in Vermont. In fact, 78% of the state of Vermont is forestry, and there are plenty of Dog friendly hiking trails to enjoy throughout the state! 

The Long Trail is the best place to start when looking for dog friendly hikes in Vermont. The Long Trail system, constructed in the early 1900's, runs for 273 miles through the state of Vermont. It starts at the Massachusetts state line and runs North all the way to the Canadian border. The trail is primarily maintained by the Green Mountain Club. The best part is that all the trails along Vermont's Long Trail allow dogs!

Dog Friendly Manchester VT

Stroll the streets of Manchester Vermont, a quaint dog friendly town in Southern Vermont. There are lots of shops, restaurants, and other interesting places to see. Many eateries in Manchester have outdoor seating areas that allow dogs.  Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Charlie's Coffee House, where they have an extensive coffee, breakfast, and lunch menu and they'll welcome your dog! It's a breath of fresh air to ditch the big box coffee place for a quaint coffee house that supports locally made and sourced food and beverage products.

Visit the pet friendly Orvis store, where you and your dog can stroll through the pet department on the second floor. Your dog can pick out a toy, some yummy treats, a bed or some chic high quality outerwear. You can also walk the beautiful grounds out back where your dog will be mesmerized by their lovely, serene fish pond. They give fishing lessons at the pond for humans.

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The Ben & Jerry's ice cream store has an outdoor dog friendly patio where you and your furry companion can enjoy an ice cream treat together.  Remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so opt for a small cup of plain vanilla for your dog.

We didn't have time to visit Ben & Jerry's, but we did stop at the adorable Cold Cow Creamery with their super cute dog friendly outdoor patio. There's plenty of seating available. Icy and Phoebe enjoyed a cup of vanilla ice cream while we had Oreo cookie shakes. I just love their pink picnic tables - how cute are they!

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Icy and my husband on Cold Cow Creamery's outdoor dog friendly patio in Manchester

Stratton Mountain Ski Resort

I've never had the opportunity to ski Stratton Mountain.  I was amazed at how beautiful the base mountain area was, even in September!  The Market is the area at the main base lodge. You can find restaurants and bars, a great deli, and some shops. The area is surrounded by a lovely courtyard with outdoor seating. 

We enjoyed delicious sandwiches from the Stratton Mountain Deli. Afterwards we strolled the grassy base mountain area, admiring the beauty of Stratton's majestic mountains. With or without snow, it's stunning!

There are several pet friendly lodgings available in the Stratton Mountain Ski area.  There are several area dog parks as well, where you can let your dog play off leash.

Dog Friendly in Stowe, Vermont

One of the coolest dog friendly activities in Vermont has to be at
Stowe Mountain resort. They actually have a dog friendly Gondola Skyride that whisks dogs and their owners to the top of the Mount Mansfield! Dogs are only allowed on the Gondola during the Summer months, but that is definitely an awesome dog friendly attraction, don't you think?  There's always snow at Stowe, as they say. Except in Summer when you can ride a gondola with your dog!

Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

A really special place to visit is Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, in Northwestern Vermont.  It's a 150 acre farm that actually has it's own doggy chapel. The chapel is dedicated to beloved dogs who have passed on. We didn't get a chance to see Dog Mountain but I've heard so many great things about it. There are dog friendly hiking trails and ponds for your dog to swim in.  There's also an art gallery with dog themed art pieces. Dog Mountain, is definitely on my list of places to visit in Vermont for next time. And there certainly will be many next times!

Pet Friendly Places To Stay In Vermont

We had no trouble finding plenty of dog friendly places to stay in Vermont. There are many Vermont hotels that welcome dogs, as well as dog friendly vacation rentals listed on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and Airbnb lodgings. It's always such a relief to find a good selection of pet friendly hotels and rentals when we travel.

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A Dog Friendly Vermont Vacation is great any time of year!

Growing up in New York, I have always loved the mountains and quaint towns of both Vermont and New Hampshire. I have so many fond memories of both places, their natural unspoiled beauty always soothes my soul. Hiking the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire with my dogs is more special than I can say. If you ask me, dog friendly vacations are the best kind of vacation! For information on a dog friendly vacation in Vermont, check out the Dog Friendly Vermont state site page. 

While you're in the area, take a trip next door for
dog friendly vacation fun in New Hampshire!

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Paula said...

I enjoyed reading about all the dog-friendly activities in Vermont. I’d love to visit the ice cream store with my dog Juno. She loves ice cream! πŸ’•

Unknown said...

Wow - the hiking trials are gorgeous! It looks like such a fun adventure. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful places to visit! :)

Beth said...

I'll be glad when it is safe to travel again. We have taken our dogs to Vermont and they really enjoyed it! Our dogs are much happier if we stay in a rental house instead of a hotel.

LaylasWoof said...

Sounds magical and so would love to do a road trip with Layla one day, that is on my bucket list and now you have made me want it more. Ice cream for Layla hmmmm I need to go to Ben & Jerrys not far from me and get her some.

Terri said...

Vermont has always been a state I've wanted to visit, especially in the fall. It's really nice to know there are so many dog-friendly places to take Henry. I didn't realize that Ben & Jerry's was located in Vermont. Another reason to make sure Henry and I visit. I will definitely hit all these great places when we go. Henry loves hiking, so The Long Trail will be a must!

Icy and Phoebe certainly look like they love visiting Vermont. πŸΆπŸ’–

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