I'm always in search of dog friendly places, whether it be dog friendly hotels, dog friendly parks, dog friendly beaches, dog friendly restaurants, or other public places that allow dogs.  Recently we visited my family in South Florida, so of course one of the first things I wanted to do was take Icy and Phoebe to a fabulous Florida beach!

Dog friendly beaches in Florida; Juno Beach, Jupiter beaches, Dog beaches
Icy was excited to be at the beach in Juno Beach, Florida!

Juno Beach is Dog Friendly

I had heard about dog friendly Juno Beach in Florida.  There are lots of articles and photos online showing dogs having a blast on Juno Beach.  On our visit to Florida we stayed in West Palm Beach, about 25 minutes South of Juno Beach, so we planned a day at the beach in Juno with the dogs.

Dogs on the beach,  Dog friendly Juno Beach, Dog friendly Jupiter beach, dog beaches in Florida, Jupiter Beach Florida
Icy and Phoebe looking out over the beautiful ocean on Juno Beach, Florida

Dog friendly Juno Beach is beautiful, unspoiled, and far less crowded than West Palm Beach. Access to dog friendly Juno beach can be found on Ocean Blvd. (A1A) and Marcinski Road.

Juno Beach is a dog friendly, Dog Friendly beaches on Florida's East coast.  Jupiter beach allows dogs, dog friendly beaches.  Dog friendly in Florida
Icy was so relaxed on the beach in Juno Beach, Florida

We parked in one of the ample parking lots at the intersection of Ocean Drive and Marcinski Road. Parking is Free, and there are rest rooms in the parking lot, which is a huge convenience!  There are even water faucets at the beach entry area where you can wash your feet and rinse your dog off after a day of frolicking in the sand! 

In this 12 second video, Icy and Phoebe are having fun running and playing on Juno Beach!

One thing to watch out for is that although Juno Beach is indeed a dog friendly beach area, not every beach in Juno Beach allows dogs.   Actually only about 2.5 miles of the beach allows dogs.  As you walk along Ocean Blvd, at each of the various beach access points there are steps down to the beach.  At some of those access points you will see "No Dogs Allowed" signs. At most dog friendly access points you'll find dog waste stations with poop bags.

Dog friendly beaches in Florida.  Dogs allowed on Juno Beach, dogs allowed on Jupiter Beach.  Dog friendly Florida beaches
Phoebe enjoying the view on Juno Beach, Florida

The beaches closest to the Juno Beach Park pier pictured above and the Juno Beach lifeguard station do not allow dogs!  It's not easy to figure that out when you are already on the beach and want to take a stroll along the shore.  We found out in a not so pleasant way that these beach areas were not dog friendly. 

We were walking along Juno beach when a very nasty elderly man rushed over to us.  "No dogs are allowed past the lifeguard station!!" he shouted at us.  We apologized saying that we weren't aware of that. As we turned to leave the man was muttering under his breath about always having to "do the lifeguard's job".   

Not a very pleasant encounter but we would not allow this ornery man to ruin our day at the beach!  Driving along the road we hadn't noticed that other beach access points had No Dogs Allowed signs, we thought all beaches in the Juno Beach area were dog friendly. Not so!  You have to look for signs up by the stairs indicating whether or not dogs are allowed on any particular beach.  Summer 2021 
UPDATEThe town has since added signs on  the sand, closer to the shore, saying "No Dogs Allowed Past This Point". I'm sure the angry old man was pleased LOL!

Jupiter Beach is Dog Friendly

Just a couple of miles North of Juno Beach is the town of Jupiter.   All the beaches in Jupiter are dog friendly.  Both areas have gorgeous beaches with lovely clear Florida ocean.  Jupiter is a lovely beach town, and there is plenty of free street parking along A1A, the main road along the beach. 

Although we loved our day at Juno Beach, next time I think we'll travel just a little further North and check out one of the many dog friendly Jupiter beaches.  There are some dog friendly restaurants in both Juno and Jupiter. Almost any restaurant with outdoor seating allows dogs. We have visited several. One of our favorite places to eat is the Hurricane Cafe. It's a favorite with locals, and it's the perfect spot for both before and after the beach! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food and service are terrific. 

Dog friendly Juno Beach, Florida, Dog friendly Jupiter Beach, Florida, Dog friendly in Florida
Phoebe cuddling with my sister on the beach

If you decide to visit either of these dog friendly beaches in Florida, please be sure to practice great dog owner etiquette!  Always keep a close eye on your dog to ensure that if they poop, you immediately clean up after them.  Also ensure they aren't jumping on people, being aggressive towards other dogs, or otherwise not minding their manners.  Great dog owner responsibility is what helps keep fabulous dog friendly beaches like Juno Beach and Jupiter beach dog friendly! 


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Have you been to any great dog friendly beaches?  Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite dog friendly beach!

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Pamela said...

At the north end of the state, we've really liked the beach at Marineland. It's generally uncrowded and dogs are allowed everywhere.

M. K. Clinton said...

Thank you for Pet Parading with us!! You girls are so good to be able to run off leash on the beach. The boys would lose their minds. Hopefully, we can take them to the Gulf this summer.

Beth said...

I'm glad you had so much fun at the beach! We love going to Holden Beach in North Carolina.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Oh that sounds nice, Pamela, thanks for sharing!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Thanks for co-hosting this blog hop! It took awhile to feel secure enough to let Icy off leash, but she did great and Phoebe never runs away LOL!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

It was a great time, I'm so glad we went. Holden Bch sounds nice, NC has such nice beaches.

Unknown said...

I have visited Huntington Beach in California at the time of Disneyland trip. Really, a good dog-friendly beach well maintained by a nonprofit organization.

AmyShojai said...

I'm sure my Magical-Dawg would have loved visiting this beach. He enjoyed wading but I bet the surf might have put him off a bit!

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

Great beach photos! I think pretty much all of Oregon's beaches are dog-friendly. Mr. N has a terrible habit of inviting himself onto other people's towels/space but at least he's good about picking people who find it entertaining.

canyoudigit said...

I wish there were more dog friendly beaches by me! Glad you didn't let the older man ruin your day. What a party pooper!!

DawgBlogger said...

Dog-friendly beaches are really hard to come by around here. We used to love the old quarry down South ... it was filled with spring water, and an unofficial dog beach.

Unknown said...

They look like they're having a lot of fun on the beach! I don't have any large beaches near me, but I know one of my dogs would love it since she loves to swim!

Unknown said...

I'm a little jealous you were able to enjoy Florida. I'm so over this winter. Did you drive or fly with Icy? My dogs are about her size and I don't feel comfortable flying with them in cargo (even before the United incidents).

Impurrfectlife said...

Looks like Icy and Phoebe really enjoyed themselves. I love walking along the beach and letting the waves rush up on my feet. Sorry about that poor encounter with that rude guy though. Glad you didn't let him ruin your trip.

Irene McHugh @ said...

I am going to admit something. I am not a fan of the beach, at least not in the traditional swimming sense. I thinks JAWS really messed me up. LOL! Now that I have two dogs I could see me enjoying a walk on the beach with them or hiking with them on rockier beaches. Maybe an AZ to CA trip is in order to test out this theory...

Sonja of MontecristoTravels said...

I find it infuriating when there are miles and miles and miles of beach and the dog beach is a whole 30 feet long. LOL This looks much better.

Animal Lover Amelia said...

North Carolina has dog-friendly beaches too...Corolla in particular. Sorry that geezer wasn't dog

Sadie said...

I'm adding this to my list of dog-friendly beaches. They aren't always easy to find. Great point about etiquette - so frustrating when other pet parents ruin these fabulous destinations for the rest of us.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Glad you found some beach area that was dog friendly. I know a lot of the beaches in South Carolina aren't very dog friendly, especially during tourist season.

Unknown said...

When I lived in Miami we would take our dogs down to the keys for beach days. I miss that!

LaylasWoof said...

I love that there are beaches for dogs as it makes our lives so much easier, it looks as if Icy and Phoebe had a blast and that is all that counts

Britt K said...

These look like such beautiful beaches to hang out on with the pups. We have a couple of local dog friendly beaches, but they are quite different - more trees, rocks, etc. That being said, our dogs LOVE spending time in the water. Especially the Dav girl, she adores getting out and swimming.

Sadie said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sorry Mr. Grumpy pants put a damper on your day. It's a challenge to find pet friendly beaches. We've found a couple in Florida that we like and stick to. We're reluctant to try new locations due to the negative experiences.

Dash Kitten Crew said...

OOh I wish I could walk a pup on these lovely beaches, they look fabulous!!

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Oh my I love the idea of walking on such lovely beaches. What lucky dogs to have such a fantastic place to visit.

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